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Business Setup for Foreigner

India is one of the best destinations for receiving FDI! We assist foreign individuals and companies to invest in Indian businesses and set up their own offices in India with our quick and hassle-free processes!

Foreign Direct Investment

Explore several ways by which foreign companies can invest in Indian businesses & establish their own offices in India!

Subsidiary of Foreign Company

Foreign Companies can set up their wholly or partially owned subsidiaries in India with 100% or more than 50% shareholding.

Company Registration by Foreigner

We assist foreign individuals in setting up companies in India with 100% shareholding allowed under the automatic route.

FC-GPR Filing

Indian Startups and businesses, upon receiving foreign investments, will have to file their returns to the RBI in online form FC-GPR.

Project Office

Foreign Companies can fund & execute a time-bound Project in India, by setting up a Project Office of specific duration.

Branch Office

By setting up a branch office you can expand your business in India, with full control over its management, funding, and ownership.

Liaison Office

Before establishing a full-fledged business in India, you can set up a Liaison Office and explore the Indian Markets a little better!

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