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The Darpan platform interfaces the NGO and government ministries and departments. Registration of Society, Trust or Section 8 Company under DARPAN is necessary for availing govt schemes and programmes.

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What is NGO Darpan Registration?

NGO Darpan is an online portal developed by the NITI Ayog, India’s policy think tank in collaboration with the National Informatics Center (NIC, MeITY). It was introduced by the Indian Government in 2015. The portal serves as a national and centralised database of NGOs and voluntary organisations in India. To create this database, every NGO / VO in India is required to register themselves on the portal and provide self-declared information about their activities, projects, sources of income, and so on.
This information helps the government and other stakeholders to better understand the activities and undertakings of NGOs across sectors and locations. Moreover, it also instils transparency and accountability in the activities carried out by NGOs as the information registered on the portal is publicly accessible. The main objective behind creation of the Darpan Portal is to facilitate NGOs in receiving Government grants and funding easily using their Unique Darpan registration ID.

Key Features of NGO Portal:

Applicability of NGO Darpan Registration

Any registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO) or Voluntary Organisation (VO) can obtain the NGO Darpan Registration. However, the Darpan registration is mandatory for NGOs/VOs seeking foreign contributions under the FCRA and government grants under various schemes and initiatives. Post the registration, these organisations receive a Unique Darpan ID which helps them apply for such grants and funding opportunities easily and in a transparent manner. Here’s a list of eligible institutions for availing the NGO Darpan Registration in India:

Registered Trusts

Registered Societies

Registered Section 8 Companies

Charitable Associations

Any other NGO / VO

Documents for NGO Darpan Registration

Given below is a complete list of NGO Darpan documents. This list will help you comply with all the documentation requirements of the form. If you need any assistance, our experts are here to help you draft and prepare the documents from scratch. Note that NGO Darpan Registration documents are key to a successful registration process and any inaccuracy and inadequacy would result in unprecedented delays.
No. Details & Documents Required NGO Darpan Registration
NGO PAN card
NGO Incorporation Certificate & Registration Number
PAN Number & Aadhar Number of at least 3 office bearers or executives
Official Mobile Number and Email Address

Process for NGO Darpan Registration

Niti Aayog NGO Darpan Registration is an online process and can be completed in a series of steps. It begins with an official registration on the NGO Darpan portal, and ends with the generation of a unique Darpan ID. Our team assists you in completing the entire NGO Darpan application process with ease and provides you free consultation to resolve all your doubts and queries. The step wise guide below will help you understand the process better.

Step-1: Register on the Portal

The first step is NGO Darpan portal registration. For this, you can visit the portal at You will find the Login/Register button on the home page, usually displayed at the top right corner. Click on this link and begin the process of new user registration.

Step-2: Generate Login Credentials

You can generate the login credentials by completing the new user registration process on the portal. For this you will have to provide basic details like the name of your NGO, contact details including mobile number and e-mail ID for OTP verification, PAN number of NGO, and so on. Once the OTP verification is successfully done, you can create a password to login to your account later.

Step-3: Login & Fill all Details

After you have logged in, the next step is NGO Profile Creation on Darpan. These details include details of the NGO, its registration, details of its members, details of funding sourced from the government, contact information, and scope of its activities. These details must be accurate and updated not only for a successful registration on the portal but also later for successful reception of grants from various government departments and ministries.

Step-4: Upload necessary Attachments

To complete the registration process, certain documents must also be submitted along with the relevant details. These include the NGO’s PAN, Registration Certificate, and the documents of at least three executive members of the organisation. After uploading these documents, you can finally “save” the details on the portal. By this time, your profile will appear to be 100% complete as per the standards of the portal.

Step-5: Generate Unique Darpan ID

On 100% profile creation, the details and documents submitted shall be verified and a unique ID will be generated for your NGO on the portal. This ID can be later used to apply for government grants and fund support. It can also be used to obtain other significant registrations like the FCRA Registration and other im[portant benefits like 12A and 80G registrations for your NGO.

Benefits of NGO Darpan Online Registration

From providing a basic legal recognition to increasing the visibility of your organisation among donors and providing easy access to grants, NGO profile registration on Darpan portal is worth a try! The following list of benefits will convince you.

Government Recognition

NGO Darpan registration provides official recognition to NGOs by the Indian government. It makes it easier for the government to identify and track the activities of the registered NGOs.

Access to Grants

Many government departments and agencies offer grants and funding opportunities for NGOs. NGO Darpan registration is often a prerequisite for NGOs to be eligible for such grants.

Tax Benefits

Registered NGOs are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, which allows donors to claim a deduction on their donations to registered NGOs.

Better Credibility

NGOs gain better credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of donors and government agencies. This can help in securing more funding support for the NGO.

Transparency and Accountability

NGO Darpan registration requires NGOs to maintain proper records and submit regular reports to the government. This promotes transparency and accountability in their operations.

Increased Visibility

NGOs gain increased visibility on the NGO Darpan portal, as it is a national level database of registered NGOs. This builds better exposure for getting grants and funding from various sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter technical issues or need assistance, the NGO Darpan portal often provides help resources, FAQs, and contact details for support. You can reach out for guidance.
NGO Darpan registration is the process of registering non-governmental organisations (NGOs), voluntary organisations, and related entities on the NGO Darpan portal, an online platform introduced by the Indian government to create a database of registered NGOs in India. The NGO Darpan Generation helps NGOs collaborate with Government bodies for grants and funding support.
Incorporated NGOs and Voluntary Organisations (VOs) like trusts, Societies, Section 8 Companies, Charitable Associations, and so on can register on NGO Darpan Portal. Such Registration is mandatory if your NGO is seeking or receiving Foreign Funding under the FCRA or is seeking 12A / 80G Registration under the Income Tax Act.
No, NGO Darpan registration is not mandatory by law unless your NGO is seeking FCRA Registration, 12A registration or 80G Registration.
Typically, you’ll need documents like your NGO’s registration certificate, NGO’s PAN card, and the Aadhar and PAN cards of 3 the NGO’s office bearers.
NGO Darpan facilitates easy collaboration between NGOs and the government for funding support, monitoring of NGOs activities, and creating a Centralised Database of NGOs.
The registration process involves steps like creating an account on the NGO Darpan Portal, providing organisation details, uploading required documents, and receiving a Unique Darpan ID. Visit the NGO Darpan portal, register, fill in details, upload documents, and receive your ID.
Yes, registered NGOs can log in to their accounts on the portal and update their information as needed. Keeping the information current is essential for accurate representation.
If you encounter technical issues or need assistance, the NGO Darpan portal often provides help resources, FAQs, and contact details for support. You can reach out for guidance.
No government fee is charged for NGO Darpan Registration. You shall only have to pay our professional fee. Request our full quotation here.
At Setindiabiz, we provide end-to-end assistance in the NGO Darpan process, where our services extend to complete profile creation on the portal. We make sure all the details submitted are adequate and accurate, so that there is no hindrance in receiving NGO Darpan benefits at ease.

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