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Trademark Registration in India

Trademark registration is one of the most crucial components for any business looking forward to safeguarding their intellectual properties against plagiarism. We, at Setindiabiz, have over 18 years of experience in Trademark Registration.Subscribe to our wholesome package and avail our services at the most affordable prices.
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Trademark Registration in India

Trademarks are governed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India. The Trademark Act of 1999 stipulates that any trademark holder with legal standing may file a claim for damages in the event of misuse or plagiarism of their trademarks. A company’s trademark is extremely important in the unique identification of your business, its brand, and its products. Here, at SetIndiaBiz, we specialize in providing Trademark Registration through the services rendered by our dedicated team of legal professionals. To avail our services, you may subscribe to our wholesome package and we shall assist you at every single step of the registration process.
Fee for Trademark Filing in India
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Trademark Filing Service

Online Application for Trademark Registration

₹ 1,999/-*

  • Free Consultation
    ? We offer free consultation on the process and documentation for trademark filing in India in all our packages. Our experienced IPR Advisors are available for consultation through phone or email.
  • Trademark Availability Search
    ? We conduct trademark availability searches in the public database, as available at the portal of the Indian Trademark Office. The search is conducted in the relevant class as per the description of goods or services in which the TM is used.
  • Classification of Trademark?
    ? A trademark or brand may be registered in the most relevant class for the goods or services for which the IPR protection is desired. There are 45 classes in which class 1 to 33 is for Goods and Class 35 to 45 is for respective services. Our team helps you to identify the most appropriate class of Trademark
  • Drafting of User Affidavit
    ? At the time of filing a Trademark Application, the user date of the TM is filled in the application form to claim Prior User of the Mark. In support of such a claim, the applicant needs to submit an affidavit, and we draft the required affidavit for you.
  • Attorney Authorisation Draft
    ? For filing the Trademark Application, we would need authorisation in the name of our panel trademark attorney(s). The TM Authorisation is in the form of a Power of Attorney to be executed on proper stamp paper and notarised.
  • Filing of Trademark Application
    ? The trademark application is filed online with proper description and classification, the user affidavit, attorney authorisation and image of device or logo if applicable. The government fee to be paid depends on the applicant type.

*Our Professional Fee-Only, The government fee and taxes on an actual basis. Request a formal quotation.


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  • Dedicated Support Staff
    ? We assign a dedicated relationship manager to assist you in registering and enforcing trademarks, copyright, and patent. In addition, our customer care team is always available to help.
  • Tracking of TM Application
    ? After filing the trademark application, we keep track of the departmental processing of the trademark and suggest the appropriate steps to be taken by the applicant in response to departmental action.
  • Alert on Examination Report
    ? The applications filed before the trademark department is examined by the trademark examiner, which results in the issuance of an examination report. We keep track of the issuance of the examination report and alert our customers once it is issued.
  • Priority Processing
  • Affordable Compliance Services
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Fee for Trademark Filing in India

(Simple & Clear Pricing. No Hidden Charges)

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Trademark Filing Service

Online Application for Trademark Registration



*Our Professional Fee-Only, The government fee and taxes on an actual basis. Request a formal quotation.

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Meaning of the Trademark

A trademark can be a symbol, distinctive mark, logo, etc. that represents the brand of a company, isolates it from rival companies, and increases its credibility. You can find or identify your company’s trademarks as its name, its brand name, its trade name, its label, its product name, its logo, its punchline, and its domain names. All of your company’s intellectual property rights, including trademarks, must be identified and protected. Over 11,000 business owners are actively receiving assistance from Setindiabiz for IPR registration and protection.

Key Decisions to be taken before registering a Trademark

Types of Trademark With Examples

Trademarks fall under the umbrella of intellectual property rights, which are further divided into many categories. Examples of several trademark types are provided below:

Company Name

Your business name is the most crucial trademark, thus you must protect it against theft by online trademark registration.

Logo for the Business

The logo represents your company as an image, piece of art, or emblem. You are required to send a high-resolution JPEG image for trade mark registration of your logo.

Brands of the Business

The products of a company are recognised by their unique brands. The brand could be a device mark or a wordmark that can be eligible for Trade mark registration

Slogan or Punchline

A punchline or a slogan, like "Ye Dil Mange More" from Pepsi, can also be identified as Trademark and can be eligible for Trade mark registration.

Domain Name

Domain names can also be registered as trademarks under the Trademark Law. It offers a great deal of protection to your trademark , so you should acquire it.

Sound Mark

If a sound is distinctive to your company, for instance the Airtel ringtone or the ICICI jingle, make sure to register it as a Sound Mark under the Trademark law.

Checklist For Trademark Filing in India
A trademark is an integral part of every business since it makes your brand stand out from the competition. If you don’t establish and safeguard a distinctive brand identity in this cutthroat marketplace, your brand will be lost in the crowd. Customers may become confused about your company’s identity among competitors, which will harm both growth and goodwill of your company. A checklist that you should bear in mind when identifying and registering a trademark in India is provided below:

Checklist for Trademark Registration

Identify all IPR Assets for Trademark Registration.

Conduct Trademark Search to protect your trademark distinctiveness.

Classify Trademark Correctly based on classification of 1 to 45 classes.

Draft documents required to file a trademark application.

We help the end to end process for Trademark Registration from approval to filling of application.

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Stepwise Process for Trademark Registration In India

The process of registering a trademark is straightforward and only has to be completed in the prescribed manner. We will assist you throughout the entire process, from filing your trademark application to getting it approved, so that you don’t miss a beat.
STEP 1 – Filing of Trademark Application
The trademark application is submitted within 24 hours of filing it with appropriate documentation and payment. The trademark filing process is completely online, and an instant acknowledgement is issued immediately after the submission of the application. After the issuance of the acknowledgement receipt, the applicant may begin using TM over the trademark.
STEP 2 – Processing of Application at Trademark Office
After the application is submitted, it is thoroughly examined for any flaws. If any mistakes are found after the evaluation, the TM office either flags the application for further examination or declares that the application filing has failed. The errors must be corrected in either case.
STEP 3 – Examination of Trademark Application
A trademark examiner looks over the trademark application to determine whether or not the trademark is qualified for registration. After reviewing the trademark application, the examiner publishes an examination report outlining his findings.
STEP 4 – Reply to Examiner Report
The trademark applicant must respond to the examination report within 30 days of its receipt. The response to the examiner’s report is a critical drafting that can either help or hinder the trademark application. We strongly encourage applicants to assist us by providing as much information and documentation as possible, so that we can prepare a detailed and accurate response to the Examination Report.
STEP 5 – Show Cause Hearing
After receiving a written response to the examination report, the examiner either gets satisfied with the reply or calls the applicant for a show cause hearing. It is the result of the hearing that further decides the fate of the Trademark application.
STEP 6 – Publication of Trademark
The trademark application is published in the trademark journal once the examiner is satisfied that the trademark is valid. This either happens at the examination stage or at the show cause hearing based on the status of the application. Third parties may object to the trademark registration, but, if no objections are received within 90 days from the date of hearing, the process of registration shall move to the next step.
STEP 7 – Issuance of Trademark Registration Certificate
The next step is the registration of the trademark by the registrar. After the registrar successfully registers the trademark, he issues a Certificate of Trademark Registration, valid for ten years from the date of issuance. The trademarks must be renewed after every ten years to extend its validity period.

Wondering How to Start a Business.

Our startup advisors are available to answer all your queries on the requirements, step-wise process, cost and the documents required for Registration of Company.

List of Documents for Filing a Trademark in India

A. Basic Documents
  1. Trademark Questionnaire  Trademark Questionnaire Ver 2019-03   Trademark Questionnaire Ver 2019-03   Trademark Questionnaire Ver 2019-03
  2. Image of Logo or Device Mark in JPEG
  3. Trademark Attorney Authorisation
  4. User Affidavit
B. Downloadable Draft Formats
S.No Entity Type Google Docs Word Pdf
Trademark Questionnaire Ver 2019-03
Trademark Questionnaire Ver 2019-03
Individual - Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Partnership Firm
Partnership -Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Partnership -Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Partnership -Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Llp- Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Llp- Tm Formats
Llp- Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Company -Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Company -Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Company -Tmf Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Society Tm Filing Affidavit
Society Tm Filing Affidavit
Society Tm Filing Affidavit Tm Authorisation
Trust Tm Filing Affidavit
Trust Tm Filing Affidavit
Trust Tm Filing Affidavit

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Frequently Asked Questions

The symbol TM denotes that a trademark is in the process of registration and that the owner may continue to use it until the registration is complete. When a trademark is registered, the ® symbol is used, signifying the applicant’s complete ownership rights on the trademark.
Anyone who wants to claim ownership of the trademark may submit an application for its registration.
The Trademark Act of 1999 states that trademark registration is not mandatory. However, if there is infringement of an unregistered trademark, no lawsuit can be filed challenging such an infringement.
Yes. Section 22 the Trademark Act of 1999 allows for the amendment of a trademark that has already been registered. Additionally, modifications to the mark are allowed as long as they do not significantly alter its original meaning.
Yes. A domain name can be registered as a trademark in India.
A trademark registration grants the owner exclusive rights to use the trademark. Moreover, with a registered trademark, the owner can file a lawsuit in any Indian court against infringement.
Yes. Sound or smell can be registered as a trademark, provided they are graphically represented and unique.
Yes, as per the Trademark Act 1999, a three-dimensional mark can be registered as a Trademark.
No. It is not possible to have a descriptive trademark registered in India.
India has embraced the Nice Classification of Trademark, which is an international system for classifying trademarks based on the nature of product or services.
Yes. A registered trademark may be removed from the register if it has not been used for at least five years and three months.
Yes. Foreign owners can file applications for trademark registration in India.
Yes. According to the Indian Trademark Act, multi-class trademark applications are permitted.
Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years. To reap the benefits of a registered trademark, it must be renewed after every ten years.
The trademark registration process may take up to six months or a year after the application has been filed. Additionally, this time period may be extended in the event of objection or opposition.