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Company Incorporation In India


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Stepwise Process

The Process of Company Registration is quick and easy if you file the correct details and documents. Get full assistance from our experts!

Comprehensive Startup Services!

Setindiabiz offers comprehensive consultation and legal services to startups and small businesses looking to incorporate their companies in India. We specialize in setting up robust, cloud-based accounting systems tailored to our clients’ specific needs and requirements. We continue to provide assistance with tax filing and legal compliance.

Overview of the Company Registration Process in India

Get started with the most popular business structure, offering limited liability and restricted share transfer. At Setindiabiz, we’re your trusted legal advisors, providing a cost-effective service that takes care of all the legal procedures and ensures compliance with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) regulations. No need to navigate complex paperwork or worry about legal intricacies – we’ll guide you through the entire process, from company registration to securing your PAN and TAN. Choose Setindiabiz and focus on what matters most: building your dream business in India. Get started today at Let’s turn your entrepreneurial vision into reality!

Why Register a Pvt Ltd Company?

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Checklist & List of Documents For Company Registration

List of Documents & Requirements

As professional company registration consultants, we at Setindiabiz have witnessed firsthand the crucial role that the documentation plays in a successful company registration process. Embarking on this journey can feel overwhelming, especially when faced with a seemingly endless list of required documents. To alleviate this burden, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive and categorised minimum requirements and the list of documents needed to incorporate Private Limited Company in table below.

Minimum Requirement

List of Documents

Promoter’s Document
For Registered Address

Note on Address Proof

In order to prove the address of the director or shareholder, please provide a bank statement, telephone bill, electricity bill or any recent utility bill that is no older than two months and is in the name of the respective promoter. For the proof of the company’s registered address, a utility bill in the name of the owner, along with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the premises, should be submitted.

Process of Pvt Ltd Company Registration

Steps to form a company in India include obtaining a DSC and DIN, choosing a unique company name, drafting MoA and AoA, and submitting the incorporation application through the SPICe+ form with necessary documents and fees.



Make Digital Signature of Promoters

Creation of the Digital Signature (DSC) for the directors/shareholders is the first step towards a Private Limited Company incorporation as the application is entirely online.



Decide on Company Name

Choose a new and unique name for your new company in compliance with name availability guidelines that don’t clash with any existing Companies, LLP or Trademarks.



Draft MOA, AOA & Declarations

Prepare the Memorandum (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) detailing legal and internal rules and draft a few declarations as per the Companies Act. We are here to help.



ROC Filing for Incorporation

Finally, Submit the Spice Plus Form to ROC with directors/shareholders’ DSC, along with the promoter’s documents and proof of registered address for incorporation.

Cost of Company Registration in India

The cost of incorporating a company in India may vary based on several factors such as the authorised share capital, number of directors, state of the proposed registered office, and the professional fees involved. Our company’s registration fee starts from just ₹ 3499/- . Government fees include the registration fee charged by the Registrar of Companies, stamp duty levied by the concerned state government (which may differ from state to state), and the cost associated with making the DSC. By partnering with Setindiabiz, you can ensure a smooth process and minimise associated costs.
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  503
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18%₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 7464
Uttar Pradesh
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  1153
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 8114
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  278
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 7239
West Bengal
West Bengal
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  513
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 7474
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  963
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 7924
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  1443
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 8404
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  2163
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 9124
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  663
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 7624
DSC Cost for Two₹ 2400
Govt Fee₹  1663
Prof Fee₹ 3499
GST @18% ₹  1062
Total Cost₹ 8624

Cost Of Company Registration

Cost of 2 Digital Signature

₹ 2,400

Government Fee & Stamp Duty

₹ 503

Prof Fee

₹ 3,499

GST @ 18%

₹ 1,062

Total Cost

₹ 7,464

Incorporate Company in India with Setindiabiz!

Our services include comprehensive consulting and legal assistance for incorporating Private Limited Companies in India. We provide end-to-end consultancy services and support with a team of experienced CAs, CSs, and lawyers working on our behalf. Our customer support is available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have during the process.
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Ramesh Sinha<br><span class="cat-title">Founder Incointru Capital</span>
Ramesh Sinha
Founder Incointru Capital
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Impressive experience registering my company with Setindiabiz. Their promptness and respect for deadlines stood out, making the process seamless. Kudos!
Manish Kumar Kashyap<br><span class="cat-title">MD, Nandanvan Investments Ltd</span>
Manish Kumar Kashyap
MD, Nandanvan Investments Ltd
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Used Setindiabiz for company registration. Not only was the process efficient, but their cost-effective approach truly shines. Highly recommended.
James Wang<br><span class="cat-title">CFO Sinoea Engineering (China)</span>
James Wang
CFO Sinoea Engineering (China)
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The discipline of Setindiabiz's staff during our company registration was noteworthy. They kept everything organized and streamlined. Great job!
Pradeep Vallat<br><span class="cat-title">Founder "Autonomo"</span>
Pradeep Vallat
Founder "Autonomo"
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Setindiabiz's team demonstrated exceptional knowledge during our company registration. Their insights made the process smooth and worry-free. Thumbs up!

Merits and Demerits of a Pvt Ltd Company

Liability of promoters is limited to their unpaid share capital.

The company survives beyond the life of its promoters

FDI is permitted in the company under automatic route

Preferred by Investors due to transparency

Tax rate is only 15% for manufacturing and 25% for others.



Mandatory Statutory Audit, even if there is no business in the company

Compliance Cost is relatively higher in comparison with LLP

Can’t Issue Shares to Public at large through stock exchanges

Maximum number of shareholders is capped at 200

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Company Registration process in India?

Company Registration Process in India is quick and easy with our assistance.  Here are 4 simple steps to follow.  

  1. Fill Our Enquiry Form and Request a Callback. 
  2. Avail Free Consultation from our experts 
  3. Provide details and documents through our online questionnaire
  4. Get full quotation and pay the company registration charges 
After completing all the steps above, we will track your application status till you receive your Company Incorporation Certificate online. 

2. What are the company registration fees in India?

Pvt Ltd Company Registration Fees depend on the number of promoters, authorised capital, and place of registration of the company. Additionally, be mindful of the stamp duty applicable in the state for drafting crucial legal documents like MOA & AOA.

3. What are the types of Company Registration in India?

Depending on the structure opted for, the major types of Company Registration in India are:

  • One Person Company Registration
  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • Public Limited Company Registration
  • Section 8 Company Registration 
Analyze your business needs to select the correct type of Company Registration. For any assistance, reach out to our Startup Advisors. Choosing the right type of company registration impacts the liability of owners, compliance burden, growth potential, and fundraising ability of the business.

4. How to register a Private Limited Company with Setindiabiz?

To register a company in India, you can simply contact Setindiabiz and its incorporation experts. We will guide you through the entire filing process and give documentation support. Let us be your partner in company registration services, and enjoy a seamless company formation process with us.

5. How do you check the company registration status online?

You can effortlessly check company registration status online on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website. Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Go to the “MCA Services” option on the official MCA website.  
  2. From the dropdown, select “View Company / LLP Master Data”.
  3. Enter the CIN of the company you wish to check the status. 
  4. The company registration status will display on your screen.

6. What is the time taken for Company Registration in India?

The online Company Registration process in India typically takes around 2-7 days. It may take longer if the documents submitted are not in order, the details submitted in the application are incorrect, or the ROC Office is experiencing unusual workload.

7. What are the Documents Required for Company Registration in India?

Here’s a Complete list of Company Registration Documents:

  1. Identity and address Proofs of all Promoters 
  2. DSC of Authorised Director 
  3. Proof of Registered Office Address
  4. No Objection Certificate from the owner of Registered Premises 
  5. MOA & AOA 
You can consult our experts for any drafting or filing assistance.

8. Can a foreigner register a company in India?

Yes, foreigners can register a company in India provided they have met all the eligibility criterias for company registration. Also, they must have adequate documents to submit with the application. At Setindiabiz, we offer a detailed consultation, advisory and assistance regarding both eligibility check and drafting of documents. We ensure your application is complete and accurate for a successful company incorporation process in India.

9. What are the Benefits of Company Registration in India?

Benefits of Company Registration in India include: 

  1. Legal Recognition
  2. Distinct Identity
  3. Limited Liability for Owners 
  4. Continued Existence for Indefinite Period
  5. Enhanced Credibility for Investment 

10. What Happens after the incorporation of the company?

Once the incorporation of company is complete, the ROC issues a Certificate of Incorporation. Along with it, companies also receive their PAN and TAN for Income Tax & TDS compliance. To commence their business operations here are a few post incorporation compliances they must meet:

  1. Appointment of First Auditor
  2. Organise First Board Meeting
  3. Intimate Registered Office Address within 30 days 
  4. Submit Declaration of Business Commencement (INC-20A)
  5. Issue Share Certificates within 60 Days

11. Can I do the new company registration process myself?

Yes, it’s possible to complete the new Company Registration process yourself. You simply have to go to the MCA Website, register and create your account. The application, documents and fees are all submitted online, making the process extremely convenient. If you’re still confused, contact our experts for a free consultation.

12. What is the Difference Between Company Registration and Company Incorporation?

In common usage, “company registration” and “company incorporation” are one and the same thing, referring to the process of formally establishing a legal entity. However, there is a subtle difference. Company registration is a straightforward process that provides legal recognition to a business, giving it a formal identity. On the other hand, company incorporation goes a step further by establishing a distinct legal entity with specific advantages, such as limited liability protection. While registration is a fundamental step for legal recognition, incorporation involves the creation of a more complex corporate structure with additional benefits.

13. What's the Role of a Director in a Private Limited Company?

Directors in a Private Limited Company play a pivotal role in steering the company’s course by engaging in strategic decision-making, upholding corporate governance, and ensuring legal compliance. They oversee financial matters, appoint key officers, and represent the company externally. Directors shoulder fiduciary duties, actively participate in board meetings, and communicate with shareholders. Their responsibilities encompass risk management, conflict resolution, and the approval of significant contracts.

14. Can a Private Limited Company Have Foreign Directors?

Yes, a Private Limited Company in India can have foreign directors. The Companies Act of 2013, which governs the registration and operation of companies in India, allows for the appointment of both Indian and foreign nationals as directors of a company. The law does not impose any specific restrictions on the nationality of directors. However, foreign directors must obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN) and comply with other regulatory requirements, such as obtaining a valid visa for their stay in India. Additionally, the company’s Articles of Association and the Board of Directors must authorize the appointment of foreign directors.

15. What is a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an electronic identification providing a secure digital signature for individuals or entities conducting online transactions. In the context of online company registration in India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) mandates the use of DSC for filing electronic forms on its portal. It enhances transaction security by validating the correctness of submitted information through cryptographic keys, including a confidential private key and a public key. The DSC is issued by authorised Certifying Authorities and plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of digital communications and transactions.

16. Is Private Limited Company Registration in India mandatory?

Yes, Private Limited Company Registration in India is mandatory with the Registrar of Companies. The process is quick, easy and completely online. Additionally, the introduction of the new SPICE Plus Application has made the application filing extremely convenient for applicants.

17. Why is company incorporation in India important?

It is important to incorporate a company in India as it provides startups with limited liability protection, making the personal assets of shareholders safe. It enhances credibility, facilitates fundraising, and offers a structured framework for business operations, ensuring compliance with Indian laws.

18. Is Startup Company Registration in India affordable?

Yes, Startup Company Registration in India is quite feasible and affordable. You can avail of free consultation from our experts for complete guidance at minimal costs. You can request our full quotation here 

19. Is the Indian Company Formation process online?

Yes, the Indian company formation process has become 100% digital, allowing for much of the process to be conducted online. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India has introduced an online portal that facilitates company registration and compliance procedures. This includes filing necessary documents and obtaining Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) online. This online system enhances efficiency, reduces paperwork, and streamlines India’s overall company formation process.

20. What are the requirements for pvt ltd company registration online in India?

Requirements for Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India:

  • 2 Shareholders & 2 Directors 
  • At Least One Indian Resident Director 
  • A valid & unique company name 
  • A Registered Office 
  • Identity & Address Proof of Promoters 
  • Digital Signature of Authorised Director
  • Proof of Registered Address
  • NOC from registered premises owner