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How To Register a Company in India

Now registering a Private Limited Company is easy and affordable process with setindiabiz, at the most competitive fee. In all our packages you get DSC For Two Directors, Allotment of DIN, The Name Availability Search and main Object Drafting. Our team of company secretaries and para-legal staff do end to end process including filing of Spice Plus form with the ROC and do the followup with the ROC until the issue of Registration Certificate.

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Meaning of Private Limited & Package Inclusions

It seems you want to set up a Private Limited Company. Well, you are at the right place. In this page we will explain how a private Limited Company is Incorporated in India easily, simply, and in the least possible time. You may be aware that a Private Limited Company is the most preferred choice of startups due to its flexibility, robust regulatory framework, and the venture funding.
But first, let’s understand the meaning of a private limited company!
A Private Limited Company is registered under the Companies Act, 2013. The word ‘Private’ , as simple as it is, means that its shares cannot be sold on a public platform or to the general public. The word ‘Limited’ conveys that the shareholders enjoy protection of limited liability towards the company restricted to their unpaid share capital.

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Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

There are several benefits of Registering a Private Limited Company over other types of business entities. A company is not only easy and affordable to incorporate but also carries credibility as a legally incorporated entity for the potential customers, investors and stakeholders. Here are some of the Key Benefits.

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Checklist for Company Registration

Minimum of 2 Director & Shareholder

One Director Should Be India Resident in last FY

A premises where the Company shall maintain its Registered Office.

A New & Unique name of Company ending with “Private Limited”

Infuse some capital, even though no minimum limit is prescribed

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Select the Appropriate name of Your Company

The name of a Company is the most important thing at the time of incorporation of a company and goes a long way in general branding strategy for the company. The general guiding principle for the name approval of the company is that the name should not be same or similar to an existing company, llp or a trademark. Apart from this the name should also not violate public policy and names and emblems act. We help startups in doing a search and draft the main object that shall form part of the MOA. Avail our services for confirmation of the name of the company.
List of What is not allowed as a Company name: Section 4 of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 8 of the Company Incorporation Rules are relevant law for determining as to which name is suitable for incorporation of the company. We have compiled a brief list to understand what is not allowed. Here is the list:
Sl. No Particulars
A name that carries obscene, vulgar, and offensive words
A name that violates Section 3 or any other provision of the Names and Emblems Act, 1956
A name that carries words that represent the patronage of Central/State governments
A name that is same, similar or deceptively representative of the name of an existing company/LLP
A name that contains words mentioned as “undesirable” in Rule 8 of Company Incorporation Rules, 2009
A name that violates section 4 or any other provision of the Trademark Act,1999

We are here to assist you in Incorporation of your company

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Stepwise process for Company Registration in India

The process of incorporation begins with the documentation and concludes with the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation by the ROC. Our experienced team of experts and professionals will guide and assist you at every stage of company incorporation. Stay relaxed and easy when team setindiabiz is working for you! Here are the steps to incorporate a company in India.
STEP 1 – Documentation: The Basic Documents of the Director and Proof of Registered Address Office are Required. We have provided for complete List of Documents in a separate section
STEP 2 – Name of Company: The company should register with a new and unique name. Hence the second step is to finalise the appropriate name of the company. You may file a RUN Application for the same.
STEP 3 – Drafting of MOA & AOA: The MOA being the constitution of the company and the AOA being internal rules are the most important documents that are filed along with the Company Registration Application.
STEP 4 – Filing of Spice Plus Form: To incorporate the company, an application in the SPICe+ form is filed to the ROC, along with MOA, AOA and basic documents of the promoters and the registered address.
STEP 5 – Incorporation Certificate: Upon approval of the Spice Plus form by the ROC, a digital certificate of Incorporation is issued by the ROC, containing the company CIN, PAN, and TAN Number.

One Stop Solution for Startups

We provide a complete, hassle-free solution for setting up your startup as a Private Limited Company

List of Documents Required To Incorporate Company

Very basic documents of promoters and the registered office related documents are filed along with the Spice+ Form. The consent of the directors and the other documents shall be prepared by us once we receive the copies of the documents as per the List provided hereunder.
Promoters Document
  1. Passport Size Colour Photograph
  2. Self attested Pan Card
  3. Self attested Aadhar Card
  4. Address Proof: (any one document)
    1. Telephone Bill
    2. Gas Bill,
    3. Electricity Bill
    4. Bank Statement
  5. Identity Proof: (any one document)
    1. Passport
    2. Voter ID
    3. Driving License
Docs of Registered Office
  1. Proof of Premises:
    1. Telephone
    2. Electricity
    3. Water Bill
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) From Owner
  3. Download NOC Format
Legal Drafts
  1. Questionnaire For Company Registration
  2. Consent of Directors in Form DIR-2
  3. Specimen Signature of Directors
  4. Signed Subscriber Sheet

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Suitability of a Private Limited Company for Startups

A Private Limited Company is the most preferred choice for startup formation in India. It has a number of benefits over other types of business entities. In the table below, we have compared the features of a Private Limited Company, with others to provide a detailed and comprehensive basis of analysis for your better understanding.
Particulars Private Limited Company Public Limited Company LLP
Minimum Capital
No Prescribed Limit
Rs. 5 lakhs to No Upper Limit
No prescribed limit
Minimum 2, maximum limit 200
Minimum 7, no maximum limit
Minimum 2, no maximum limit
Minimum Directors
2 to 15 directors
3 to 15 directors
2 to 15 designated partners
File ROC and ITR Return + Audit
Too Many Compliance
Just ROC and ITR Return
At the end of the name
Private Limited Company
Limited Company

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How Setindiabiz Help!

Registering a Private Limited Company with Setindiabiz is an extremely easy and affordable process. We have designed a wholesome package of company registration at the most reasonable prices for your convenience. You can subscribe to our package, to get DSC and DIN for any two Directors of your company, select a valid name with our Name Availability Search, and file the SPICe+ application for the incorporation of your company. Our team of qualified and skilled CA, CS, and paralegal experts will assist you at every single step of company incorporation, with their highly professional and credible services.

Well, what are you waiting for? Talk to our startup advisors and begin your entrepreneurial journey with utmost ease and effortlessness. To make things more convenient, our team will communicate with you in your regional language, including Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. We are serving thousands of successful startups with a smile and waiting for you to get on board with us.

One Stop Solution for Startups

We provide a complete, hassle-free solution for setting up your startup as a Private Limited Company

Frequently Asked Questions

The advantages of a private limited company include limited liability for owners, transferable shares, a perpetual succession of the company after the death or departure of the shareholders, separation between ownership and management, and legal and financial identity of the business separate from its owners.
To reserve the name of a private limited company, you can file the RUN application or PART-A of the SPICe+ application. In the RUN application, you shall receive a chance to propose two names in the application, with two subsequent chances of resubmission. However, if you choose to apply through PART-A of the SPICe+ application, you shall receive a chance of proposing two names in the application, with only one chance of resubmission. If the names proposed are validated by the Registrar, it shall be reserved as the name of your company. However, if the names proposed are invalidated, your application shall get rejected by the registrar, and you will have to file a fresh application, with new names proposed and a fresh application fee. Note that you are not required to submit any application fee for the resubmitted forms. The application fee for both RUN and PART-A are Rs.1000 respectively.
DSC or digital signature certificate is an encrypted digital form of signature that is needed to sign various online forms, including the form for company registration. It can be obtained by submitting an application to any of the Certifying Agencies, licensed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for issuing DSCs. For this purpose, applicants can either submit an Aadhar KYC based or a PAN based application form.
The application fee prescribed for a DSC varies differently for different states of India. The fee also depends on the Class of DSC and the duration of validity for which the application has been filed. However, estimates suggest that the application cost usually ranges between Rs.1500 – Rs.13000 across all Indian states.
You can apply for a DSC either by using the Aadhar KYC-based application or a PAN-based application. For an Aadhar KYC-based application, you are not required to submit any additional documents, other than a passport-size coloured photograph, and a scanned copy of your physical signature. However, in a PAN-based application, you will have to submit the self-attested copy of your PAN card, along with your Proof of Identity (Aadhar/ Driving License/ Passport/ Voter ID), and the proof of registered address, not more than two months old (Telephone bill/ electricity bill, water bill, gas bill, bank statement).

A DIN is the Identification number allotted to the director of the company by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. A company cannot appoint an individual as its director if he does not possess a DIN. All first and current directors of the company must have a DIN before Pvt Limited Company registration, as their DINs are required to be filled in the SPICe+ application. Additionally, if the company is looking forward to appointing new directors who do not possess DINs, they can apply for it through PART B of the application. The application for DIN through PART B is limited to a maximum of 3 directors only.

SPICe+ is a web-based application which provides the end-to-end services of company registration, beginning from the reservation of the company’s name to the issuance of the Registration Certificate. Besides, it integrates 10 other services related to post-incorporation compliances, including PAN, TAN, EPF, ESI, PT, GST, Shops and Establishment Registrations, and opening a business bank account.

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