Shop & establishment Act

Mandatory Registration or Renewal

Registration with the labour department as per the state shops and establishment act is mandatory for every business. We help in obtaining mandatory registration or renewal with the labour department for your business.

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Objective of the Shops and Establishment Registration

The Shops and Establishment Registration is one the most important registrations required to be obtained by all shops and business establishments in India, except industries and Factories. The registration falls under the purview of the State Labour Departments, and are granted under the state specific Shops & Establishment laws. These laws are designed to regulate the working conditions of employees employed in shops and all other kinds of business establishments, including their payment of wages, working hours, leaves and holidays, maternity benefits, terms of service, workspace conditions, and a lot more.
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Applicability of the Shop and Establishment Registration

The act is applicable to all “Shops” and “Establishments” that qualify under the definitions mentioned in the Shops and Establishment Act. Generally, it is applicable to any premises where any trade or business activity is being carried out.
Meaning of “Establishment” for the purpose of this Act
“Establishments” are defined as any premises or space from where a business is being carried out. The following spaces qualify as “Establishments” under the Shops and Establishment Act.
List of Establishments
Places of public amusement and Entertainment
Restaurants & Eateries
Residential hotels
Commercial Establishments
Any other space notified by the State Government
Meaning of “Shops” for the purpose of this Act
“Shops”, under the act are defined as any premises where the trade of goods and services is being carried out. The following spaces qualify as “Shops” under the Shops and Establishment Act.
List of Shops
Retail shops
Wholesale Shops
Warehouses, stores, and godowns
Any space from where services are being rendered
Office spaces
Any other space notified by the State Government

How can you obtain the Shops and Establishment Registration?

The procedure for obtaining the Shops and Establishment Registration is almost similar in all state-specific Shops and Establishments Acts, as they are modeled on the provisions mentioned in the central law, that is, the Shops and Establishments Act, 1948. We have elaborated the procedure for Shops and Establishment Registration step by step, for your easy and comprehensive understanding.
STEP 1 – Documentation
Arrange all the documents required for Shops and Establishment Registration before beginning the process of registration to avoid any hassle or hindrance.
STEP 2 – Filing of the application
Submit an application in the prescribed form to the Inspector of the area within 30 days from the date of incorporation of the business along with the supporting documents.
STEP 3 – Verification of the application
Upon receiving the application, the inspector examines it thoroughly and verifies the details and documents in the application.
STEP 4 – Issuance of the Registration Certificate
After a successful verification of the application, the Inspector shall issue the Certificate of Shops and Establishment registration to the applicant.

What are the documents required for Shops and Establishment Registration?

S.No List Of Documents
Certificate of Incorporation
MoA and AoA of the company, LLP deed / Partnership deed
PAN of the business
Names, ID proofs, address proofs, of the owners (shareholders / partners/ proprietor)
Names, ID proofs, address proofs of the managers / designated partners / directors
Name and address proof of the establishment
Photograph of the owner and front view of the shop
Board resolution or Partners’ consent to obtain Shops & Establishment Registration
Copy of any other license, permit, registration that the business mandatorily requires

Frequently Asked Questions About Shop and Establishment Regiatration

Since Shops & Establishment Registration is provided by State Governments, the duration of its validity also differs for different states in India. While in some states, the validity extends to a lifetime, in others it expires in one to five years.

The need for the renewal of Shops & Establishment Certificate depends on its duration of validity, which in turn depends on the state which is issuing the Shop and Establishment Registration Certificate. If required, the certificate must be renewed within a prescribed time period before the expiry of its validity.

The Government fee for obtaining Shops & Establishment Registration depends on the following two factors:

  • Number of employees in the establishment
  • The state where the registration is to be obtained

Yes. After the Shops & Establishment Registration Certificate is received by the applicant, it must be displayed prominently at the establishment.

After obtaining the Shop and Establishment Registration, the establishment will have to maintain the following records at its office:

  1. Register of employees
  2. Register of leaves and holidays
  3. Register of visitors
  4. Register of Payment of wages
  5. Register of Attendance
  6. Register of Inspections

The following establishments are exempted from the requirement of obtaining the Shop and Establishment Registration:

  1. Offices of the Central, state, and local governments, except commercial undertakings
  2. Water and rail transport services
  3. Telecom services
  4. Railway Dining Cars
  5. Establishments under the Food Corporation of India (FCI)
  6. Healthcare services for the physically sick, mentally sick, and the specially abled
  7. Banking companies

Yes. Shop and Establishment Registration to businesses across India, but is regulated under different state Shop and Establishment Acts.

No. Manufacturing businesses operating through their factories or industries do not fall under the definition of “Shops” or “Establishments” and are hence not required to obtain the Shops and Establishment Registration. These establishments are regulated under the Factories Act and the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act respectively.
The shop and establishment registration must be obtained within 30 days from the date of issue of Certificate of incorporation (in case of company / LLP / registered Partnership firm) or from the date of formation (in case of Proprietorship / unregistered partnership firm). A failure to do so till the due date shall result in the imposition of penalties, the amount of which shall vary from state to state.

No shop or establishment eligible for obtaining the Shop and Establishment Registration can operate without obtaining it. In simple words, you cannot start your business if you have not obtained the Shops and Establishment registration.

Yes, the Shops & Establishment Registration can be revoked or canceled voluntarily for the following reasons:
  1. If in the opinion of the authority granting the registration, the registration was obtained by furnishing incorrect information
  2. If registration has become ineffective or useless due to some reason, for instance, the establishment is being shut down
“Commercial Establishments” under the Shops and Establishment Act can be defined as
  • Any commercial sector undertaking
  • Office spaces
  • Hotels, eateries, refreshment houses, and cafes
  • Amusement parks and Entertainment places
Following are a few most important benefits of obtaining Shops and Establishment Registration:
  1. Legal Right of conducting business
  2. Opening of current account for business
  3. Hassle free inspections
  4. Avail government benefits and schemes
Yes, shops and establishment acts apply to all workers including child workers in India.
The mode of filing the Shops and Establishment Registration application depends on the state where you are filing it. It can either be filed online or offline. You can visit the official website of the labour department of your state, and check out the application process for Shops and Establishment Registration.