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Online MSME Registration

We provide services of MSME or Udyam Registration all over India through our quick, simple, and 100% online process, available to you at the most competitive prices. Subscribe to our wholesome package of MSME registration and we will help you obtain the MSME Certificate with utmost ease and effortlessness.
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Online MSME or Udyam Registration

All eligible micro, small, and medium enterprises must apply for MSME or Udyam registration and obtain Udyam Registration certificate in the manner prescribed under law. Here, at SetIndiabiz, we provide the best quality and extremely professional services of MSME or Udyam Registration all over India. Our services are rendered by our highly skilled and experienced team of CA, CS, and paralegal experts who ensure that the entire process of registration is immensely easy, simple, and cost-effective for you. To avail our services, all you need to do is subscribe to our package of MSME registration most suitable to your needs.

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Introduction to MSME Registration

MSMEs or micro, small, and medium enterprises are the backbone of developing economies, such as India. These are businesses that operate on a smaller scale with a limited amount of investment brought in by a few local investors only. However, these businesses are usually labour-intensive and quite significant from the perspective of employment generation in the economy. Hence, it is inevitable that the government would want to nudge the growth of MSMEs by providing them assistance in funding and credit facilities. It is exactly for this purpose that MSME registration has been introduced in India. MSME Registration obtained by eligible enterprises helps them avail a number of benefits in the form of schemes and initiatives frequently introduced by the Indian enterprises.
Checklist for MSME Registration in India
MSME Registration can be availed by micro, small, and medium enterprises, as defined under the MSME Act. The definition or classification is based on the net investment and the net turnover of the enterprise in a particular financial year, and is applicable to both goods and services based enterprises. While net investment is the difference of investments in pollution control, research and development, and the installation of safety devices, from the total investment in the plant and machinery of the MSME, the net turnover is the difference of the export turnover from the total turnover of the enterprise.

Checklist for MSME Registration online

Net investment in plant and machinery or equipment upto Rs. 1 crore and net turnover ≤ Rs. 5 crores

Net investment in plant and machinery or equipment ≤ Rs. 10 crores and net turnover ≤ Rs. 50 crores

Net investment in plant and machinery or equipment ≤ Rs. 50 crores and net turnover ≤ Rs. 250 crores

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Stepwise process for Online MSME Registration

All enterprises that come under the definition of MSMEs must undertake the Udyam Registration. Udyam Registration is the replacement of the older UAM registration for MSMEs, which in turn was the replacement of the EM II registration for MSMEs. Hence, Udyam Registration is mandatory for enterprises that qualify as MSMEs but have not yet taken the MSME registration, or have taken the old and replaced EM II or UAM registrations. Businesses can self declare themselves as MSMEs and apply for Registration under the MSME Act, the stepwise procedure for which has been mentioned below.
STEP 1 – Documentation
Although MSME Registration does not require a lot of documents for registrations, the basic ones which must be mandatorily produced include Aadhar card and PAN card of the applicant or the entrepreneur. Therefore, before beginning the process of registration, the applicant must ensure that he is in possession of his Aadhar and PAN cards if he is applying for the first time, and his Udyog Aadhar card if he was already registered under the UAM registration for MSMEs and applying for the Udyam Registration under the new regime.
STEP 2 – Select the type of MSME Registration

After the required documents have been arranged, the applicant can proceed with the registration. The first step is to visit the official website of Udyam Registration and select the type of registration that needs to be undertaken. The options include

  • For New Entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME or those with EM II registration
  • For those already having registration as UAM
  • For those already having registration as UAM through Assisted Filing 

The applicant must select the suitable option in order to proceed with the process of registration.

STEP 3 – OTP based verification of documents

If you select the first option from the options mentioned above, a window will open on the screen asking for the Aadhar number of the applicant. After the Aadhar number is entered, an OTP shall be sent on the mobile number that is registered in the Aadhar document of the applicant. Once the OTP is submitted, the Aadhar gets successfully verified.

However, if the applicant selects the second or third options from the options mentioned above, all that is needed to be entered, is the Udyog Aadhar number issued to the MSME, following which an OTP shall be sent to the mobile number or the e-mail ID (whichever you choose) mentioned in the Udyog Aadhar document. Once the OTP is submitted, you can proceed with the registration.

STEP 4 – OTP-Based Verification of PAN
The next step is to enter the PAN details of the applicant in order to conduct its verification. For this purpose, the applicant needs to enter his PAN number, submit it, and proceed with its verification, based on his PAN details registered in government databases.There is no requirement of PAN verification, if you already possess UAM registration.
STEP 5 – Fill out the registration form
After the verification of the documents are completed, the Registration form appears on the screen, which is required to be filled out with the correct details of the MSME and the entrepreneurs. Some of the details that must be filled out in the registration form includes the personal details of the applicant / entrepreneur, details of the enterprise, main business activity of the enterprise, valid bank details, and details about the financial status of the enterprise.
STEP 6 – Submission of the MSME registration form
After the MSME registration form is filled out accurately, a second OTP shall be sent on the mobile number mentioned in the application. This will only be applicable to new entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME or those with EM II registration. After the OTP is furnished, the applicant can finally submit the registration form. However, for businesses that already possess the UAM registration, the registration form can be directly submitted without any need for an OTP verification of the application.
STEP 7 – Issuance of Udyam Registration Certificate and MSME Registration Number

After a successful submission of the registration form, it shall be processed by the concerned authorities, and if found accurate and satisfactory, the authority concerned shall issue the Udyam Registration Certificate to the enterprise, along with an MSME Registration Number.

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Documents Required for MSME Registration

MSME registration can be effectively completed with basic documents like Aadhar and PAN cards of the applicant or the enterprise, based on the type of registration that is undertaken. Such minimum requirements of documentation makes the process to obtain MSME certificate extremely easy, simple, and convenient for small business enterprises in India. A failure to produce any of these documents may result in the rejection of your application and may decrease your chances of obtaining Udyam registration certificate. 

For those newly registering as MSME
  1. PAN card of the applicant
  2. Aadhar card of the applicant
For those who have UAM registration
  1. Udyog Aadhar card of the enterprise
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, registration as MSME is not mandatory for eligible enterprises. However, since MSME registration entitles eligible enterprises to avail a number of financial benefits offered by the government in the form of various schemes and initiatives, it is always recommendable that such enterprises obtain MSME registration as soon as possible.

Once issued, the validity of an Udyam Registration certificate extends for a lifetime. Also, there is absolutely no need to get it renewed at regular intervals.

Registration as MSME in India is completely free of cost. You only have to pay the professional charges if you’re outsourcing the services of MSME or Udyam registration of your enterprise to a third party.

MSME registration has been primarily introduced by the Indian Government to nudge the growth of smaller enterprises in India by providing them financial assistance. Therefore, eligible enterprises which obtain MSME registration can avail the following financial benefits:
  1. Collateral-free loans
  2. Tax exemptions
  3. Priority-sector lending
  4. Interest subsidies
  5. Easy credit facilities
  6. Financial grants from the government
Based on the nature of business activities, MSMEs in India can be broadly categorized into product-based and service-based enterprises. Product-based MSMEs are further classified into manufacturing, wholesale, and retail enterprises in India.
The MSME registration number is a 16-digit alphanumeric code that is allotted to eligible enterprises which have obtained MSME registration. The number is allotted right after the enterprise is registered as MSME, and is issued along with the MSME certificate. It is used as a unique identity of MSME.
The Udyog Aadhar number is a 12-digit unique Identification number allotted to businesses that qualify as MSMEs according to the MSMED Act. It can be obtained by any type of business, be it proprietorship, partnership firm, LLP, OPC, or Private Limited Company, provided they are eligible to apply for MSME or Udyam Registration. To obtain an Udyog Aadhar the applicant / entrepreneur needs to visit the Udyog Aadhar portal and file the prescribed form along with a scanned copy of his Aadhar card. After the application is successfully processed, the Udyog Aadhar is issued to the applicant by the concerned authority.
No, an individual street vendor cannot be classified as MSME, as it is not an industrial unit and cannot be considered as an “enterprise”.
The meaning or definition of MSMEs and SSIs vary under law. While businesses across sectors and industries can be classified as MSMEs, only manufacturing and service based businesses can be classified as small-scale industries in India. Moreover, the threshold limits of investments are also different for the classification of MSMEs and SSIs. However, both MSMEs and SSIs are registered in exactly the same manner and their applications are filed in the exact same forms.
Usually, it takes 1-2 working days from the date of the submission of application for the registration of an enterprise as MSME.

To update the details mentioned in the Udyam Registration Certificate, you can visit the Udyam registration portal, and click on the Update details section. You will be directed to a page that will ask your Udyam registration number and your registered mobile number. An OTP will be sent to verify the mobile number, following which the application form to update the details will appear. Fill out the form, submit the application, and wait for the concerned authorities to update the details.

No, each MSME can obtain only one registration as MSME. There is no requirement for multiple  registration as MSME, even if the business is carrying out multiple activities or has multiple branch units. However, all business activities and branches of the enterprise have to be mentioned in the application for MSME registration.

Yes, wholesale businesses can obtain registration as MSME, if eligible to be classified as MSME under the MSMED Act.

Yes, hospital and other healthcare organizations can obtain registration as MSME .

No, NGOs and Non-profit businesses cannot obtain online registration as MSME as they are not involved in the sale of goods and services in India.