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One Person Company Registration

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Register your own single-person company; OPC Registration is easy in India when done by Setindiabiz. Get Two DSC & DIN Name Approval COI MOA AOA PAN TAN & Bank A/c Opening Support in all our packages. 100% Online Order & Documentation, Chat with the startup specialist to get started.

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Incorporate Your One Person Company

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  • One Digital Signature
    ? The application for Incorporation of the Company is a 100% online process, and the Spice Form need to be signed with the DSC of the Promoters. Making DSC is the first step.
  • DIN For One Directors
    ? Every director is allotted a Unique Identification Number by the MCA, known as Director Identification Number (DIN). In addition, our package includes the issuance of two DINs during the incorporation process.
  • Name Approval of Company
    ? The new company’s name needs to be unique and should not be the same or similar to an already existing company or trademark. For the name approval by the ROC, a separate application in the name of the RUN Application is filed.
  • Memorandum of Association
    ? The MOA is one of the basic incorporation documents that set out the object for which a company has been incorporated, the authorised capital, and the amount of paid-up capital the promoters have subscribed to.
  • Articles of Association
    ? The Articles of Association (AOA) of a company is the internal constitution for the company that sets the rules and regulations for the management and administration of the company.
  • Professional Certification
    ? The Spice Plus Form, e-MOA, and e-AOA are signed by the promoters and must be further certified by a practicing professional such as a High Court Advocate, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary.
  • Filing of Spice Plus Form
    ? Spice Plus form is prescribed for filing an application to the ROC for Incorporation of a Company in India. In the Spice+ Form, the promoters ID and Address proof along with MOA and AOA are filed for the approval of the ROC.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
    ? Issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation is the conclusive proof of Registration of Company with the ROC. The Spic Plus application with professional Certification is filed with MCA for company incorporation.
  • Company e-PAN & TAN
    ? The Pan Number and TAN for a company are generated at its incorporation and are printed on its Certificate of Incorporation. The Income Tax Department issues e-Pan and e-Tan these days, and no physical; card or letter is sent.
All inclusive Fee for OPC Registration in Delhi. Please obtain official quotation for your state and capital


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  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
    ?  We assign a dedicated relationship manager to assist the startup in meeting their legal and Tax Compliance. In addition, our customer care team is always available to assist.
  • Bank A/c Opening Support
    ? We have partnered with Razorpay to facilitate the Current A/c Opening with the nearest ICICI or RBL Bank. As Per RBI and Banks are independent to accept or reject an application, our role is limited to referring the case to the respective Banker.
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    ?  The payroll software shall remain free for up to ten employees.
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All Our OPC Registration Packages includes the following items
With the use of our easy and transparent OPC Company Registration Fee Calculator, you can place an online order for the Registration of your OPC. As soon as we receive your order to incorporate the OPC Company, our support team shall contact you to process the documentation. All our packages have the following items included in them.
Checklist to Start a One Person Company
Single Shareholder: Register your One-Person Company with just a single individual to act as the initial director/shareholders. However, another individual to be nominated as the nominee of a single shareholder of the company.
Resident Director: One director of the company should be resident in India. A Person is known as a Resident Indian when he/she stays in India for over 120 days during the previous financial year. Citizenship is immaterial for this purpose.
Registered Address: For registration of the company, you need to submit the proof of Registered Office & NOC from the owner. You may register a company on a communication address in case of difficulty; however, within 60 days, the company must have its registered address.
Capital Requirement: Invest as per the business’s requirement, & as such, there is no prescribed minimum or maximum capital. However, the ROC Fee and the Stamp Duty is calculated on the authorised capital and the location of the registered office of the company.
New & Unique Name: The name of the proposed new company must be unique and eligible, in view of name guidelines as prescribed under section 4 of the Companies Act, 2013. If you need help, please contact us, we would help in deciding the name of your startup.

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Process of One Person Company Registration
With our easy and transparent OPC Registration Fee Calculator, you can place an online order for the Registration of One Person Company. After placing the order, submit necessary information and documents to us through an Online Questionnaire for OPC Registration developed by us.
  • Documentation for One Person Company Registration

    Documentation plays a significant role in the Registration of an OPC in India. The primary documents of all shareholders and directors such as PAN, ID Proof, and address proof are submitted along with evidence of the Company's registered address. For the registered address, utility bills like electricity bill, water bill, or telephone bill of the registered address along with a NOC from the owner of premises are filed.

  • Select Name of the One Person Company

    The name of every Company should be unique and must not violate the name of any other company or someone else trademark. We assist you by conducting a detailed search in the MCA and Trademark database for a possible match of the name.

  • DSC for Promoter of One Person Company

    DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is equivalent to the physical or paper signature under the information technology act. For Registration of an OPC, all the applications to ROC are filed in digital format signed by its proposed director. The Incorporation Process for OPC Registration starts with the digital signature issuance for the shareholder and director of the OPC.

  • Name Approval for the One Person Company.

    The name of the company should be eligible as per the law. To seek the name approval of your company from the ROC, we file an online run application; this is also known as company name registration. The application for name availability is generally disposed of by the ROC within 1 to 2 days.

  • Filing of Spice Plus Form to ROC for Company Incorporation

    After the name's approval, the spice plus form is submitted to the ROC for the issue of the certificate of incorporation of the Company. The promoters documents, proof of registered address, MOA & AOA are the mandatory attachments of the Spice Plus Form. The entire company registration process is online, and the application is filed with the digital signature

  • Certificate of OPC Incorporation

    The final stage for the OPC Registration is the Issue of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company after the verification of the application for OPC Registration is filed in Spice Form. The issue of the registration certificate of the company is conclusive proof of the Registration of One Person Company

  • PAN & TAN Number for the OPC

    Nowadays, the issue of Pan Number and TAN is done automatically at the time of incorporation of the OPC. There is no need to make any separate application. The PAN Number and TAN come printed on the certificate of incorporation itself, and after the Registration of the One Person Company, E-Pan and Tan letter is sent via email.

List of Documents Required for OPC Registration
Good documentation for the registration of OPC plays a vital role & results in faster incorporation of the company. There are three kinds of documents that are used to incorporate an One Person Company. Please submit self-attested copies of documents that are clear and valid.
Promoters Document
  1. Passport Size Colour Photograph
  2. Self attested Pan Card
  3. Self attested Aadhar Card
  4. Address Proof: (any one document)
    1. Telephone Bill
    2. Gas Bill,
    3. Electricity Bill
    4. Bank Statement
  5. Identity Proof: (any one document)
    1. Passport
    2. Voter ID
    3. Driving License
Docs of Registered Office
  1. Proof of Premises:
    1. Telephone
    2. Electricity
    3. Water Bill
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) From Owner
  3. Download NOC Format
Note: After the incorporation, the ROC issues a Certificate of Incorporation that contains the company’s address, similar to that is available on the proof submitted for the registered address. Please ensure that the address of the premises on the NOC matches with the address on the utility Bill.

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Comparison of OPC With Proprietorship
Feature ⇓ One Person Company Sole Proprietorship

The OPC is a fusion of sole proprietorship and the corporate form of business. The Companies Act, 2013, for the first time, introduced the OPC to enable a single person to open a company with a simplified compliance regime.

The word sole denotes single, and proprietorship is for the ownership. The sole proprietorship is the most common form of business for tiny business in India, where a single individual owns and controls it.


A one-person company is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013. The process is simple and online. Only one person is required to start the OPC.

No formal registration of sole proprietorship is required as there is no specific law of parliament or state that regulates the proprietorship business. That is why it is so simple to start and manage.

Distinct Legal Entity

OPC is a separate legal entity and a shareholder/director of the OPC is different from that of the OPC.

A sole proprietorship firm is not a separate legal entity from that of its proprietor. The proprietor and the proprietorship is the same thing.


In an OPC the single shareholder is not liable for all the liabilities or debts of the company, and instead, he/she is responsible for paying only the sum which may be outstanding from her subscribed share capital.

The proprietor is personally liable for all the liabilities and debts of the business. To pay off these liabilities, the personal properties of the proprietor can also be attached.

Number of Members

The OPC can be owned by only one Individual, also known as the sole shareholder. However, the sole owner of the OPC has to nominate another person to become his or her nominee.

A single Individual can start a Sole Proprietorship Firm, where he alone will invest all the capital and shall be entitled to all the profits of the firm.

Minimum Capital

There is no prescribed minimum capital as such. It means you may incorporate an OPC with any capital as you desire. After the 2021 budget, there is no limit on maximum capital.

You can start the proprietorship firm with any amount of capital. It means there is no minimum or maximum capital prescribed as such for a proprietorship firm.


The OPC is recognized as a separate legal entity in the eyes of the law and the business is transferred to the nominee after the demise of the proprietor.

The proprietorship business lacks the benefit of perpetual succession. With the demise of the proprietor, the firm also ends its life. The proprietor and the proprietorships are one and the same.

Separate Property

An OPC being a separate legal entity is capable under the law to own the property in the name of one person company.

As there is no distinction between the the owner (proprietorship) and the sole proprietorship firm as such, the firm can not own property or assets in its name.

Income Tax Rate for OPC in India
The income tax for companies ranges from 15% to 30%, depending on the case. There are two categories of companies as mentioned below. A. Newly Incorporated Company: A company incorporated on or after 1st October 2019, and that does not claim any other concession, deduction, exemption under the income tax act, the tax rate is as under
Particulars Manufacturing Company Other Company
Tax Rate
10% on tax
10% on tax
4% on tax & cess
4% on tax & Cess
Effective Rate
B. For other companies: the income tax rate is 25% in case the turnover is less than 400 Crores and 30% in all cases where the turnover is more than 400 Crores. The Surcharge and education cess at applicable rate is charged in addition to the basic income tax rate.

Leading Brands Rely on Our Expertise

Leading Brands Rely on Our Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions
We have prepared a detailed and easy to understand comparative table showing the availability of features and advantages of one form of business to that of others. The same can be found at the end of this page. Click here to go there.

For incorporation of a One Person Company under the companies act, 2013, anyone from below list of the document is acceptable as Identity Proof of the director or shareholder or the proposed One Person Company.

  1. Passport
  2. Driving License
  3. Voter ID Card

For OPC Incorporation, any one document from below list of address proof of the director or shareholder is acceptable. The document in support of address proof should not be older than two months.

  • Bank Statement or Passbook with the transaction entry
  • Electricity Bill in the name of the promoter
  • Telephone bill, or any other Mobile Bill
  • Utility bill in the name of promoters like Gas Bill
Since only one person is the shareholder of the OPC hence, hence at the time of incorporation of a one-person company, any other person is nominated as the nominee with their Consent.

For OPC Formation in India, following are the forms on which promoters need to sign, All the forms/formats to be printed on plain A-4 size paper and signature should be preferable with a blue ink pen.

  • DIR-2, Consent from all the director
  • Declaration of Promoter for not accepting deposits from public
  • INC-9 A Declaration under Companies Act, 2013
  • Subscriber Sheet of MOA & AOA
  • Consent of the Nominee

A One Person Company is incorporated with a physical address to be declared as the registered office of the newly registered OPC. Following are the list of the documents which is acceptable as proof of premises where the registered office of the company is situated. The premises proof should not be older than two months.

  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Mobile Bill
  • NOC from the owner
Before a One Person Company occupies any premises as its registered address, a no objection certificate must be obtained from the owner of the premises. Similarly, at the time of filing for company registration, we need a NOC from the current owner of the premises along with proof of ownership as explained above. Download sample NOC letter from the owner of premises
A registered office is required to be declared at the time of company incorporation and to be maintained by the company under section 12 of The Companies Act, 2013, which must be capable of receiving and acknowledging all communications and notices as may be addressed to it. Further, the statutory records of the company also need to be maintained at the registered address of the company. Hence having a registered address at co-working space is not acceptable unless this is a lockable area.
A One Person Company can be registered with maximum capital of Rs. 50 Lac. If the OPC wants to increase capital beyond 50 Lac, then the same needs to convert as a normal company.
The OPC Can have an average turnover of Rs. 2 Crores for three years if the turnover exceeds the limit then the same need to mandatorily convert as a normal company.
Limited Liability implies that the owner or shareholder of the One Person Company is not personally liable to pay debts of the business. They are only responsible for the unpaid shares of the capital of the company. To qualify, the shareholder needs to comply with all laws and pay taxes on time.

Apart from the consent of Limited Liability as explained above a company have the following significant features

  • The company will continue to exist, no matter how many directors, officers, and shareholders join or leave.
  • A Company can Sue and be Sued in its name.
  • A legal entity like a company has a separate identity from its owners or shareholders.
  • The private limited companies receive financial assistance from banks and financial institutions, but it receives the preferred rate of interest.
  • Like a person a private limited company can purchase, sell, own, possess, enjoy and transfer property rights to anyone in its name.