Section 12 of The Companies Act makes it mandatory for every company to maintain a registered address for the company at all the time. The registered address is intimated as an attachment to spice+ form at the time of incorporation of the company in India. However, after incorporation, if the company changes its address then the intimation of the new registered address of the company is filed to the ROC in Form INC-22. [Download INC-22 Form]

Download the format of registered address in word

Rules framed for this purpose by the ROC require that before any address is occupied by a company a No objection Certificate (NOC) must be obtained from the owner of the premises, permitting the use of the premises for the purpose of maintaining the same as a Registered Office of The Company. There is no specific prescribed format under the companies’ act or the rules made under, however below provided format of the NOC for the registered address may be used by a company in India.

Format of NOC from the Owner of The Registered Address


I________________, S/O ________________________________R/O _____________________________, in a capacity of owner of the premises situated at, ______________________________________, declare and state as under that I shall have no objection if the company with the name & style of M/s _____________________________ is registered at above stated address having following as Directors:

  1. _____________________________________
  2. _____________________________________
  3. _____________________________________
  4. _____________________________________

Signature of Owner of the Premises

Name: ________________________

At the Time of incorporation of Company, the promoters of the proposed company must furnish details of the registered company to the ROC in spice+ form. For the purpose of company registration promoters need a NOC from the owner of the proposed registered address along with any of the below documents to qualify as a proof of the registered address of a company

  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Mobile Bill

As per the new simplified method of company registration, a company can be set up on a communication address. It means that you can choose not to file the registered address at the time of company registration. However, such a newly registered company must submit the registered office address along with above said proof of it and the NOC from the owner.

The company has to update the registrar of companies every time the registered address is changed. Unless the company owns the premises itself, a NOC is always necessary and is filed as an attachment to the INC-22 Form.