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FSSAI License Modification
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After the FSSAI Registration or License is issued, the Food Business Operator (FBO) can alter or modify any information on FoSCoS. We assist in making amendments in FSSAI Registration or License.
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Overview of FSSAI License / Registration Modification in India

Food Business Operators (FBO) shall inform the relevant Authority of any modifications or additions or changes in product category, layout, expansion, closure, or any other material information based on which the license was granted in order to ensure that the Registering or Licensing Authority always has up-to-date information on their food business establishments.

Eligibility to apply for modification of FSSAI License

All licensed Food Businesses can apply for the modification of details in their license, including the name of their business, registered address, kind of business, contact details or any of the basic legal documents filed while applying for FSSAI registration/ license. The process is easy, quick, and 100% online.
S.No Eligibility for FSSAI license modification
All licensed Food Business Operators
All licensed Food Manufacturing Units
All licensed Food Processing Units
All licensed Food re-packagers & re-labellers
All licensed Food Distributors / Transporters

Types of FSSAI Modifications

There are two types of Modification in food licence or Registration certificate:
Form C modification- The modification that alters the information contained in the license certificate is called Form C modification.The licence certificate contains below information:
  1. Name of FBO
  2. Address Of Food Unit
  3. Kind of Business
  4. Category of Food Licence
  5. Product details
Any change in the above particulars is covered under Form C modification and is to be accompanied with a fee of Rs 1000 plus difference in licence fee if there is any change in the production capacity due to upgradation/expansion of food business.
Non Form C Modification- Those modifications which do not result in change in the particulars mentioned in licence certificate is covered under non form C modification. For example:
  1. Change in nomination
  2. Change in technical staff
  3. Change in contact details of applicant or its director/partner/member.
No fee is required in the case of Non Form C modification.

Documents required for FSSAI Modification

The Food Business Operator shall make an application and submit the below documents for filing a modification in food licence, for effecting necessary changes:
  1. A valid Food Licence certificate
  2. All the documents submitted at the time of applying for license need to be filed at the modification application
  3. A declaration as to changes for which application is being filed.
  4. The applicant FBO needs to upload the supporting documents evidencing the proposed change in the application.
The licensing Authority may approve and issue an amended license incorporating such changes in activities within 30 days from the date of receipt of such information.

The concerned registering or Licensing Authority shall access the feasibility of carrying on the business with the desired modifications or additions or changes in activities and, if required, may order an inspection of the premises before granting the approval for said modifications, Expansion or Changes in premise(s).If any clarification is raised by the licencing authority in modification , it need to responded with 30 days of raising such query.

Modifications and pre printed packaging material

A modification may lead to change in Name and address of a FBO or in licence number. As we all know that prepackaged foods are required to contain this information as to the FBO on its label/package. It is made mandatory under regulation 2.2.2. Of Food Safety & Standards ( Packaging & labeling) Regulations ,2011.

It is ordinary practice in the food business to go for bulk printing of packaging material. Thus any change as to the licence no., name and address of FBO would cause the destruction of pre printed packaging material causing huge loss to the company.
FSSAI considered the difficulties of the FBO in case of Modification and made a provision for grant of permission to use pre printed packaging material containing the old particulars of the FBO vide FSSAI orders no. 12(2)2016 and 12(2)2017. The conditions imposed in the said orders for grant of permission are as under:

  • A formal request is filed for it with FSSAI HQ
  • Copy of modified/new licence with approved changes must accompany the said request.
  • The request is accompanied by prescribed fee, which is mentioned hereunder:
  • The permission to use packaging material containing old details of FBO cannot be granted for more than six months at one time and a maximum of three permission could be granted by FSSAI.
Fee Central Licence State Licence
1st Extension for a period of 6 months
Rs 7500
Rs 3000
2nd Extension for next 6 months
Rs 15000
Rs 6000
3rd Extension for next 6 months
Rs 15000
Rs 6000
  • The permission to use packaging material containing old details of FBO cannot be granted for more than six months at one time and a maximum of three permission could be granted by FSSAI.
Thus, you may use the pre-printed packaging material with older FSSAI License number and/or old name and address of FBO with the permission of FSSAI and save the destruction of old packaging material. The team setindiabiz will help you in filing the request for use of re-printed packaging material.

Stepwise Process to apply for FSSAI Modification

STEP 1 – Documentation
The process of applying for FSSAI registration / license modification is completely application-based, and thus documentation is key to its success. As already discussed above, all the documents that were originally submitted while filing the application for registration/license will have to be submitted again, along with certain additional documents. We strongly recommend that you arrange all the documents you need to upload beforehand to avoid any hindrances in the later stages of the application filing process.
STEP 2 – Visit FoSCoS website and login
Once you have all the documents, you are required to visit the FoSCoS website, and click on the “Modification of License and Registration tab”. You will be directed to a page where you will have to login using the license / registration / application number, and your password. Small or petty FBOs can sign in using their registered contact numbers.
STEP 3 – Apply for Modification in FSSAI License / Registration
After you login, from the left panel, you will have to click on the “Modification” tab and then from the dropdown click on “apply for modification of license / registration”.
STEP 4 – Select the changes & Identify the Type of Modification
The details of the license and a list of modifications you can make appear on your screen. You are required to select the details which you want to change or modify. The type of your modification will be determined based on the details you’ve chosen.We have already discussed the types of FSSAI modifications in the section above.
STEP 5 – Upload the Required Documents
Once you have edited or modified the details, you can upload all the necessary documents in their digital formats. The list of all the documents are mentioned above.
STEP 5 – Submit the application
Finally, after uploading the documents, you can proceed to submit the application on the website itself. Once submitted, the concerned authority will begin processing your application and upon final approval, will effect the changes or modifications in your license.

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