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For a growing LLP, conversion as a Private Limited Company makes sense from the point of view of management and the ability to attract investors. We help in planning and necessary legal compliance in converting the LLP into a Pvt Ltd Company.

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LLP into a Private Limited Company

Switching over to a Private Limited Form of business from the LLP may be necessary or more practical for a growing business. We assist in planning the transition, take care of legal procedure, tax planning, and offer end-to-end solutions to the growing business in converting as a Private Limited Company from that of LLP.
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Conversion of LLP into Private Limited Company

An LLP is the simplest form of Incorporated Business in India that is easy to start and lighter on the compliance aspect compared to the company form of organization. There is no hard and fast rule whether a business should begin as LLP or a Private Limited Company. As per the Law, there is no restriction on the kind of business you may do in the LLP form of business. However, it is presumed that the LLP form of business is very well suited for professionals such as Architects, Doctors, Engineers, CA, CS and Lawyers.

Due to fewer compliance requirements, small businesses and startups prefer a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) over a Private Limited. In the case of LLP, the statutory audit by CA is required only when the turnover of the LLP is more than 40 Lakhs or where the capital is over Rs. 25 Lakhs. In other words, when the LLP grows, the compliance requirement is similar to that of a Private Limited Company. Further, the LLP is investor-friendly, and for every small change in the ownership, the LLP agreement has to be changed. In contrast, the shareholding changes can be done easily in a Private Limited Company. For these reasons, many LLP converts as Private Limited Company; Setindiabiz Provides end to end service about the conversion of the LLP into a Pvt Ltd Company.


Eligibility Requirement For Conversion of LLP to Company

Step-Wise Process To Convert an LLP into a Company.

  • Consent of all Partners of the LLP

    The process starts with a meeting of Partners to secure approval of all partners to the proposed conversion of LLP into a Private Limited Company according to section 366 of the Companies Act, 2013. In the partners meeting, two partners need to be authorised to sign and execute all papers to convert LLP into a company.

  • Newspaper Publication

    The intent to convert from an LLP to a company needs to be published in two newspapers, having circulation in the district, one in vernacular language and the other in an English daily. The public announcement in the newspaper must be made 21 clear days from the filing of URC-1.

  • NOC From the ROC and Creditors

    The NOC from the ROC, where the LLP Registered is required, and the Creditors must give their unconditional No Objection to the conversion of the LLP. If there is no Liability in the LLP, then a statement signed from the partners that there is no liability would be required.

  • Apply for Name Reservation of Company in RUN

    RUN is an online form in which an application for the name reservation is filed to the ROC. No change in the name of the LLP is allowed at this stage; the words LLP shall be substituted with "Private Limited."

  • Efile URC-1, MOA, AOA, DIR-2 Forms and Spice Plus

    Finally, within 30 Days of the name reservation of the LLP, the application for conversion of the LLP into a company shall be filed in URC-1 along with the Spice Plus form, e-MOA, E-AOA and other documents. After the approval of the forms, the ROC issues a new certificate of incorporation in the company's name.

List of Documents Required for Conversion of LLP into Company

A. List of Documents Required for Conversion of LLP into Company
  1. List of Partners along with their detailed particulars
  2. Declaration of directors confirmatory the particulars of all partners
  3. An affidavit from all the partners for dissolution of the entity
  4. Newspaper advertisement
  5. Certificate of registration of the LLP
  6. LLP Agreement
  7. Statement of Assets & Liability Certified by CA
  8. Income Tax Return Copy of the LLP
  9. Newspaper Advertisement (URC-2)
  10. NOC From the Creditors
  11. NOC From the ROC where the LLP is registered
B. List of attachments in E-form Spice+
  1. DIR-2 declaration from all directors
  2. Identity and Address Proof of Directors
  3. Proof of Registered Office
  4. NOC from the owner of the premises

Benefits of Conversion From LLP to a Private Limited Company

Step 1

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Retain and Grow the Brands

By way of conversion from the LLP, the new resulting private limited company continues with the LLP’s legacy and does not lose the reputation that the LLP earned. The IPR Rights of the LLP is transferred to the private limited company without any capital gain.

Step 2

Carry forward icon
Carry Forward the accumulated losses and Depreciation:

Under the Income Tax Act, the unabsorbed losses or the Depreciation of the LLP gets transferred to the new private limited. This is one of the significant benefits of LLP Conversion to the Company.

Step 3

Capital requirement icon
Ease in Fund Raising

The investors prefer a Private Limited Company for ease of allotment of shares and specific legal provisions like valuation and private placement. Further, the details of the private limited company are verifiable at MCA.

Step 4

ESOP icon
ESOP To Employees

The growing companies need to give Employee Stock Options to retain the talent; it is very much popular in the It Sector. The ESOP is possible only in a Company form of organisation, where there is specific law requiring the ESOP Plan to be registered with the registrar of companies.

Step 5

No Capital Gain Tax

The assets of the LLP is transferred to the converted private limited company, and there shall not be any capital gain tax levied on such transfer as a result of conversion from the LLP to a Company. Please note that the existing LLP is replaced by a Company, hence no capital gain tax.

Legal Provision

Law or Form Particulars
Section 366 of the Companies Act, 2013
Form URC-2
Format for Newspaper Publication
For filing Name Reservation Application
Form URC-1
Application for Conversion from LLP to Company
Spice+ Form
For new Company Certificate of Incorporation
Consent of Directors