Import Export Code Renewal

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Though the Import Export Code is a permanent number allotted by the DGFT, however in order to keep the IEC valid and effective for Export or Import, it must be renewed with updated information before 30th June.

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Import Export Code Renewal

Import Export Code is a permanent number allotted by the DGFT to the exporters and importers in international trade. However, the IEC must be renewed every year between April to June to keep it active. The non-renewal will lead to the deactivation of IEC.
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Annual Renewal or Updation of IEC

You must be aware that the Import Export Code (IEC) is a PAN Based unique Id maintained by the DGFT, being a prerequisite for doing any transaction involving import or export. Though an IEC is a permanent code, the government of India, with effect from 2021, has come up with an annual updation requirement applicable to all persons having an IEC. The IEC updation is an online process and can be completed with the use of DSC or Aadhar based OTP for authentication. The purpose of this annual Renewal of the IEC is to have correct and updated particulars of the business and the users of the DGFT portal. It is essential to have the IEC updated on an annual basis with the correct OTP Verified email and mobile numbers of the business so that the database of the DGFT is correct and reliable.
The DGFT, in its Trade Notice No 01/2021-22 dated 29/04/2021, introducing the requirement of annual updation of the IEC, has made it mandatory with effect from the FY 2021-22, where the IEC holder must update the IEC during April to June 2021. However, the date is further extended until 31st August 2021. It is further provided that the non-updation shall lead to the deactivation of IEC.

Due Date for IEC Renewal

The Due date to Renew the Import Export Code is April to June; It means the IEC holder must take steps to update their e-IEC at the beginning of the financial year. The last date of filing the IEC Renewal would be 30th June. However, for the FY 2021-22, due to the COVID pandemic, the due date of filing the annual IEC Renewal was extended to 31st August 2021.

The Stepwise Process For Annual Renewal of IEC

The Import Export Code (IEC) user needs to register on the DGFT Portal by providing the firm’s Email, Mobile, Address, and Authorised Person Name.
On the first step, you have to choose your category as Importer, CA, CS, Technical Authority and foreign Importer/Exporter; then, you have to enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile No, and address, then click on send OTP. You would receive OTP on both Mobile no and Email ID.
After verification of OTP, you will receive USER ID and Password of DGFT on email id, then login to DGFT Website with the user id and Password received on mail.
After successful login, you have to click on the Link IEC button displayed on the homepage.
Enter your Old IEC Number and authenticate through Aadhaar based OTP or Digital Signature.

List of Documents for Renewal of IEC

S.No List Of Document
Incorporation Documents
Address Proof of the Company/Firm
Cancelled Cheque
Aadhar of Director/Partner/Owner
Digital Signature

Renewal Fee for Import Export Code

Government Fee Professional Fee
There is no Government Fee payable to DGFT for the IEC Renewal, and it is an entirely online process.

Consequences of Non Filing of IEC Renewal

If your business has an Import Export Code, ensure its timely renewal every year. The updation of IEC has been made mandatory and should be completed within its due date. The failure to update the IEC shall result in the deactivation of the IEC. A deactivated IEC can not be used in international trade and shall create an unnecessary hassle at customs as an active IEC is required for clearance of imported goods or to export. We strongly advise you to take steps for the timely renewal of the IEC without any delay and escape the deactivation of the IEC. We are available to assist you at a very nominal fee to renew the IEC.

Restoration of IEC

If not renewed within its due date, the Import Export Code then the IEC gets deactivated and can not be used. To activate the IEC, you have to update the particulars as suggested on this page. In other words, an IEC gets deactivated if the annual updation is not filed within its due date and remain inactive until the IEC is updated or Renewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

An IEC code is a permanent code that does not have an expiry date. Once obtained, the IEC remains valid unless it is canceled or deactivated by the DGFT. This deactivation can be done if the IEC is not updated annually w.e.f. 2021.
No, the Import Export Code (IEC) does not have an expiry date. However, it needs to be renewed or updated annually w.e.f 2021, else the DGFT Office will deactivate it.
Yes, as per the recent guidelines introduced by the DGFT, annual update of the IEC is now mandatory for all IEC holders in India. The purpose of this annual renewal is to ensure that the business and user details in the DGFT database are correct and up to date.
To validate your IEC every year, you need to complete the annual update process. This is done online through the DGFT portal using either a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or Aadhaar-based verification.
The IEC renewal/updation process introduced by the DGFT is currently free of cost. There is no government fee payable for renewing or updating your IEC.
The documents required for IEC code renewal include Incorporation Certificate and documents of the company/firm, Address proof of the company/firm, Canceled cheque for account verification, Aadhaar of Director/Partner/Owner, and Digital Signature of the authorized signatory.
An IEC code is a permanent code that does not have an expiry date. Once obtained, the IEC remains valid unless it is canceled or deactivated by the DGFT. This deactivation can be done if the IEC is not updated annually w.e.f. 2021.
To renew the import export license (IEC), you need to first register on the DGFT portal. Once you are registered on the portal, login using the credentials received on your registered email and link your IEC with your User profile on DGFT. If the IEC is already linked, you can proceed to Update/ Modify IEC and do the needful.
The procedure to renew the IEC code involves registering on the DGFT portal, linking your IEC with your DGFT User profile, updating the necessary information by filling out the Update / Modify IEC form, and authenticating the renewal through Aadhaar-based OTP or Digital Signature.
Yes, as per the DGFT Notice dated 29-04-2021, an annual updation or renewal of the IEC code is mandatory. It is important to keep the IEC code updated with correct and recent information to avoid deactivation.
There are no government fees payable to the DGFT for IEC renewal. The process is entirely online and free of government cost.
The documents typically required for IEC code renewal include Company Incorporation documents, Company PAN card, registered address proof of the company/firm, Cancelled cheque, aadhaar cards, PAN Cards, and digital signatures of Directors/Partners/ Business Owners.
The due date for renewing the Import Export Code (IEC) is typically between April and June.
The IEC code can get suspended or deactivated if the annual update or renewal is not filed within the specified due date.
To remove the suspension of an IEC code, you need to update the particulars as suggested by the DGFT. This involves completing the annual updation or renewal process and ensuring the IEC is active and updated.

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