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The FSSAI Registration or License is issued with a limited validity and has to be renewed before expiry. We help FBOs in getting their FSSAI License or Registration renewed in time to avoid late fees, penalties and suspension of business activities by the authorities.

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FSSAI Renewal in India - Overview

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and quality of food products in India. With the growing concerns around food safety in the country, the authority has mandated businesses involved in the food industry to obtain the necessary FSSAI license or registration as per their eligibility and ensure their timely renewal.
The renewal process allows FSSAI to review and update the compliance status of an FBO, ensuring that their business continues to meet the necessary standards and regulations set forth by the Food Safety And Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business), Regulations 2011. Timely renewal of the license is crucial to avoid penalties, legal consequences, and disruptions in your business operations. Before we move further with the FSSAI renewal requirements and process, let’s first understand what is the eligibility for obtaining the initial license / registration.
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FSSAI Registration: Food Registration is applicable for small businesses like Dabbawalas, home-based kitchen, Home bakers, hawkers etc. or petty PFO having turnover less than 12 Lakhs. | Read More
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State FSSAI License: Usually Medium-sized business having turnover more than 12 lacs p.a falls in this category. | Read More
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Central FSSAI License: Food Central license is required mainly by businesses operating in more than one state or FBOs having an annual turnover of more than 20 crores. | Read More

Validity of FSSAI Registration or License

Have you checked the validity of your FSSAI license or registration certificate? FSSAI does not grant licenses or registrations to FBOs with a lifetime validity. These are only valid for a limited duration and need to be renewed at regular intervals.
Up until now, both FSSAI licenses and registrations were granted for a period of 1 to 5 years based on the applicant’s choice and amount of application fees paid.  However, a FSSAI order dated 11th January 2023 has changed the validity provisions w.e.f 12th January, 2023 onwards.
The table below shows the validity of FSSAI License and Registration prescribed according to the new order.
S.No. License / Registration Duration of Validity
FSSAI registration
1 to 5 Years (as per applicant’s choice)
FSSAI State License
1 year
FSSAI Central License
1 year

Process of FSSAI Renewal

The process of FSSAI License or Registration renewal is completely online. You just need to fill out Form A for FSSAI Registration renewal and Form B for FSSAI License renewal, and upload all the documents required in their digital formats.
  1. If there is any change in the FBO’s status, document, general information, and business activity since the grant of the expired food license/registration, a documentary proof of such change will be submitted with the renewal application.
  2. Certificate or Plan of Food Safety Management System being adopted (for units under Central Licensing, it has to be a certificate from accredited agencies).
  3. Copy of expired food license or registration certificate
  4. List of employees along with their medical fitness certificates.
  5. Name and details of technical staff in charge of the operation.
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Note: The License shall continue to be in force till the disposal of the renewal application. Further, according to the new FSSAI Order dated 11th January, 2023, FSSAI license and registration renewals will be granted instantly without any need of approval by the concerned authorities, provided:
  1. There are no changes in the existing details of the FBO.
  2. The license or registration has not been canceled or suspended.
  3. If the FBO is a manufacturer, all its annual returns have been filed before the submission of renewal application.
If any of these conditions are unfulfilled, then the FSSAI Office will have the last say in granting renewal to the applicant.

When to apply for FSSAI Renewal?

As per the new order of FSSAI dated 11th January, 2023, w.e.f. from 12th January, 2023, FBOs can renew their licenses and registrations as early as 180 days prior to their expiry. This window extends right to the date of expiry, which means that the concerned license or registration can be issued anytime between this period without any late fees charged. The illustration below will help you understand better.
But what if your FSSAI license or registration expires? Well, you can still renew it after the expiry date up to a period of 180 days, subject to the payment of late fees (Rs.100 per day of delay). After this period expires too, the license or registration will stand canceled or suspended and will be no longer applicable for renewal. The FBO will have to apply for a new license or registration to continue his food business activities.


Let’s suppose, Amba Sweets was granted a FSSAI State License on 20th January, 2023. The validity of this license will only extend up to 20th January, 2024. Amba Sweets can file the application for its renewal from 20th July 2023, which is 180 days prior to the expiry of the license, till the date of expiry which is 20th January 2024, without any late fees.
After 20th January 2024, the license shall expire, but Amba Sweets will still have time to renew it with late fees until 20th July 2024, which is until 180 days after the expiry. After 20th July, 2024, the license will stand canceled or suspended and Amba Sweets will have to apply for a new license to continue its activities.
Now, let’s compute the late fees imposed on the business. Let’s say Amba Sweets filed the renewal application on 20th March 2024, which is 60 days after the expiry of the License.
Number of Days of Delay = 60 days
Late Fees per day = Rs.100
Total Late Fees = 100 x 60 = Rs.6,000
Note, that the late fees will be charged over and above the normal fees.
So, Total Renewal Fees = Rs.2,000 + Rs.6,000 = Rs.8,000


Let’s suppose, Himalayan Fruit Sellers, a Street vendor, was granted FSSAI Registration on the 20th February, 2023 for a period of 2 years. So, the validity of the registration will extend up to 20th February, 2025, after which it will expire. To continue as a FSSAI registered vendor, Himalayan Fruit Sellers will have to file a renewal application within the due date. Let’s see what the due dates are!
The application for renewal can be filed without any late fees anytime between 20th August, 2023, which is 180 days prior to the expiry of Registration, to 20th February, 2024, which is the exact date of expiry. After 20th February, 2024, the registration will expire, but it can still be renewed up to 180 days after the expiry, that is up to 20th August, 2024, subject to the payment of late fees (Rs.100 for each day of Delay). If the renewal has not been done till this date also, the registration will be canceled or suspended and the vendor will have to obtain a fresh Registration again.
Let’s compute the late fees imposed. Say, the renewal application was filed on 20th March, 2024, which is 30 days after the expiry of Registration. Then,
Number of Days of Delay = 30 days
Late Fees per day = Rs.100
Total Late Fees = 100 x 30 = Rs.3,000
Note, that the late fees will be charged over and above the normal fees.
So, Total Renewal Fees = Rs.3,000 + Rs.100 = Rs.3,100

Consequences on Non Renewal of FSSAI Registration/License

If the renewal application is not filed before the expiry date, the license or registration shall expire. In such a situation, the Food Business Operator will have to file the renewal application within the next 180 days, that is within 180 days from the date of expiry, with a late fee of Rs.100 for each day of delay.
If the FBO misses this deadline too, his license or registration will be canceled or suspended and he will have to stop all business activities at the food unit. The Food Business Operator shall apply for a new food license or registration if it wants to restart its activities.
Designated Officers may order an inspection before renewal if considered necessary for reasons to be recorded in writing. If the Food Business Operator has a valid certificate from an agency accredited by the Food Authority or an accredited food safety auditor or any other organization notified by FSSAI, it does not require inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, major modifications to your food business details are not allowed during the renewal process. However, minor updates such as changes in contact information may be possible.

A FSSAI license is generally applicable to medium and large-scale food businesses, while a FSSAI registration is required for small-scale food businesses. FSSAI registration has lesser eligibility criteria compared to FSSAI License and is suitable for businesses with an annual turnover below a specified threshold.

The requirement for an FSSAI license or registration depends on the nature and scale of your food business. Generally, businesses such as manufacturers, traders, restaurants, caterers, and importers require an FSSAI license, while small-scale businesses may need to register under FSSAI. To check the exact applicability, consult our experts.

FSSAI licenses are categorized into three types:
  1. FSSAI Central License: For businesses with an annual turnover exceeding INR 20 crores or engaged in specific food activities like import/export, large-scale manufacturing, etc.
  2. FSSAI State License: For businesses with an annual turnover between INR 12-20 crores or involved in certain food activities within a specific state.
  3. FSSAI Basic Registration: For small-scale businesses with an annual turnover below INR 12 lakhs.

According to the new order by FSSAI dated 11th January 2023 and effective from 12th January, 2023 onwards, FSSAI Licenses, both State and Central, will be valid for 1 Year and need to be renewed annually. FSSAI Registration will be valid for 1-5 years as selected by the applicant while applying for it.

The process for renewing a FSSAI license or registration involves submitting a renewal application, along with the required documents and fees, to the FSSAI. The specific process may vary based on the type of license or registration.
The documents required for FSSAI license or registration renewal include:
  1. Duly filled renewal application form
  2. Copy of the current FSSAI license or registration Self-declaration form
  3. Proof of payment of renewal fees
  4. Any other documents specified by the FSSAI.
Yes, there can be penalties for failing to renew the FSSAI license or registration on time. It can lead to legal consequences, including fines and disruption of business operations. It is important to adhere to the renewal timelines to avoid penalties.
Yes, you can continue operating your food business while the renewal process is underway, provided you have applied for renewal within the due date. However, it is crucial to ensure that you maintain compliance with all food safety regulations during this period.
Generally, major modifications to your food business details are not allowed during the renewal process. However, minor updates such as changes in contact information may be possible.

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