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The FSSAI Registration or License is issued with a validity of up to five years based on the tenure selection at the time of seeking the FSSAI Registration/license. We help FBOs in getting their FSSAI License or Registration renewed.

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FSSAI License Renewal

The registration of the FSSAI license is granted for up to five years as per the tenure selected when applying for FSSAI Registration or License. The renewal is an online process and can be done for another term of up to five years.
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FSSAI Renewal

Business of Food business operators (FBO) is regulated, as they deal with crucial elements of life, i.e. food. This regulation is named Food Safety And Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business), Regulations 2011. It provides that all FBO need to seek either registration or licence from FSSAI to carry out its food business activity. There are three categories of enrollment with FSSAI. These are
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FSSAI Registration: Food Registration is applicable for small businesses like Dabbawalas, home-based kitchen, Home bakers, hawkers etc. or petty PFO having turnover less than 12 Lakhs | Read More
State FSSAI License: Usually Medium-sized business having turnover more than 12 lacs p.a falls in this category. | Read More
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Central FSSAI License: Food Central licence is required mainly by businesses operating in more than one state or FBOs having an annual turnover of more than 20 crores. | Read More

Validity of Registration or License

Have you checked your food licence or registration certificate issued by FSSAI? If not, plz check the validity period in it. The food registration or licence is not granted forever. The validity period of a food licence or registration varies from one year to five years as opted by the Food business operator while applying. The validity period of the licence is counted from the date of issue of the License or registration certificate. An FBO, if it wants to continue its Food Business, needs to apply for its renewal of Food License or registration certificate before its expiry. Renewal is filed for a further period of upto five years at one time, subject to the remittance of the fee applicable for the period.

Process of FSSAI Renewal

The process is online for filing renewal applications for food licence or registration certification. It is filed in FORM A for registration certification Or FORM B of licence. The FBO need to file the below documents while applying for renewal:
  1. Suppose there is any change in the FBO status, document, information, and activity from the grant of food licence until its renewal. In that case, that change-related document and data need to be filed at the time of renewal.

  2. Certificate or Plan of Food Safety Management System being adopted (for units under Central Licensing, it has to be a certificate from accredited agencies).

  3. Copy of food licence.

  4. List of employees along with their medical fitness certificates.

  5. Name and details of technical staff in charge of the operation.

  6. The License shall continue to be in force till the disposal of the renewal application. Further, the decision on the renewal application is made by the licencing or registration authorities within 30 days of the expiry of the licensor registration certificate.
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When to Apply for Renewal of FSSAI Registration/License

FBO should make the application to renew a fssai registration or license granted under these Regulations not later than 30 days before the expiry date indicated in the License. An applicant can file a renewal application 120 days in advance.

The renewal application filed between 30 days before the licence expiry but before the licence expires shall be accompanied by a late fee of Rs 100 per day for each day of delay.

For Example: Amba sweets, a sweet shop in Delhi, had a state licence valid till 20th April 2021. It filed the renewal application on 20th April 2021, the last date of validity of the licence. Compute the fee payable for a renewal application for five years. As per the rule, Amba Sweets should have made the renewal application by 20th March 2021 to avoid a late fee. The total fee payable for renewal is calculated as under:

  1. Number of Days of delay in filing renewal = 30 days
  2. Late fee = Rs 100 X 30 = Rs 3000
  3. Renewal fee = Rs 2000 X 5 = Rs 10,000 (Renewal fee is Rs 2000 per annum for State Licence)
  4. Total fee payable for renewal = Late fee + renewal fee = Rs 3000 + Rs 10000 = Rs 13000.
If Amba sweets had filed the renewal on 19th March 2021 for five years, the renewal fee is Rs 10000/-. But in the case of registration, a late fee of Rs. One hundred per day for each day of delay shall not be applicable as per Notification no 2-15015/30/2012 dated 10th June 2014.

Consequences on Non Renewal of FSSAI Registration/License

If the renewal application is not made within the validity period, the licence shall expire. In such a situation, the Food Business Operator shall stop all business activity at the food unit. The Food Business Operator shall apply for a new food license or registration if it wants to restart it.
Designated Officers may order an inspection before renewal if considered necessary for reasons to be recorded in writing. If the Food Business Operator has a valid certificate from an agency accredited by the Food Authority or an accredited food safety auditor or any other organization notified by FSSAI, it does not require inspection.