Change Name of LLP

Name of an LLP is its unique identity, and the same is adopted after its approval by the ROC. In case the management of the LLP desires to change the name of the company, then it can be done with the consent of its partners or as may be prescribed in the LLP Agreement subject to the approval of the registrar of companies. Team SETINDIABIZ helps to do the compliance of legal provisions at Just Rs. 6000/-

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Change Name of LLP

Change Name of LLP

The reason for a change of name of the LLP can be many, such as new branding plan, mergers and amalgamation, a shift in business activity etc.; However, the procedure shall be adopted similarly in all cases. The LLP Act, 2008 and the rules made thereunder have laid down a clear & non-ambiguous method to change the name of an LLP. As the name of the LLP is also mentioned on the LLP agreement, Pan card, Tan Number, GST Registration, etc.; after its change, the same must also be altered.

Change Name of LLP

Change in Partners of LLP

  1. Original Share Certificate of share to be transferred
  2. List of Documents for Change of LLP Name
  3. Current Certificate of Incorporation
  4. LLP Agreement in word format
  1. List of Designated Partner & Partners
  2. Proposed Name(s) in order of preference.
  3. Digital Signature of the authorised DP
  4. Letterheads (approx 10) and rubber stamp of Partner

Stepwise Procedure to change name of an LLP is as under


Obtain approval of the partners for change of name

To decide on the new name of the LLP, the partners need to decide in a properly convened meeting as per the LLP agreement. After the decision has arrived the same must be written and signed by the partners.


Name Availability Application for change of name to ROC

Once the partners decided on the new name of the LLP, a request for its reservation in Form -1 is made to the ROC. The new name can be approved by ROC only if it is unique and not same or similar to an already existing company, LLP, Domain or a Trademark.


Application for Name Change of the LLP

The application to change the name of the company is filed to the ROC in Form No-4 along with altered LLP agreement. The changed LLP agreement need to be filed on form No-3. After the satisfaction of ROC, a fresh Certificate of Incorporation is issued having the new name of the company.

Video on LLP Name Change

Change name of llp

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