GST Invoice & E-Way Bill

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The GST Law requires the issue of Tax Invoices for every supply of goods and services. The E-Way Bill is required to move goods from one place to another. We help taxpayers in complying with the GST Law.


GST Invoice & E-Way Bill

In common parlance, Invoice is a document issued to the addressee specifying the nature of taxable supply made and the value of such taxable supply. It indicates the amount receivable by the person issuing the invoice from the person to whom it is issued. The GST rules relating to Invoice has been notified and a standard Invoice Format can be downloaded from the link provided on this page.
Various types of invoices or supporting documents under GST


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Invoice for Supply of Goods: In Triplicate
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Original for Recipient

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Duplicate for Transporter

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Triplicate for Supplier

Invoice for Supply of Services: In Duplicate
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Duplicate for Supplier

Contents of Tax
Invoice in GST

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E-Way Bill under GST

In the past pre-GST era getting a Waybill issued was a nightmare, the waybill is a document necessary for the movement of goods from one place to another. In the GST regime, the waybill is now known as e-waybill which need to be issued by the person causing the movement of goods. The E-Way Bill is mandatory in case the value of goods being supplied is equal to or more than Rs. 50,000/-, it can be generated electronically at the common portal of GST Network (GSTN) the E-way bill may be generated or canceled through SMS also.

Persons who can generate the e-way bill on GSTN

E Way Bill must be generated before the movement of goods having the value of Rs. 50,000 commences, the responsibility of the generation of E-Way Bill is on the person who is responsible for the movement of goods or in other words who causes the movement of goods. The E waybill can be generated by the supplier, transporter or in case the movement is caused by the recipient himself then in that case by the recipient. In case the movement of supply is from an unregistered person the recipient of supply shall be issuing E-Way Bill as if he is the supplier..

GST Invoice and E-Way Bill