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Other Service Provider (OSP) license from the Department of Telecom is required for a business engaged in domestic or international BPO & Call Centres. We assist in obtaining the required DOT OSP License.

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DOT OSP License Apply Online in India

The term DOT is an abbreviation for Department of Telecommunication, and the term OSP stands for Other Service Providers. The new telecom policy (NTP) 1999 makes it mandatory for certain kind of business, also known as Other Service Providers (OSP) to obtain a License before starting the business and no business can continue without a valid license. The services providers using telecom resources are categorised as OSP and includes BPO or KPO Services, Voice based or Non Voice based Call Centers, E-Commerce Companies, Tele-banking, Tele-medicine, Tele-education, and all other IT enabled services.
Only a company registered under the companies Act, 2013 can make an application for the grant of DOT OSP License and can further avail telecom resources and infrastructure that was built for communication purposes from the authorized telecom service providers, who has been duly approved by the DOT for that purpose.
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Business that Need DOT OSP License

STEP 1 – Telebanking
This kind of service is provided by a bank to its customers wherein, the customer is able to carry transactions without visiting the bank branch and in a paperless environment.
Bank Account
STEP 2 – Telemedicine
This is a modern way to administer health care to the patients, where emergency health care services and instructions are passed over to the patient through phone or internet
STEP 3 – Tele Education
This module is used effectively to impart education in remote areas with the aid of telecommunication equipment to the people from a remote location.
branch office of foreign company
STEP 4 – Tele Commerce
The products or services are directly marketed by the seller to the customers with the use of telecom medium. This includes sales through TV programmes.
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STEP 5 – Call Center
All call centers refers to companies handling very large volume of calls for the commercial purpose. It also includes all kinds of BPO and KPO Services.
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STEP 6 – Network operation center
These centers are usually established by Internet Service Providers to monitor and control the network traffic in a specific area.
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Eligibility Information & Documents Required for DOT OSP License

S.No Documents Required
Applicant must be a company
License is required for Domestic as well as International BPO
Generally the DOT OSP License is valid for 20 years, However it can be for lesser period also. The validity period shall be mentioned on the License.
Only approved ISP should be used to build the infrastructure
Certificate of Incorporation
MOA & AOA of the Company
Board Resolution
Power of Attorney in favor of Authorised Signatory
Note on Proposed Business Activity
List of Director and Their KYC
List of Shareholders

Frequently Asked Questions About DOT OSP Registration

The company which has been granted the DOT OSP License is required to file annual status return mentioning the activities undertaken during the previous year and the present status. This return is necessary for the purpose of keeping the OSP License valid.
The DOT OSP License is valid for the period for which it has been issued, the period of validity is mentioned on the license itself. Generally the DOT OSP License is issued with a validity of 20 years, however to keep it valid the company must file annual status return
The DOT OSP License is Location Specific, for every license a separate OSP License is required. After grant of the first license you can apply for another location as well.
No as per telecom policy the DOT OSP License issued to one company is not transferable to any other company.
The annual return by the company who has been issued a License is to be filed within 6 months from the end of the relevant financial year.
If the annual return is not filed by the OSP then the company is put in the dormant list of OSP and the license is cancelled after waiting for a period of two years.

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