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Before an inventor files for a patent grant, it is wise to conduct a thorough search to determine the patentability or uniqueness from among already filed or granted patents worldwide. We conduct thorough patent searches; call us to get started.

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We help inventors identify prior art, do an in-depth analysis, and render our opinion on the invention’s patentability. We have a capable and experienced team of lawyers to assist you. You may also benefit from our partnerships with patent search technology partners and databases.
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Patentability Search

A patent grants an exclusive right over the patent for twenty years and is granted when three important requirements are passed: novelty, utility, and non-obviousness. Out of these important tests, novelty is the most important one. An invention must be novel to qualify it for grant of the patent. The Prior art search is the method of finding the existence of any similar knowledge or literature matching with the current invention. As prior knowledge destroys the patentability of an invention, the Prior Art Search is the most important activity before an inventor writes the specification or files the patent. The Sooner it is done the better it will be.
Prior art searches find products, concepts, or inventions similar to the idea/concept you want to patent. Some of the most noteworthy benefits of the prior art searches are as under

Invalidity Search

Invalidity Search is conducted to find evidence to nullify the opponent’s patent. In other words, the invalidity search is a process to ensure whether the invention in question is enforceable or not. There are positive use cases, such as when you are buying a patent or defending your invention in a court proceeding, the invalidity search plays a great tool to make your case. On the other hand, the negative use case is when you intend to nullify someone else’s patent. The invalidity searches are also known as validity searches and are used interchangeably in different jurisdictions and are frequently used to assess the strength of the patent.
We have partnered with leading prior art search partners and databases to deliver unmatched results with a team of high competence, expertise in the subject matter and years of experience. Our methodologies to perform validity search are as under

Freedom To Operate Search

The freedom to operate is also referred to as Clearance Search, Right to use search. Freedom to Practice Search identifies whether the current invention may infringe upon an existing patent. The claims of an existing comparable patent are analysed with the description of the current patent to see if there is any potential infringement. The object of freedom to operate searches is to avoid unnecessary legal hassle after the product is launched. Generally, the Freedom To Operate Searches are conducted in all the jurisdictions before the same is launched.

State of Art Search

The state of the art search provides a perspective of the current technological development in a specific technological domain. This search analysis is very useful while making a decision of potential company Buying or shelling of the licence of patents. The new areas such as mergers and acquisitions also consider the State of Art Searches.