Yamanashi Hydrogen Co. of Japan is Planning to Invest in India

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • September 28, 2022
Japan is Planning to Invest in India
India! There’s good news! According to a top Japanese government official, Japan’s Yamanashi Hydrogen Co. plans to invest in India to build a hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturing facility.
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How Will This Investment Benefit India's Development?

This is fantastic news for India since it tackles two major issues: a worldwide shortage of supply of electrolyzers and a lack of domestic manufacturers to produce them. Electrolyzers are significant pieces of equipment for producing green hydrogen by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen.
Takuma Otaki, the South Asia representative for Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, stated in an interview:
“An engineering team from Yamanashi Hydrogen will come to India in November to study the need and potential for green hydrogen and electrolyzers in the country and the infrastructure for such production. They will also test their hydrogen electrolyzer here.”
Otaki, who also works as the head of the Japanese External Trade Organization’s offices in New Delhi, stated that Yamanashi Hydrogen was considering establishing hydrogen electrolyzer plants in India in collaboration with a domestic firm.
While Otaki did not mention any Indian joint venture partners, experts monitoring the sector indicated that discussions for an electrolyzer facility will be conducted with state-run refiners that had previously established joint partnerships with international businesses manufacturing the equipment.

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