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DPIIT Recognition For Startups

As a part of the Startup India Scheme, your recognition by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) offers several benefits, such as three years of tax holidays, alongside concessions for IP filing. Setindiabiz helps you to obtain the DPIIT Startup Recognition.

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We are a professional consulting firm specialising in company registration, taxation, accounting, payroll, compliance, and intellectual property rights (IPR) services to assist new and existing businesses in India. We provide our professional services at a reasonable fee, explaining the eligibility, process, and documents required for setting up and maintaining a business. We also prepare and file necessary applications with relevant government agencies such as the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Income Tax Department. We do not directly provide government documents or represent ourselves as a government agency.
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Overview of DPIIT Startup India Recognition

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The DPIIT Registration process is digital and can be done by any eligible startup using the startup india portal. The process typically involves the creation of a startup profile and submitting an authorisation letter in favour of the authorised person and his KYC, along with the board resolution.
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  • Creation of DPIIT Profile
  • Filing of DPIIT Application
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  • Replying to DPIIT Queries

Get Started With DPIIT Startup India Recognition.

Startup India Registration by the DPIIT provides several benefits to Startups. These include government seed funding, tax exemptions under Sections 80IAC and 56 of the Income Tax Act, trademark registration at a 50% rebate, and so on. We assist startups in availing themselves of all these benefits with ease.

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DPIIT Registration for Startups was introduced to enable recognised Startups to avail themselves of the benefits of the Startup India Scheme. These benefits aim to reduce the overall financial and compliance burden on Startups during the initial stages. This recognition helps startups benefit from the government’s Flagship Startup India Scheme. Introduced in January 2016, the Startup India Scheme aims to create a robust ecosystem for nurturing startups and their innovative products.

Startup India Registration Eligibility Criteria

Not all newly established businesses are considered Startups. To be considered a startup in India, businesses need to be recognised by the DPIIT and must fulfil certain prescribed eligibility criteria. These criteria relate to the business structure, age of the startup, business activities, and turnover. Here’s a detailed list of Startup India eligibility criteria for recognition.
  1. Registered Eligible Business Entity: Only the following incorporated business entity is eligible for startup recognition, and to be precise, the following business types can apply for dpiit startup recognition.
    • Private Limited Company
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
    • Registered Partnership Firms
  2. New Business Entity (Less than ten years): For startup registration in India, your business must be less than ten years old from the date of incorporation. 
  3. The primary objective is financial growth, employment generation & wealth creation: The primary objective of your business must be employment generation and wealth creation. This indicates that Non-profit entities cannot apply for Startup India Recognition.
  4. Business activities include dealing in innovative products, processes, or services: Registration under the Startup India Scheme is only granted to startups having innovative products or services. A detailed product/service description must be provided in this context.
The following are not eligible for Startup India Recognition.
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Unregistered partnership firm
  • Joint Venture
  • Holding and subsidiary companies
  • Public limited company
  • Entities older than ten years
  • Turnover exceeding ₹100 crores
  • Non-innovative or non-scalable businesses
  • Companies having more than 50% foreign shareholding.
  • Entities formed by splitting or reconstruction
  • Businesses involved in ineligible activities, such as
    • arms and ammunition,
    • tobacco
    • real estate, etc.

Stages of Startup

The startup can be at different stages based on its development and progression in India, which demote its growth. The initial stage is the idea stage, which is also known as the ideation stage. Here, the startup conceives a viable product or service and thereafter progresses to validation, early traction, and scaling. The process and the requirement for startup recognition differ based on the startup’s stage.


At this stage, the entrepreneur has an idea or concept for a future product or service and is working on bringing it to file.


At this stage, a startup has a prototype ready and needs to validate the potential demand of the startup’s product/service.

Early Traction

After the launch of the product, when customer bases start increasing, then the stage of Early Traction has arrived.


At this stage, startups try to add revenue at a faster rate while also increasing efficiency.

Documents Required for Startup India Registration

The table below contains a complete list of Startup India Registration Documents. These documents can be categorised into mandatory and additional documents. Additional documents are submitted on the basis of your Startup’s stage. Let’s understand the stages of Startups before we proceed to the documents required for Startup India Registration.

Mandatory Documents


  1. The authority letter authorising a person to apply for DPIIT recognition. It should carry the specimen signature of the Authorised person duly accepted by such authorised signatory.
  2. We recommend you send the soft copies of documents along with the filled out questionnaire we share with you. We will verify the information and legal documents sent to us. Please contact us for further clarification.

Additional Document Requirements Based on Startup Stage.

Based on the startup stage, additional documents are required to support the startup claim of eligibility. The requirements are very common and explain the business model, products or services of the startup. We can help you to make or redesign your website, prepare a pitch desk or help with video production.
Startup Stage Website Pitch Deck/PPT Video
Early Traction

How To Get Startup India Recognition? - Stepwise Process

Wondering how to register for Startup India? We provide full assistance through the documentation and Startup India Registration Process. Our experts make sure your application is filed with the correct information, product description, and prescribed documents. We are here to help you get your Startup Recognition Certificate easily, affordably and in minimal time.

Incorporate your Startup

An unregistered business entity cannot qualify as a startup under the Startup India Scheme. So, the first step towards Startup India Recognition is to incorporate your business with the concerned authority.

Register on the Startup India Portal

The next step is to register your business on the Startup India Portal. For this, you will have to submit the required details along with your contact details for OTP verification. Contact details include your registered mobile number and email address.

Create your Complete Profile

Fill in details like the current stage of your startup, directors / partners, the authorised representative, and so on. Also provide information about the business plan, funding, intellectual property and business activities.

Fill out the application for DPIIT Recognition

Click on “DPIIT Recognition” on your portal, and a form will appear on the screen. Fill out and submit the form with the scanned copies of the prescribed documents.

Obtain DPIIT recognition Certificate:

The DPIIT will examine the application thoroughly and ultimately issue a Certificate of Recognition to your startup. The Certificate will contain

Benefits of Startup India Recognition in India

Major benefits of the Scheme include tax exemptions for Startups, fast-track statutory clearances, easy funding and credit facilities. Recognised Startups also receive rapid FDI approvals and rebates on Intellectual Property Protection. Registration under the Startup India Scheme enables startups to avail all these benefits effortlessly. We realise the importance of these benefits for your Startup and provide full assistance in getting Startup Registration with ease.


Quick, easy and 100% self-certified online compliances on the Startup India Portal to reduce the burden of compliances on Startups

Tax Exemptions

Income Tax Exemption for three financial years u/s 80 IAC for Startups. Also, capital gains tax exemptions for angel investors u/s 56.

IPR rebates

Affordable Intellectual Property protection for startups with 80% Rebate on Patent Filing and 50% rebate on Trademark Filing

Transparent operations & Easy Closure

Publicly accessible documents for incubators and fast-track winding up within 90 days under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

Multiple Funding Facilities

Rs.10,000 crores worth of funds and loans under the Credit Guarantee Scheme. This secures funding shortage of financial resources.

Tax Holiday

No tax inspection to control the Startup's compliance with the requirements prescribed by tax laws. Tax Holiday for first 3 years after receiving DPIIT recognition

DPIIT Startup Recognition for FDI Company

The companies incorporated in India with foreign shareholding, also commonly known as Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) companies, are eligible for Startup India recognition, provided the total shareholding of foreign promoters is 49% or less. In other words, those FDI companies are eligible for startup recognition in which shareholding by Indian promoters is 51% or more. All the entities incorporated outside India, even with 100% shareholding of Indian promoters, are ineligible for start up recognition.

How We Assist in Startup India Registration Online?

At Setindiabiz, we provide end-to-end assistance in the Startup India Registration Process. We have an expert legal team to take care of your application and documentation. They ensure that all information provided is correct, updated, and verified. We also guide our clients through the eligibility conditions to ensure the approval of applications without any hindrance. With our services, you drastically increase your chances of getting Startup Recognition from the DPIIT quickly and affordably.

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Used Setindiabiz for company registration. Not only was the process efficient, but their cost-effective approach truly shines. Highly recommended.
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The discipline of Setindiabiz's staff during our company registration was noteworthy. They kept everything organized and streamlined. Great job!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the full form of DPIIT?

DPIIT is the short form of The Department of Industrial Policy, Promotion, and Internal Trade. It is responsible for issuing a Startup India Recognition Certificate to eligible startups.

2. How to get DPIIT Registration for Startups?

Getting DPIIT registration for Startups is extremely quick, easy, and affordable with Setindiabiz. Simply subscribe to our all-inclusive package of DPIIT recognition to avail our services. For more information send your enquiry to our startup advisors and consultants. We will respond back to you as soon as possible.

3. What is a DIPP certificate?

DIPP Certificate is the Certificate a business receives after being recognised as a “Startup” by the DPIIT. Based on the DIPP Certificate, your business can avail of all benefits of the Startup India Scheme. It also contains a recognition number and the date of recognition as well.

4. Is DPIIT registration for Startups mandatory?

Yes, a DPIIT Registration for startups is mandatory for eligible businesses. It is required to avail the benefits under the Startup India Scheme.

5. What is a startup as per DPIIT?

A Startup is a newly established business entity not more than 10 years from the date of its incorporation. Its turnover must not have exceeded Rs.100 crores in any financial year since its inception. Moreover, a startup must deal in products/services / processes that are new and innovative. Its purpose must either be employment generation or wealth creation.

6. How can I Legalise my startup?

To legalise your startup, you must obtain recognition as a “Startup” by the DPIIT under the Startup India Scheme.

7. What are the stages of Startups in India?

There are 4 stages of a startup. These are 
  • Ideation stage, where merely the idea of the startup has been formulated 
  • Validation stage, where the startup is validating its idea by introducing minimum viable products in the market
  • Early traction stage, where the startup is in its early stages of business operations and has just begun generation of revenues
  • Scaling stage, where the startup is gradually expanding the scale of its business operations

8. What is the Startup India Registration Fees?

Startup India Registration Fees depends on the professional services you’re opting for. There are no Government fees charged by the DPIIT.

9. What is the time taken to register for the Startup India Scheme?

DPIIT Recognition for Startups is usually a quick process and hardly takes 1-2 days to complete. However, the duration may get extended depending on the accuracy of your application, documents, and the workload at the Department.

10. Is Startup India Registration Online?

Yes. The Startup India Registration Process is completely online. The application and documents can be submitted on the Startup India Portal.

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