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The software codes are subject to protection under the copyright. However, given the recent recognition of computer relation inventions by the Indian patent office, the software may be patented if it has an industrial application.

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Software Patent Registration

The protection of patent for a software or a computer programme is an ultimate and effective protection, and as per international practice, now we can patent an invention in form of a software or a computer programme in India as well, provided the same is capable of Industrial Application.
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Software Patent Registration Online

A software or computer programme is a set of instructions triggered by an external stimulation to regulate interactions between the components or peripherals of a device or hardware. A software may be made to do more than mere displaying a graphic or text or any other form of information. Nowadays a software is used to control the driverless operation of the metro. Hence we need to understand the IP Rights of a software in the broader perspective. Traditionally a software has been subject to copyright wherein the protection was given as a literary work to the source code, the object code, in other words to the look and feel of the software. However, the protection of copyright is considered weak as it protects only from unauthorized copying of the expression of the idea but not of the principle behind it.

Patentibility of a Computer Program or Software

New invention patent
New Invention: Only a new or novel invention can be granted a patent, the test of novelty is non-publication or disclosure of the patent except to the Patent Office.
inventive step patent
Inventive Steps: To make a software patentable the inventor have to establish that the computer programme is made out of inventive steps and is non-obvious.
Industrial applicability patent
Industrial Applicability: The patent specification be drafted carefully to disclose a practical application and industrial use for the claimed invention.
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Economic Benefit: The general condition for patentability is the commercial benefits out of the Invention. The claims of Invention must indicate effective value.

Procedure For Patent Registration in India

STEP 1 – Check on Patentability
Check if the invention is patentable or not in terms of the Patent Act, and confirm whether it is new and has not been published prior to filing with the patent office.
STEP 2 -Specification Drafting
Write down your invention (idea or concept) in maximum detail possible, Use drawings, diagrams, sketches to explain how Invention works and specify its claim.
STEP 3 – Filing of Patent
The patent can be filed in India with the provisional specification or complete specification, However, in any case, the complete filing must be completed within 12 months.
STEP 4 – Patent Office Activity
The patent is examined and published by the patent office and if no objection is received from the examiner or if no third party opposition, the patent is granted.

Patent Filing Documents

A. Documents Required For Patent Filing in India B. Specification Must Contain Following
  1. Digital Signature of the Applicant
  2. Authorisation to the patent attorney
  3. The patent questionnaire
  4. A signed copy of Patent Specification
  5. Declaration of Inventorship signed by the Inventor
  6. Prior art documents, in case of International Application
  1. Title of Patent
  2. Abstract of the patent specification (A Summary)
  3. Detailed Specification exhibiting inventive steps
  4. Drawings and Flowcharts if any
  5. Claims of the Patent