How To Sell On Snapdeal ?

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • June 1, 2023
How to Sell on Snapdeal | Online Seller Registration - SETINDIABIZ – one of the largest online marketplace in India was founded by Kunal Bahl in February 2010. Since then there has been no turning back for this venture and today it has grown exponentially into an online platform where you can find the myriad range of 12 million+ products across 500+ diverse categories. Thousands of national, international, and regional brands and retailers are always looking for a platform as huge as to sell their products.
The best part about selling through e-commerce websites like snapdeal, Flipkart, or Amazon is that you can commence as well as establish your business within no time efficiently without fretting about the technical or marketing aspect of your business. This blog is an endeavor to resolve all your queries regarding snapdeal seller registration process or how to sell on

Steps to becoming a Snapdeal seller

  1. Visit sellers.Snapdeal.comand fill the online registration form.
  2. The website will then verify the information provided and submitted by the seller in the form
  3. After receiving a confirmation from the portal, the seller needs to submit the following documents in the case of either a new or an established business
    1. Pan Card for the business
    2. TIN Number for the business
    3. Bank Account Number for the business
    4. Any other document sought by the website
As an established business may already have the aforementioned required registrations, it will not be required to get any registration done for becoming a seller on snapdeal. However, if you are a new entity or business then you will be required to acquire certain tax registrations before becoming a snapdeal seller.

Business Registration

In order to complete the Snapdeal seller registration process, a business entity should have a PAN Card, TIN Registration, and Bank Account in the name of the business. In order to register a new business, you will be required to choose a form of business registration such as proprietorship, private limited company, limited company, one person company or limited liability partnership, etc. To know further details on choosing the right form of business you can visit our blog Types of Company – Under the Companies Act, 2013.
However, it is always best to choose a form of business that is a separate legal entity and has limited liability protection apart from being transferable and scalable.

PAN Card

Both, Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership are required to have and submit the PAN Card in the name of the business for Snapdeal seller registration process. A proprietorship is not a separate legal entity, a PAN card would be required in the name of the Proprietor.

TIN Registration

TIN Registration or VAT Registration or Sales Tax Registration is another prerequisite for becoming a snapdeal seller. TIN registration is mandatory in India for any entity or individual selling goods both online or offline. Hence, prior to selling on Snapdeal an entity or individual is required to acquire TIN Registration from relevant state authorities. However, there are certain products such as books, handicrafts, online education, or unstitched fabrics for which TIN Registration is not mandatory.

Bank Account

During the Snapdeal seller registration process, it is required to submit a copy of the canceled cheque to the bank account, opened in the name of the business, to snapdeal. The prerequisites for opening a bank account in the name of the private limited company or LLP are the certificate of incorporation and PAN card.
Opening a bank account in the name of the business is cumbersome for a proprietorship, as the existence of the business must be proved through other tax or business registrations.

How to sell on Snapdeal

After the verification and approval of the submitted documents, the sellers are required to sign a Snapdeal Partnership Agreement.

Listing your Products

Post-registration, you will be provided with a control panel to list your product. The listing of your product is free of cost and the website will not cost anything from you for the same. Free training is also provided by snapdeal on how to run your online business.

Receive Orders and Sell across India

Once listed, your product will be visible to thousands of viewers or prospective buyers across India. After listing, you will start getting orders and you can manage your online business via sanpdeal’s top of the line Seller Panel and Seller Zone Mobile App.

Packaging and Shipping of Products

It is mandatory to use the logistics partner of snapdeal for shipping. In order to ship your products you can use the following 2 models of shipping:
  1. The SOI model where your products will be stored by Snapdeal and will ship it on your behalf.
  2. The Dropship model – where the logistics partner is responsible for collecting the packed products from the seller and deliver it to the customer.
For checking and tracking the shipment status, a shipment tracking and management tool – SafeShip has been provided to the seller for convenient shipping management.


Depending on the performance of the product on the portal there is a commission fee levied on every sale made through the website. The usual charges may range from 4% to 20% per sale.

Get payments and grow your business

For successful order, the seller receives the payment within 3 weeks from the dispatch date. Moreover, the necessary commission is deducted for the sale, and funds are deposited in the bank account of the business thereafter in view of keeping the accounts clear.
There have been numerous successful seller stories written so far with Snapdeal and the free online training, product listing, and other assistance provided by the company make it a convenient experience for the sellers. Hence, get your Snapdeal seller registration done at the earliest to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. Keep Selling!

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