How to Check Director KYC Filing Status?: Eligibility & Process

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • April 19, 2024
How to Check director KYC Filing Status? : Eligibility & Process

In order to offer startups a conducive environment to grow dramatically, the Government of India is making all efforts possible. Easing the regulatory compliance burden has also been one of the major priorities of the government. DIR-3 KYC e-Form is a great move by the government of India to help company directors easily meet compliance requirements and stay focused on what they excel in. Before initiating dir-3 KYC filing, it’s important to check your director KYC status. As per director KYC status online, slight variation in DIR-3 KYC filing process and fee may occur. This blog gives you a brief overview of how to check director kyc status online.



In this evolving startup ecosystem, it is essential to stay compliant with regulatory requirements to keep pace with it. With an aim to encourage entrepreneurs in starting their startups, the government of India is not only introducing several schemes, incentives & loan facilities but also working towards leveling up the ‘ease of doing business’ initiative to provide a conducive business environment for startups to grow. In the same phase, the government is also taking several steps to reduce the compliance burden by simplifying compliance requirements & processes, etc. DIR-3 KYC e-form is the result of such initiatives. From filing DIR- 3KYC e-form to online check director kyc status, you can access online.

How to Check director KYC Filing Status? : Eligibility & Process

DIR-3 KYC e-Form is necessary compliance where any director of a company (s) is needed to submit their KYC details online. It is introduced with the purpose of ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information about directors is maintained in the MCA registry.

Purpose of DIR-3 KYC

Filing DIR-3 KYC form is mandatory for a DIN (Director Identification Number) holder with ‘Approved’ status. This unique identification number can be obtained by applying e-Form DIR-3. However, the MCA came up with the DIR-3 KYC e-Form to keep the DIN holders’/directors’ database up to date and verified. All directors with a DIN will have to submit their KYC details each financial year through e-Form DIR-3 KYC.

The process to check Director KYC Status

Before filing Director KYC Form, it’s important to first determine the status of DIR 3 KYC as the further filing process & fee may vary accordingly. The stepwise process to online check director KYC status is given below;

  • Visit the official MCA website: First, visit the official website of MCA with the URL
  • Explore the ‘Services’ section: On the homepage, search for the ‘Services’ section on the homepage of this portal.  
  • Login/Register: Log in to the portal with the help of your registered Username and Password. But, if you have never registered on it, first you need to register or sign up on the portal to access the Services that MCA offers.       
  • Search for ‘Director Services’: When you successfully log in to the portal, search for ‘Director Services’ in the Services menu. Here, you will see multiple services for company directors that MCA offers to them.
  • Select DIR-3 KYC: Click on DIR-3 KYC option and you will be landed on a different page on which you can check your DIN KYC status. 
  • Fill in DIN details: Fill in the details of your DIN in the required box if you want to check your director’s KYC status. 
  • Get KYC Status: Enter your DIN details properly and then click on the search or verify button. After processing the given details, the system will show your DIN’s current status. 
  • Take Necessary Action: Depending upon the current KYC status displaying on your screen, it’s necessary to take steps to ensure compliance with DIR-3 KYC requirements. However, if your kyc status shows fully compliant to the annual director KYC, you are free from KYC compliance for the year.

These steps can help check your director kyc status and find out what further steps should be taken to fulfill compliance requirements.

Checking the DIR-3 KYC status is a quick and easy online process that you can access on the MCA portal. Checking kyc status of your DIN and following compliance requirements help companies maintain transparency as well as standards. Following such compliances timely can help eliminate fees and legal risks associated with non-compliance with director KYC. As a director, keep your KYC up-to-date to stay away from repercussions of non-compliance to the director KYC status and filing.



Q1: What is the fee for DIR-3 KYC?

If the e-Form DIR-3 KYC is filed within the due date of the respective financial year, no fee is applicable. However, in case of filing director KYC after the due date for DIN status showing ‘Deactivated due to non-filing’ of DIR-3 KYC, a fee of Rs. 5000 shall be payable.

Q2: As a disqualified director, do I need to file form DIR-3 KYC?

Yes! Any person who has obtained a DIN with its status ‘Approved’ is required to file form DIR-3 KYC. Therefore, disqualified directors are also needed to file form DIR-3 KYC.

Q3: What is the purpose of the DIR 3 KYC webform?

The form DIR 3 KYC web-based aims to ease the verification of director KYC details. It is filed if there are no changes to be made in the KYC records.

Q4: Who can file KYC using DIR-3 KYC web service?

Any DIN holder who has submitted e-Form DIR-3 KYC before in any financial year and has no update in his/her KYC credentials submitted may get his annual KYC filing done by accessing DIR-3 KYC web service.

Q5: When is a fee of Rs.5000 applicable?

Being a DIN holder, if you file your annual KYC after the due date, you will have to pay a fee of Rs. 5000.

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