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Company Secretary Services

A company is legally formed when it gets registered. Since the next step involves the growth of the company, a company requires to function in accordance with the applicable laws mentioned in the companies act of India. For this purpose, a company secretary is appointed in every company to avoid penalties, fines or any legal issues. A company secretary is a company official who plays a significant and vital role in a company’s consistent growth and sustainability. He/She is responsible for ensuring coordination between the board of the company and investors, stakeholders, government regulators, employees and public.
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Hence, the growth of a company is highly dependent on its secretarial functions and practices which includes providing inputs and advices for strategic decisions, statutory compliances, management functions and adherence to business ethics. As we ourselves believe in abiding by work ethics and professionalism therefore, we provide our clientele with an array of CS services that would help them to build mutual trust and coordination within and outside of their organization which will eventually lay down the foundation of their company.

Why to go for CS Services?

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Director Change

Director, the brain and essence of an organization when changed, is appointed in the General Meeting. As it is a complex procedure, relying upon professional experts is the prudent way to proceed. Read More

Annual Compliance

Filing audited annual accounts and annual return with the registrar of the company are the most consequential requirements of Annual Compliance as it unveils the financial status of the company. Read More

Shareholding Change

There are various methods to increase the capital of the company. When the funds are being raised in order to increase the capital, the pattern of shareholding changes. By properly complying with the provisions of the law, an individual can easily transfer, transmit and buy back the shares of the company. Read More

Minutes and Register Maintenance

Every company which is incorporated under the companies act 2013 has to maintain minutes and registers under the act and rules made thereunder. All the records and register should be kept at the registered office of the company. Read More

Secretarial Audit

Secretarial Audit involves checking compliances made by the company under corporate law with the purpose to point out errors and to make a strong and powerful mechanism system in an organization. Read More

Name and Object Change

The procedure followed in the change of ‘Name’ and ‘Object’ clause of the company under Companies Act, 2013 involves changes in the Memorandum of Association. The process includes complexities as many alterations are needed to be done in the Memorandum as per the specific clause. Read More

Due Diligence

Dual diligence implies scrutinizing the aspects of the past, present, and foreseeable future of the business of a target company. It’s a significant step to be performed as it confirms that the business is exactly as it seems and appears to be Read More

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