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Right in Trademark arises with its first use however, registration of the mark under Trademark Act is a proof of prima-facie ownership in the name of the applicant. We file the Trademark Registration in India within 24 hours at a very nominal professional fee of Rs. 2,000 /-. However, the Government fee is Rs. 4,500/- for an ordinary application. The service tax @ 15% comes out to be Rs. 300, thus total is 6800/-

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Trademark Registration

A trademark is a unique mark or sign that is used to represent a business trading in goods or services. It is used to distinctively identify a business from another and build its credibility among consumers. If one does not register brand name, logo or trademark then he/she can not stop an imitator from confusing the public by using same or similarly deceptive name or mark that results in financial and economic loss of a business in long term. Setindiabiz has a dedicated team of trademark registration specialists that helps in providing trademark registration, Logo registration and Brand Name registration services nationally and internationally as well.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Registration of trademark confers exclusive right on the owner
It gives a unique identity to the brand, product or the business name
Trademark is considered as an intangible right, Value of which is shown as asset in A/C
Confers right to institute an Infringement Action suit against illegal use
Can Affix R smbol over the trademark, which act as deterrent to other from copying it

Process of Trademark Registration

Check if the mark is capable to be registered under the trademark law
Determine appropriate class in which the trademark is to be registered
Conduct a search in the database of TM office for same or similar trademark
Fill the trademark Questionnaire and Authorize our attorney to file application
Our trademark attorney shall file the trademark application with finalised specification

Documentation for TM Registration

Trademark Questionnaire to be filled with complete details
Trademark Authorisation Form to be signed and notarised on Rs. 100 non judicial stamp paper
Soft Copy of Logo or Device Mark in JPEG Format (Less than 2 mb)
In case of partnership firm being applicant, furnish details of all partners
In case the applicant is a society or trust then furnish details of all office bearers

Process of Trademark Registration

trademark search

1 -Trademark Search

Trade Mark register is open for public to inspect, nowadays it is available online at . As the trademark registration can be done in several classes it is advisable to do a thorough search in all possible classes, we strongly recommend an attorney report for trademark search. Out trademark attorney report is priced at Rs. 3500/- per mark

documentation for tm filing

2. Documentation for TM Filing

The TM application can be filed with our assistance, However we shall need a written authorization in prescribed format (Form – TM-M) this document is in the nature of power of attorney hence it should be printed on Rs. 100 non judicial stamp paper and should also be notarized.

filing of tm Application

3. Filing of TM Application

Once the TM-M and all other requisite information is obtained in terms of our order form we shall file the trademark application with the registrar of trademark along with the government filing fee is Rs. 4500/- in case of the applicant is an individual / Startup / Enterprise. However in all other case it is Rs. 9000/- for each application on per class basis. The process normally takes around 24 Hours at our Desk.

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Advantage of Trademark Rgistration | Brand Name Registration | Logo Registration

legal protection

Legal Protection

Registration of trademark confers exclusive right on the owner of the Trademark to use it exclusively or to allow some other person to use the same at a price. For any unauthorized use of trademark infringement proceeding may be initiated against the wrong doer.

unique identity

Unique Identity

Trademark gives a unique identity to the brand, product or the business name. After it gets registered the competitors can not copy or use your brand or logo. The uniqueness must be claimed at the earliest and before any one else does it

creation of an asset

Creation of An Asset

Trademark is considered as an intellectual property rights which is in the nature of an asset having pecuniary value. It can be sold or licensed for further generation of funds. By registering a trademark thus the owner creates an asset having value

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What is a trademark?

In common language trademark is the identity of the business. General public and people in connection with the trade identifies with trade mark the origin of the goods and services. It could be name, logo, symbols, device or a combination of them.

What are the different types of trademark?
Why we should file for trademark registration?
Who can file Trademark application?
What is the validity period of trade mark application?
Can a trade mark be transferred to any other person?
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