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Simplify your Company Registration process in the cultural and industrial hub of Chennai. Our comprehensive services cover DIN, DSC, Name Approval, MOA, AOA, and the Company Registration Certificate, complemented by PAN and TAN to ensure tax compliance.

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Company Registration in Chennai

When it comes to registering a Private Limited Company, Chennai stands out as an ideal location for the purpose, thanks to its conducive business environment, robust infrastructure, availability of skilled and economical workforce, and other strategic advantages that make it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs.The city serves as a major industrial and commercial hub, housing diverse sectors such as manufacturing, information technology, automotive, healthcare, FMCG and much more. This concentration of industries provides expansive supply networks, fosters cross-industry collaborations, and helps develop potential long term partnerships.
Chennai’s strategic location is another factor that makes it an advantageous choice. Situated on the east coast of India, Chennai enjoys excellent connectivity through air, road, and rail networks. The presence of the second-largest seaport in the country here, further enhances its accessibility to international trade markets, providing companies registered in Chennai with significant advantages in terms of logistics, supply chain management, and reaching a wider customer base.

Cost of Company Registration in Chennai

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Available Add Ons

INC-20A Filing

Business Commencement Declaration

GST Registration

Online Filing for GST Registration

MSME Registration

Udyam Registration Under MSME Act

Startup India Recognition

DPIIT Recognition

Company Annual Filing

  • DIN KYC for Two Director
  • Two Director ITR
  • Company ITR Filing
  • ADT-1 ROC Return
  • AOC-4 ROC Return
  • MGT-7 ROC Return

Eligibility of Setting Up a Company in Chennai

The MCA prescribes certain eligibility conditions for starting a Private Limited Company in Chennai. These conditions must be fulfilled before the process of incorporation actually begins. To be precise, these deal with the minimum number of promoters a Company based in Chennai can have, and the guidelines prescribed for choosing its name and registered office.
A robust and dynamic city like Chennai makes fulfilling all these conditions unbelievably easy for entrepreneurs and business owners. However, if you face any challenges our local presence and extensive networking across the city can help you navigate through quickly. You can directly approach our company registration office in Chennai for personalized assistance.
Here are the minimum requirements for Company Registration in Chennai:

Documents Required for Company Registration in Chennai

Documentation is the most important aspect of Company Registration in Chennai. The MCA prescribes a list of supporting documents to be uploaded with the Company Registration Application in their digital formats. These include the documents of promoters, registered office, and legal drafts like MOA and AOA.
As your company registration consultant in Chennai, we take care of the entire documentation process, beginning from their collection, updation, preparation of legal drafts, to their final attachment with the company registration application. Here is the complete list of the documents we assist you with:
Documents of the Promoters
  1. Colour Photo
  2. PAN Card
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. Latest Address Proof
Documents of the Registered Office Address
  1. Utility Bills as Address Proofs
  2. NOC from the premises owner
Legal Drafts
  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Articles of Association


The Address Proof Should not be older than Two Months.

Process of Company Registration in Chennai

Company Registration in Chennai can be completed in a series of steps.The process starts with collecting and preparing all the documents and ends with the issuance of Company Registration Certificate. As your Company Registration service provider in Chennai, we assist you in completing every step of the process seamlessly and effortlessly.

These are the following steps to register a company:

STEP 1 – Acquire DSC & DIN

Digital Signatures are required to attest the online company registration application and documents.So, all promoters need to acquire their DSCs. Additionally, all directors must have their DIN allotted by the MCA.

STEP 2 – Reserve Company Name

The company’s name must be chosen with utmost care. It must be unique and not similar to existing companies, LLPs and trademarks. Once the name is chosen, get it approved and reserved by the ROC.

STEP 3 – Draft MOA & AOA

MOA and AOA are known as a company’s constitutional documents containing its legal information and internal rules. They need to be drafted, stamped, notarized and signed by all shareholders before registration.

STEP 4 – File Application for Company Registration

After fulfilling the above requirements, you can proceed with the company registration application in the SPICe Plus Form. The documents with this form need to be uploaded and attested digitally.

STEP 5 – Receive Certificate of Incorporation

After the application is submitted, it is examined by the ROC and verified for accuracy. If approved, the ROC registers the Company, and issues a Certificate of Registration.

STEP 6 – Get Company PAN & TAN

As soon as the company gets incorporated, it receives its PAN and TAN. These identity documents are used for compliance with the Income Tax and TDS laws.

STEP 7 – Open bank account & get local registrations

A current account in the company’s name must be opened to carry out business transactions. Additionally, obtaining local and activity-based registrations is necessary to comply with state-specific laws.

Local Registrations for Registered Companies in Chennai

Company Registration in Chennai must be followed by obtaining certain local registrations required to operate legally in the state of Tamil Nadu. Some of these registrations may be mandatory, while others may be based on the nature of business activity. There are certain registrations which require exceeding a threshold limit to become applicable.
At Setindiabiz, our goal is not just the successful incorporation of your company, but also ensuring its compliance with applicable laws. So, after assisting you in the company registration process, we help you obtain the local registrations and licenses as well. Here is a complete list of what we provide post-incorporation:

Shops and Establishment Registration: Every Private Limited Company registered in Chennai must get registered under the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishment Act within 30 days from the date of incorporation. This registration enables the government to monitor working conditions of employees in these companies.

Professional Tax Registration: Similar to the Shops & Establishment Registration, Professional Tax Registration is mandatory for companies registered in Chennai. It allows these companies to pay their professional taxes to the government and deduct professional taxes of their employees as TDS. This registration should be obtained within 30 days from the date of incorporation as well.

Activity-based Registrations: In addition to the above mandatory registrations, there are certain registrations which have to be obtained only by companies engaged in particular business activities. Here's a complete list of such registrations:

  • GST Registration: Mandatory for companies engaged in the supply of goods or services eligible for GST payment.
  • Trade License: Granted by the local municipal office to establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and salons.
  • Import Export Code: Required for companies involved in import and export activities.
  • FSSAI Registration / License: Mandatory for food business operators to ensure compliance with food safety standards.
  • ISO Certification: Required for companies aiming to maintain and demonstrate quality management for certain products.
  • Drug License: Required for companies dealing in pharmaceutical products.
  • PSARA License: Mandatory for companies operating as private security agencies.

Ease of Doing Business in Chennai

Chennai, the bustling capital city of Tamil Nadu, has gained a well-deserved reputation for providing an exceptional ease of doing business to entrepreneurs and company owners. With its extremely business-friendly policies, proactive government support, and streamlined digitized processes, Chennai offers a highly conducive environment for private limited companies to establish, thrive and succeed. Here are a few factors which contribute towards enhancing the Ease of Doing Business in Chennai.
At Setindiabiz, we are well-aware of the excellent ease of doing business Chennai offers to young entrepreneurs and Startup owners. So, our Company Registration Office in Chennai is dedicated towards providing a seamless experience of Company formation and incorporation to you. Our goal is to leverage the most out of Chennai’s business friendly policies and conducive environment for setting up a Private Limited Company. Our team of experienced professionals is very well-versed with the local business landscape and all regulatory requirements to assist you not just in incorporating your company but also in maintaining its compliance.
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Ramesh Sinha
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Impressive experience registering my company with Setindiabiz. Their promptness and respect for deadlines stood out, making the process seamless. Kudos!
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Manish Kumar Kashyap
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Used Setindiabiz for company registration. Not only was the process efficient, but their cost-effective approach truly shines. Highly recommended.
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James Wang
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The discipline of Setindiabiz's staff during our company registration was noteworthy. They kept everything organized and streamlined. Great job!
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Setindiabiz's team demonstrated exceptional knowledge during our company registration. Their insights made the process smooth and worry-free. Thumbs up!

FAQs on Company Registration in Chennai

Private limited companies in Chennai are subject to corporate tax on their profits. Additionally, they need to comply with Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations if their annual turnover exceeds the specified threshold of Rs.40 Lakhs.
No minimum or maximum capital is required for Private Limited Company registration in Chennai. However, depositing an adequate amount of capital is recommended to smoothly conduct business operations.
The documents required for company registration in Chennai include PAN, identity and address proof of promoters, proof of registered office address, Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association (AoA), NOC from the owner of office property, and duly filled application form for company registration.
The process involves obtaining Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for all promoters and DIN for all directors, selecting and reserving a valid company name, drafting and filing the incorporation documents, submitting SPICE Plus form, and finally obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation. The entire process takes around 10-15 working days, but can take longer if the application is not filed correctly, documents submitted are inadequate or the ROC office has tremendous workload and is unable to process the application right away.
Yes, foreign nationals are allowed to register a private limited company in Chennai. However, they must have an Indian address and comply with necessary Visa and FDI regulations.
Yes, a registered office address in Chennai is mandatory for company registration. It can be a commercial or residential space, but has to be fully constructed and completely lockable. A relevant proof of address of this office space needs to be provided during the registration process.
Immediately after registration, private limited companies in Chennai have to get their PAN, TAN, and open a Current Account. Also, they need to comply with other requirements set forth by the MCA and the State Government/local administration. This involves obtaining various applicable tax and local registrations like GST Registration, Shops Act Registration, Professional Tax Registration and so on.
Yes, it is possible to change the registered office address of a company in Chennai after registration, provided the new address is also located in Chennai itself. The process involves filing the prescribed form to the ROC and obtaining necessary approvals.
Private limited companies in Chennai are subject to corporate tax on their profits. Additionally, they need to comply with Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations if their annual turnover exceeds the specified threshold of Rs.40 Lakhs.

Apply for Professional Tax Registration

The Professional Tax is mandatory for every company, LLP, GST-registered business, and other applicable professionals. Registration must be obtained within 30 days of incorporation or registration date. Comply now to Avoid Penalty.

Professional Tax Applicable States

Free consultation and calculator of dues, interest & penalty, if any.

Shops & Establishment Act Registration

(Mandatory to all commercial establishments in every state)
All new establishments must register with the office of the Labour Commissioner (Under the applicable state Shops & Establishment Act) within 30 days of their incorporation for companies or LLPs or the start of business for proprietorships or other businesses.
Free consultation and help to calculate dues, interest & penalty, if any.

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