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Our independent experts will assist you in drafting documents, filing online applications, responding to queries, and tracking the application until your GST registration is complete.
We help you file for MSME Registration with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises so that you can avail of several incentives, benefits, and concessions as a registered MSME.
Being recognised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) offers several benefits, such as three years of tax holidays and concessional IPR Filing.
Under the Startup India Scheme, startups can apply for tax exemption for three years within ten years of their establishment. We help startups obtain tax exemption under section 80IAC.
The Make in India scheme was launched by the Indian government to promote entrepreneurship, boost foreign investment, and increase the share of manufacturing in India’s GDP.
The start-ups can receive investment from the Startup India Fund of Funds and angel investors. We offer guidance on regulatory approvals, startup valuation, and share allotment filings.



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Ramesh Sinha<br><span class="cat-title">Founder Incointru Capital</span>
Ramesh Sinha
Founder Incointru Capital
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Impressive experience registering my company with Setindiabiz. Their promptness and respect for deadlines stood out, making the process seamless. Kudos!
Manish Kumar Kashyap<br><span class="cat-title">MD, Nandanvan Investments Ltd</span>
Manish Kumar Kashyap
MD, Nandanvan Investments Ltd
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Used Setindiabiz for company registration. Not only was the process efficient, but their cost-effective approach truly shines. Highly recommended.
James Wang<br><span class="cat-title">CFO Sinoea Engineering (China)</span>
James Wang
CFO Sinoea Engineering (China)
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The discipline of Setindiabiz's staff during our company registration was noteworthy. They kept everything organized and streamlined. Great job!
Pradeep Vallat<br><span class="cat-title">Founder "Autonomo"</span>
Pradeep Vallat
Founder "Autonomo"
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Setindiabiz's team demonstrated exceptional knowledge during our company registration. Their insights made the process smooth and worry-free. Thumbs up!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I incorporate my business in India?

Incorporating your business in India is essential for any serious entrepreneur, offering a foundation for growth, credibility, and financial security. It legally separates your personal assets from the company’s liabilities, protecting them from any business-related debts or claims. Benefits of an incorporated entity like a Private Limited Company or LLP include easier access to capital, as investors and banks prefer engaging with registered companies. Additionally, the business enjoys perpetual existence, unaffected by changes in ownership or management, and may qualify for tax benefits such as deductions and exemptions, offering financial advantages over unregistered businesses.

2. How can I verify my company's registration status?

To verify the registration status of your company, you can follow these steps:
  • Check with the Registrar of Companies (RoC): In India, every company is registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). You can visit the official MCA website.
  • MCA21 Portal: Access the MCA21 portal on the MCA website. This portal provides services to companies and the public for accessing information.
  • Company Master Data: Look for the ‘MCA Services’ tab and select ‘View Company/LLP Master Data’. You will need to enter the name of your company and its registration number.
  • CIN/LLPIN: If you have the Corporate Identity Number (CIN) or LLP Identification Number (LLPIN), you can directly input this information to get details about your company.
  • View Status: After entering the required details, you can view the status of your company, which includes information such as the date of incorporation, active status, company type, address, directors, and other relevant details.
  • Document Verification: You can also download official documents related to your company from the MCA portal, which may include the Certificate of Incorporation, to further confirm the registration status.
If you encounter any difficulties or if the information is not available online, you may contact the respective RoC office where your company is registered or seek assistance from us.

3. What are the different business structures in India?

In India, entrepreneurs have options like Private Limited Company, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), Partnership Firm, and Sole Proprietorship for their business structure. Each type has its own set of pros and cons, such as varying degrees of liability protection, scalability, and operational flexibility. SetIndiabiz provides detailed guidance to help you choose the most appropriate structure for your business, considering factors like your objectives, liability tolerance, and growth potential. This tailored advice can be crucial in aligning your business structure with your long-term goals. read more

4. What is the difference between a Pvt Ltd Company and an LLP?

A Private Limited Company is a separate legal entity with limited liability for shareholders and a structured management system. On the other hand, an LLP combines limited liability with operational flexibility. SetIndiabiz can help you understand these differences and decide which one aligns with your business vision. Learn More.

5. How can SetIndiabiz assist in setting up a business in India?

SetIndiabiz provides end-to-end assistance, ranging from document preparation to registration, and streamlines complex documentation, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. Read More

6. Can SetIndiabiz help me with the taxation service?

Yes, SetIndiabiz can definitely help you with taxation services. We offer a wide range of services related to taxation, including GST registration, GST return filing, income tax filing, TDS return filing and much more.

7. What support does SetIndiabiz offer for fundraising?

We offer guidance on fundraising options tailored to your business structure and comprehensive compliance management services to ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

8. How can I convert my business structure to any other type?

SetIndiaBiz assists in conversions between business structures. We facilitate a seamless transition if you want to switch to an LLP, Private Limited Company, or another form.

9. Does SetIndiabiz offer post-registration support for startups?

We offer comprehensive support to startups, including accounting, payroll, tax filing, and annual compliance, to ensure smooth business operations.

10. How do I get started with SetIndiabiz's services?

You can schedule a free consultation with SetIndiabiz to assess your business goals and identify the most suitable structure and services for your startup.

Apply for Professional Tax Registration

The Professional Tax is mandatory for every company, LLP, GST-registered business, and other applicable professionals. Registration must be obtained within 30 days of incorporation or registration date. Comply now to Avoid Penalty.

Professional Tax Applicable States

Free consultation and calculator of dues, interest & penalty, if any.

Shops & Establishment Act Registration

(Mandatory to all commercial establishments in every state)
All new establishments must register with the office of the Labour Commissioner (Under the applicable state Shops & Establishment Act) within 30 days of their incorporation for companies or LLPs or the start of business for proprietorships or other businesses.
Free consultation and help to calculate dues, interest & penalty, if any.

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