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Owned by a single person, a better option than a proprietorship firms.

₹ 6,499/-

₹ 13,000/-

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Pvt Ltd

The most common form of business among startups and tech companies in india.

₹ 7,999/-

₹ 18,000/-

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Ideal for professional service providers. features of LLP is a mixture of partnership & company.

₹ 6,999/-

₹ 14,000/-

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Not Applicable in the State of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh & Kerala.
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How To Start a Business?

In the recent past, India has witnessed a rapid growth in entrepreneurial ventures, with several unicorns originating in India and dominating the world. Our purpose here is to provide end-to-end legal assistance to such ventures, so that they can commence their business with utmost ease and effortlessness. For this, we have a robust team of legal and professional experts which analyses the requirements of your business right from its inception, and guides you through all its stages of operations.
Our process here begins with selecting the best suited form of business for your startup, based on a number of factors like its ownership, capital, goals and objectives. If need be, we also help you incorporate your startup with the appropriate authority in the manner prescribed under law. Our services extend to post-incorporation compliances as well, to ensure that your startup is well protected against consequences of non-compliance in its initial stages.
Hence to start your business, all you need to do is contact us, subscribe to our wholesome packages, provide us the details and documents that we ask for, and wait for the timely delivery of our services to you. If you’re still doubtful, do not hesitate in sharing your queries with our consultants, at extremely marginal fee.

For-Profit Business Types

Sole Proprietor
It is for small businesses with a low budget, like small shops may open their store as a proprietorship concern. It’s a one-person show where all profits and loss goes to the proprietor alone. Proprietorship business cannot be registered as such. However, all other registration may apply.
An old form of business, traditionally it’s not widespread and relevant. You can start a partnership firm by just signing a partnership deed. Even its registration is not mandatory, however, is necessary as an unregistered firm can not recover beyond Rs. 100 from its debtors.
An LLP is an advancement over the traditional partnership firms, with some characteristic features of a company such as the limited liability. The process of incorporation of the LLP is complicated & at the same time, it lacks the potential to grow & is not preferred for funding.
Now you can form a company with just one person as a shareholder and director. You need another person to become your nominee. However, an OPC needs to convert as a private/public company in case its capital crosses 50 Lacs, and the turnover exceeds 2 Crores.
A Private Limited Company is the most preferred form of business for Startup India, It is easy to incorporate and manage. Angel investors and any other long-term investors insist on a Company making the investment. Further options for issuing ESOP are available in a company
Public Limited Company
Seven or more persons are needed as promoters of a public limited company, out of which at least three persons should be the first directors of the company. There is no maximum limit on the number of shareholders of a public limited company.