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Trademark Renewal in India

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Trademark Renewal in India

The trademarks are the most valuable IPR that can be owned for the indefinite time provided the Renewal of Trademark is done on time. The validity of trademark registration is ten years from the date of making the application, that can be further renewed for 10 Years for any number of times. For its renewal, please take early steps.

Documentation & Timeline for Online Renewal of Trademark in India

The validity of Trademark
The registration of the Trademark is valid for ten years from the date of making the first application, and the same can be renewed for any times for a term of another ten years.
Timeline to Renew The Trademark
The renewal application in TM-R with the standard trademark renewal fee in India of Rs 10,000/- can be filed starting one year before the expiry and until the registration has not expired. Once the trademark registration gets expired, you get another six months of grace period to renew the trademark registration with an additional fee of Rs 5000/-
Documents Required
For renewal of trademark, there is no need to submit any specific document. However, if there is a change in attorney them TM-48 (Power of Attorney) in the name of our attorney are required.

Order Trademark Registration Renewal

Government Fee (Form TM-R):₹ 9,000/-

Professional Fee:₹ 2,499/-

GST@18%: ₹ 450/-

Total Renewal Fee: ₹ 11,949/-

Package Does Not Include:

  • Trademark Attorney Change Fee

  • Late Fee of Renewal

  • Trademark Restoration Charges

  • Please seek personalised quote if ™ Expired.

All Inclusive Fee | No Hidden Charges
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Process of Trademark Renewal in India

The trademark renewal is an online process that your attorney can complete within one day. The process is time-bound and quite technical, an early initiative on your part to renew the trademark would ensure smooth and cost-effective renewal of the trademark. The timeline to renew the trademark opens one year prior to the expiry of the trademark registration. You should ensure to file Form TM-R with a prescribed trademark renewal fee of Rs 10,000 within the due date of renewal of the trademark. We are available to assist you in renewing the trademark registration with ease and at the reasonable professional fee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The trademark renewal is a process of revalidation of the trademark registration in India. The registration of trademark remains valid only for a term of ten years since the date on which the application for the registration of the trademark was initially filed. After the renewal of the trademark, the validity of the registration of the trademark gets extended for another period of ten years.
The registration of a trademark is a long process involving multiple stages; however, the trademark renewal is relatively more straightforward work if the application for renewal of the brand is filed within its due date of renewal. In case the due date of trademark renewal is missed then the simple process becomes a very complex exercise.
The trademark renewal is due immediately after the tenth year of the registration begins for the registered trademark and ends on the last date of validity of the registration. For example, if the trademark registration is valid until 31st December 2021, then the renewal due date starts on 1st January 2020 and ends on 31st December 2021.
After the expiry of the validity of the trademark, the same can still be renewed with an additional fee of Rs 5000 within six months of the grace period. However, after the expiry of a term of six-month post expiry of the trademark registration, the registrar of trademarks shall cancel the registration. The revocation of the cancelled registration can be made within one year from the expiry date of the registration.
Suppose you fail to renew the trademark registration within its due date or the extended grace period of six months from the expiry of validity. In that case, the registrar of the trademark shall cancel the registration of your trademark in India.
Due to default of non-renewal of the trademark the registrar of a trademark shall cancel the registration of the trademark. Ther cancellation is done immediately after six months from the expiry of the validity of the trademark. In case no one has acquired the cancelled trademark, then you get some time to seek revocation of the trademark registration. However, if you do not get the cancellation revoked, then The cancelled trademark shall become available for any person to use and file a new application. If you wish to reacquire the cancelled trademark, you need to make a new trademark application and follow all the same process of trademark registration.
The registration of the trademark can be renewed by filing the prescribed form (TM-R) and on payment of the trademark renewal fee to the registrar of trademarks. We process orders of the trademark registration within the same day if there is no need to change the attorney. However, if you have missed the due date, then the process is a little different.
For filing trademark renewal the government fee is Rs 10,000/- if the application to renew trademark is filed within its due date. In case you miss the due date the renewal can still be done with an additional fee of Rs 5000 within six months of the expiry of the trademark registration.