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HSN Codes for Goods & Service Tax

The harmonised system of nomenclature is referred to as "HSN" in the ordinary course of trade, earlier it was necessary for excise taxpayers to quote the HSN Code in their invoices. However, the GST system has also adopted the same. For the goods, the code is known as HSN and for services, it is known as SAC code. In GST system after the invoice details are uploaded the system will automatically apply the tax rate based on the HSN code entered against the goods. Hence it is essential that correct code is mentioned


World Customs Organisation, which developed the HSN coding have 181 members, hence with GST, Indian business will also adopt the same coding as most of the developed or developing nations do. In the HSN System, there are 21 broad sections divided into 99 Chapters containing 1,244 headings and 5224 subheadings. It is understood that the HSN system is arranged in order of technological complexity of goods. For instance, the natural products such as vegetables, animals or their products find mention in initial chapters whereas technically advanced products appear in later sections

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