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Trademark Registration in Delhi - Overview

Want to protect your brand’s identity and build brand recognition in the market? Choose Delhi as an ideal destination for Trademark Registration and wait for the outcomes to unfold in your favour! Delhi houses a number of successful brands, known for their popular and unique trademarks worldwide. These trademarks are well-protected under Delhi’s favourable Intellectual Property Laws which are probably the most stringent in the country. Their goal is to ensure absolutely no instances of identity theft, plagiarism, or misuse of your brand by unauthorised parties.
Furthermore, Delhi houses the Central Intellectual Property Office, which is responsible for trademark registrations in India. The presence of this centralised office in the city further streamlines and quickens the trademark registration process for applicants. Also, its proximity to other government offices, judiciary, and legal institutions ensure that trademark applications filed in Delhi receive prompt attention and quick resolution of disputes arising during the trademark registration process. We, at Setindiabiz, are aware of the multiple advantages Delhi offers to Trademark Registration seekers, so we provide complete legal assistance and expert consultation for Trademark Filing in Delhi. Our team ensures a seamless trademark registration experience for businesses and helps them navigate the complexities of intellectual property rights in Delhi quite effectively.
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Requirements for Trademark Registration in Delhi

When considering a trademark for registration in Delhi, it is crucial to pay attention to its various features and nature like its uniqueness, originality, and the ability to communicate the associated brand effectively. These features ultimately help determine the eligibility of the trademark for registration and establish its compliance with the relevant trademark laws.
Here are the key points to consider:

Distinctiveness: The chosen trademark should be distinct enough to set it apart from other marks in the market, especially those used in the same or allied industry. It should be capable of identifying the goods or services associated with your business uniquely.

Descriptiveness: Avoid using generic or descriptive terms as trademarks. Such marks may face difficulties during the registration process. Instead, opt for suggestive, arbitrary, or fanciful marks that are inherently distinctive.

Non-Offensive: Ensure that the trademark does not contain offensive or immoral elements. Marks that are likely to hurt religious or cultural sentiments may be rejected during the registration process.

Non-Misleading: The trademark should not mislead consumers about the nature, quality, or origin of the goods or services it is used or intended to be used for. It should accurately represent your business and the products or services it offers.

Availability: Conduct a comprehensive trademark search to ensure that the proposed trademark is not already registered or being used by others. It is crucial to avoid infringing upon existing trademark owners rights to prevent potential legal disputes.

Avoid generic terms: Avoid using generic terms or common words as trademarks. Generic terms cannot be registered as trademarks, as they refer to the common name of the goods or services themselves.

Protectability: Choose a trademark that is capable of being protected under intellectual property laws. It should not be a generic term, a common symbol, or something that lacks distinctiveness.

Professional Assistance: Consider seeking professional guidance from trademark attorneys or experienced consultants like Setindiabiz who can assist you in ensuring compliance with all the trademark registration requirements.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Delhi

Proper documentation is essential to complete the Trademark Registration process in Delhi, as it provides evidence to the claims of ownership an applicant makes in a trademark application. The submission of prescribed documents with Trademark Application ensures compliance with the Trademark laws and enhances the chances of your trademark getting approved.
Here is a complete list of documents required for Trademark Application:
S.No. List of Documents for Trademark Registration in Delhi
Trademark Application Form, TM-A, duly filled and signed by the applicant
Image of the Trademark, if graphically represented
Power of Attorney, if applicable
lf the applicant is an authorized representative, the Letter of Authorization


The image of the trademark, if submitted, must be in .JPG Format only.

Stepwise Process of Trademark Registration in Delhi

The Trademark Registration process in Delhi is legally intricate and requires a series of steps to be completed. From assessing the eligibility and availability of a Trademark for registration, to filing a complete Trademark Application with supporting documents, each step ensures compliance with the Trademark laws applicable in Delhi. Moreover, to further ensure the convenience of the applicants, the steps have been transformed into completely online, and can be performed on the official IP India website.
Here are the steps for Trademark Registration in Delhi:

STEP 1 – Trademark Classification & Trademark Search

Trademarks, representing a particular brand, can be used for the products / services specific to that brand only. So, before filing a Trademark Application, it is essential to classify the products or services of your brand using the International Nice Classification System. Also, to get registered, a trademark must be absolutely unique and distinct. The uniqueness of a proposed trademark can be assessed by conducting a comprehensive search of existing trademarks and seeing whether the proposed mark matches with any of them.

STEP 2 – Filing the Trademark Application

The next step is to file an online application for Trademark Registration using form TM-A which is available on the official IP India website. The application must be completed with the updated information of the applicant, the trademark owner, the proposed trademark, and its classification details. Supporting documents like the graphical representation of the mark, a Power of Attorney, a Letter of Authorization, if applicable, will have to be submitted with the form. After paying the registration fee, the form can finally be submitted on the IP India website.

STEP 3 -Trademark Examination & Objection

The submitted trademark application undergoes examination by the trademark registry office for validity, availability, and suitability. Based on this examination, a detailed examination report is prepared, where the examiner either accepts the mark or raises objections over it. The objections must be clarified within a month with an appropriate reply to the department. If it continues to be unresolved even after the filing of a reply, the department might call a show cause hearing to resolve it.

STEP 4 – Publication in the Trademark Journal & Third Party Opposition

Once the Department has cleared the Trademark from its end, it is published in the Trademark Journal for public inspection. The duration of this publication is 4 months and within this time any third-party can oppose the trademark application on valid grounds backed by documentary evidence. To resolve the third-party opposition, the applicant may file a written response or attend the show cause hearing called by the Department.

STEP 5 – Granting of Trademark Registration Certificate

If there are no oppositions or the oppositions have been successfully resolved, the trademark registry will register your trademark and issue a Trademark Registration Certificate in your name as conclusive evidence. The Certificate will be valid for 10 years from the application date and can be renewed indefinitely for 10 year periods at a time. You can consult a Trademark Attorney or Consultant such as Setindiabiz for end to end assistance in Trademark Registration and Trademark Renewal.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Delhi

Delhi, India’s bustling capital city, is crowded by big and small businesses seeking trademark registration of their brand names and other distinct elements like logos, product labels, etc, to build a strong and distinct reputation across national and international markets. Besides the seamless experience of trademark registration, the city offers multitude of other benefits to registered trademark owners and users, which makes it an ideal destination for Trademark Registration in India.
Here are some of the key benefits of Trademark Registration in Delhi:
At Setindiabiz, we understand the immense value and potential of trademark registration in Delhi for your brand. We are committed to assisting you in leveraging these benefits with ease and expertise. Our team of IPR professionals in the city is well-versed in the intricacies of the process and is here to guide you at every step. By availing our trademark registration services, you can confidently protect your brand, gain a competitive edge in the market, and unlock a world of opportunities for your business.
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Amrit Verma
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Rajan Dadwal
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Setindiabiz exceeded our expectations with their Trademark Registration services. As a startup, we were quite unsure of the process for Trademark Registration in Delhi, but their team provided us with clear guidance and support.
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Bablu saini
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We are extremely grateful to the Trademark Registration team of Setindiabiz which single-handedly made the process of Trademark Registration a breeze of air for us!

Frequently Asked Questions

A trademark registration in Delhi is initially valid for ten years from the date of application. After the initial period, it can be renewed indefinitely for consecutive ten-year terms as long as the renewal fees are paid on time.
Online trademark registration in Delhi refers to the process of registering a trademark through the online portal provided by the Intellectual Property India (IPI) office. It involves submitting the required documents and fees electronically and monitoring the progress of the application online.
To register a trademark in Delhi, you need to follow these steps: conduct a trademark search to ensure the trademark’s availability, prepare the necessary documents, file an application online or offline with the IPI office, pay the required fees, and monitor the application’s progress until registration is granted.
There are several reputable trademark registration companies in Delhi offering their services. It is recommended to choose a company that has a proven track record, experienced professionals, positive client reviews, and a comprehensive understanding of trademark laws and procedures. We, at Setindiabiz, have all these requirements covered and provide end to end legal services with 24*7 free consultation on Trademark Registration in Delhi.
Trademark registration companies in Delhi typically offer services such as trademark search, application filing, document preparation, consultation and advice on trademark matters, monitoring of trademark applications, and assistance in handling trademark oppositions or infringements.
While it is possible to register a trademark yourself, seeking professional assistance is highly recommended. Trademark registration involves complex legal procedures and adherence to specific requirements. Professional assistance ensures that your application is properly prepared, increasing the chances of successful registration.
The trademark registration process in Delhi typically takes around 12-18 months, depending on various factors such as the backlog of applications in the Trademark Registry Office and the amount of objections or oppositions received during the trademark registration process.
A trademark registration in Delhi is initially valid for ten years from the date of application. After the initial period, it can be renewed indefinitely for consecutive ten-year terms as long as the renewal fees are paid on time.

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