How To Check & Download GST Return Filing Status?

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • June 19, 2024
How To Check & Download GST Return Filing Status?

Checking GST Return Filing Status helps a taxpayer understand at which stage his GST Return is being processed by the Department. Also, it serves as an evidence of compliance and helps the taxpayer take prompt action against any hindrance encountered. The process of checking GST Returns can be completed on the GST website, using a few details of the original returns filed by the taxpayer.

Among the details required for GST Return Filing are the relevant financial year, the return filing period and the return type. These details help fetch the exact return whose status needs to be checked. If any of these details are missing, the GST Return status check process will not be successful. For any assistance, contact our experts!

Eligibility to Check GST Return E-Filing Status?

Only a GST-registered taxpayer or his authorised representative can check the status of GST return. A GST-registered taxpayer is one who has enrolled his business under the GST Scheme, either regular or composition. For a Sole Proprietorship, this person is the Proprietor. For partnership businesses like firms or LLP, it is anyone of the managing partners. For companies, it is either an authorised director or key managerial person (KMP). If any of these registered GST taxpayers are incompetent to do so, they can designate the task to any authority authorized by them. All they have to do is share the login credentials with the representative, and other requisites that we’ll discuss ahead.

Prerequisites to Check GST Return Filing Status

To check GST Return Status, you must file the GST Return in the first place. Once the return is filed, you will receive an Application Reference Number or ARN using which, you can track the status of GST Return on the GST website itself. Besides, other details that you must keep in handy include, the return filing period and the relevant financial year. Since the status is tracked after signing into the GST website, account details like User ID and password will be necessary as well. So to sum up, here are the important prerequisites for checking GST return filing status:
  1. GST Login ID 
  2. GST Login Password 
  3. ARN-generated after GST return submission 
  4. Return filing period and Financial Year

How to Check GST Return Filing Status?

Tracking the GST Return Filing Status is an extremely simple process. Once you have all the prerequisites discussed above, you can begin the process on the GST website. Follow these steps:
  • Go to the GST Website
  • Sign in with Username and Password 
  • On the Home Page, go to the Services Tab, then to the “Return” option, followed by “Track Return Status”. 
  • The Track Return Page will open. Here, you can check the status of the filed return via three options: ARN, Return Filing Period, and Status of the Filed Return

Check GST Return Status with ARN

Enter the Application Reference Number or ARN on the Track Return Status Page. ARN number is generated after the GST return gets successfully submitted. Begin the Search. Your Return Status will appear on the screen

Check GST Return Status with Return Filing Period

You can also opt for the Return Filing Period Option. Here you will have to fill out the period for which you’ve filed the concerned GST Return, the relevant month, quarter, or financial year.

Check GST Return Status with GST Filing Status

You can also check the Status of GST Return by specifying the status of its filing. The statuses are mentioned in the dropdown from which you can choose any one option and on its basis, conduct the GST Return Status search. These are the options the dropdown contains:
  1. Return due but yet to be filed 
  2. Return validated but yet to be filed 
  3. Return filed and validated 
  4. Return filed and invalidated 

How to Download GST Return Form After Checking GST Return Status?

A taxpayer can download a copy of his GST Returns filed on the GST portal. For doing so, he requires the financial year, return filing period, and return type. Once all the details are known, the steps below can be followed to generate a downloadable PDF file of the GST Return form:
  1. Visit the GST Portal @
  2. Sign in using login credentials. 
  3. Go to Services->Returns->View Filed returns option.
  4. A new page will appear. Here, enter the financial year, return filing period, and return type or form used for GST Return filing. 
  5. The search results will be declared immediately. At this stage, the taxpayer will be able to view and download the GST Return form as well. 

Details of GST Return Filing Status

The GST Return Status comprehensively displays at what stage of processing your GST Return is. The following details are displayed when GST Return Status Search is successfully completed.
  • Return Filing Form 
  • Financial Year 
  • Tax Period
  • ARN 
  • Date of Filing 
  • Status of Filing 
  • Mode of Filing

Checking the GST Return Filing Status is an easy, online process. However, its relevance cannot be understated. The process helps a taxpayer analyse how the Return is being processed by the Department and whether or not there are any roadblocks. For each roadblock identified, our experts help you take a corrective measure immediately. Our goal through the GST Status checking process is to ensure that your GST return is filed on time, and is acknowledged by the Department without any hassle.



Q1: Is it possible to check GST Return Status offline?

No, checking GST Return status is an online process. No offline alternative is available.

Q2: Can the ARN of a GST Return be verified while checking its status?

Yes, the ARN of a GST Return is crucial, verifiable information that can be seen while GST Returns status.

Q3: When can a Taxpayer check GST Return Status?

A taxpayer can check GST Return Status only after its filing has been acknowledged by the GST Department.

Q4: Does checking the GST Return status check require any fees?

No, GST Return status check is a free of cost facility.

Q5: Is it possible to download the GST Return form as a PDF File?

Yes, GST Return form can be downloaded as a PDF file under the View Return option on the GST Portal.
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