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Step Wise Process of Company Registration

Stepwise process of company registration can be summarised in the following briefly explained steps, for detailed understanding you are advised to contact startup specialists of
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Step 1

As the private limited company requires a minimum of two-person become director and shareholder, we will require the requisite documents and signature on the statutory forms. Our relationship manager helps you with the documentation. You may call on our customer care number for any helps.

Step 2 Digital Signature:

DSC is an encrypted form of signature issued by a certifying authority appointed under the Information Technology Act. To obtain a DSC we require a photograph, address proof, a PAN card apart from the signature on the forms. DSC of all the director is required

Step 3 Director Identification Number:

(DIN) is obtained for the person who wants to become director of the one-person company. The DIN application is an online process which is filed in electronic format with a digital signature of class 2.

Step 4 Preparation of Main Object & Name Availability Search:

Every company is formed with a specific object to be pursued after incorporation of the company. The name of the company should reflect the object for which the company is formed.
This is the most important aspect in process of incorporation of the company. Six names in order of preference should be submitted to ROC for approval. There is a specific guideline for name approval.

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Step 5 Filling of Forms for Incorporation:

Our team is highly experienced in statutory filling and liaising with the Registrar of the company.

Step 6 Issuance of Certificate of Incorporation:

When the forms filled to the ROC is complete in all respect and the objection raised by ROC is also satisfied then ROC issues the certificate of incorporation.

Step 7 Certificate of Business Commencement:

Company that is formed with the minimum capital of 1 lacks to be paid by the subscriber/shareholder to the company. After filling the proof of such money paid to the company, the respective ROC issues a certificate of commencement of business.

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