Launch of Food Safety Compliance System (FOSCOS)

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • December 5, 2023
food safety compliance system
FOSCOS, FSSAI’s new Food Safety Compliance System, simplifies and enhances food business compliance nationwide. Check out the details in the blog.

FOSCOS, the Food Safety Compliance System, was launched by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This cloud-based platform replaces the existing Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS), offering a seamless, one-point solution for food businesses nationwide to enhance their regulatory compliance in the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry.

FOSCOS was launched through a nationwide notification dated 20th May, 2020, in phases. In the first phase, it was launched in States /UTs of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Goa, Delhi, Odisha, Manipur, Chandigarh, Puducherry, and Ladakh with effect from 1st June 2020. We have discussed the details of the notification and launch further, to help you get a clear understanding of the context. Every food business operator(FBO) has to migrate to FoSCoS upon its launch ( in their State/UT.

Food Safety Compliance System: Launch Details

FOSCOS, the cutting-edge Food Safety Compliance System, had its genesis in a pivotal FSSAI notification, signaling a transformative shift in regulatory dynamics. Launched in a phased approach across states and union territories, the evolution of FOSCOS unfolds with precision and strategic implementation.

FSSAI Notification on Food Safety & Compliances System

The inception of FOSCOS traces back to a notification from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This official notification laid the groundwork for a comprehensive upgrade, aiming to revolutionize food safety compliance practices throughout the nation.
FOSCOS emerged in distinct phases, commencing its journey in states and union territories such as Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Goa, Delhi, Odisha, Manipur, Chandigarh, Puducherry, and Ladakh on June 1, 2020. Subsequently, it proliferated its presence across the remaining states and territories.

Migration to the New Food Safety Compliance System

Upon the launch of the Food Safety Compliance System (FOSCOS) in the respective states or union territories, every Food Business Operator (FBO) faced the crucial task of migration. This marked a pivotal transition from the previous Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) to the more advanced and streamlined FOSCOS platform. To facilitate a seamless shift, FBOs were granted the ability to view their existing licenses or registrations on FLRS. This served as a benchmark for comparison with the particulars entered into FOSCOS.
Key details, including license/registration numbers, business names, addresses, validity, and categories, were subject to meticulous scrutiny during the migration process. FBOs engaged in non-manufacturing activities underwent a verification process, ensuring the accuracy of details such as license/registration numbers, business names, addresses, validity, and categories. This step was essential for confirming the alignment of data between FLRS and FOSCOS. Manufacturers of standardized products encountered a modification process post-login. This involved a swift adjustment of their licenses, without incurring additional costs, by selecting products from the standardized list provided by FOSCOS.
This method aimed at expediting the licensing process and reducing potential errors. For FBOs opting not to avail the modification facility during license renewal, a one-year renewal was the consequence. This incentivized timely adjustments and ensured the continual alignment of licensing details between FLRS and FOSCOS. In instances where discrepancies or anomalies were identified in license details entered into FOSCOS compared to FLRS, FBOs were encouraged to report these to FSSAI. This collaborative effort aimed at maintaining accuracy and integrity in the regulatory database.

FOSCOS Objective & Distinct Features

As we explore the various facets of FOSCOS, it becomes evident that the system is not merely a technological upgrade but a strategic initiative to elevate the standards of food safety compliance in India. Let’s delve a little deeper into the specific objectives and features of FOSCOS, so that you have a distinct clarity as to why it was launched.

Objective of Food Safety Compliance System

  1. Unified Regulatory Approach: FOSCOS was conceived with the primary objective of establishing a unified, data-driven regulatory approach nationwide. This harmonized system aimed to enhance the efficiency of food safety regulations and streamline compliance practices.
  2. Nationwide Implementation: The phased launch strategy ensured FOSCOS’s penetration across states and union territories, fostering a cohesive approach to food safety compliance on a pan-India scale.
  3. Seamless Migration: Facilitating a seamless transition for Food Business Operators (FBOs) from the previous FLRS to FOSCOS was a key objective. The migration process aimed at ensuring accuracy and consistency in licensing and registration details.

Food Safety Compliance System Features

FOSCOS is a benchmark of innovation, revolutionizing food safety compliance with its array of features. The one-point platform consolidates licensing, registration, inspection, and annual return modules, offering Food Business Operators (FBOs) unprecedented convenience. Notably, the emphasis on product standardization for manufacturers expedites the licensing process, minimizing errors. FOSCOS emerges not just as a system but as a catalyst for an efficient and user-friendly regulatory landscape in the realm of food safety compliance. Still wondering how? The features below will help you understand.
Food Safety & Compliance
One-Point Platform
FOSCOS stands as a comprehensive one-stop platform, integrating licensing, registration, inspection, and annual return modules.
Product Standardization for Manufacturers
A major upgradation in methodology was introduced for manufacturers, emphasizing the standardization of products.
Online Annual Return Filing
FOSCOS introduced an online module for filing annual returns, eliminating postal delays and paperwork.
Document Rationalization
Mandatory documents have undergone rationalization, with a transition from paper-based declarations to tick-based declarations.

Services of Food Safety Compliance System

FOSCOS offers a suite of services meticulously designed to enhance compliance within the Food Safety Compliance System. From expediting licensing processes to streamlining documentation and enabling seamless online submissions, each service plays a pivotal role in simplifying the complexities of food safety regulations. Let’s dig a little deeper into what these services are.
  • Application for License / Registration
  • Renewal of License / Registration
  • Modification of License / Registration
  • Track Application
  • Filing Annual Returns
  • Officer / FBO Search

How to Register on FOSCOS?

Wondering how to operate the Food Safety Compliance System (FOSCOS)? Your first task is to create a user account. To initiate this process, start by visiting the official FOSCOS portal at Once on the portal’s home page, locate and click on the prominently displayed “Create Account” option. The step wise guide below explains the rest.
How to Register on FOSCOS
Step 1: Visit the FOSCOS Portal:
Access the official FOSCOS portal by clicking on
Step 2: Click on “New Registration”:
Find the “Apply for New License / Registration ” option on the portal’s homepage.
Step 3: Provide Business Details:
Fill in necessary details such as your food business’s name, address, contact information, and other relevant particulars.
Step 4: Get New License / Registration Number:
After applying for a new license / registration, you will receive your Registration or License Number by FSSAI.
Step 5. Use Credentials to Login:
For all further services, you can login to the portal, using the License / Registration Number generated in the step above.

FOSCOS Food Business Registration / License Procedure

Initiating your food business into the Food Safety Compliance system involves a systematic registration and licensing procedure. Begin by accessing the FOSCOS portal and selecting the “Register New Food Business” option. Provide comprehensive details about your business, including its name, address, category, and contact information. Once submitted, your application undergoes scrutiny, ensuring alignment with regulatory standards. Upon approval, FOSCOS issues the requisite license, marking the official commencement of your food business operations under its streamlined compliance umbrella.

FOSCOS Renewal Procedure

Renewing your license through the Food Safety Compliance System Is a streamlined process designed for efficiency. As your renewal date approaches, log in to your FOSCOS account and navigate to the “Renew License” section. Here, you’ll find an intuitive interface guiding you through the necessary steps. Ensure that your business details are up-to-date, and opt for any required modifications during this process. Completion of the renewal process guarantees continued compliance, allowing your food business to operate seamlessly within the FOSCOS framework.

FOSCOS License / Registration Modification

FOSCOS recognizes the dynamic nature of the food industry, allowing for hassle-free modifications to your license or registration. Access the modification section on the FOSCOS portal after logging in. For manufacturers dealing with standardized products, the system provides a product selection-based approach for swift adjustments. Non-standardized product businesses can easily apply for Proprietary or Novel Food categories. Timely modifications ensure that your FOSCOS license accurately reflects your current business activities, contributing to a compliant and agile operation.

FOSCOS Annual Returns Filing

Filing annual returns through FOSCOS is a user-friendly process designed to eliminate traditional paperwork hassles. Log in to your Food Safety and Compliance System account and navigate to the “File Annual Returns” section. The online module prompts you to input key financial details for the fiscal year, streamlining the submission process. This digital approach not only eliminates postal delays but also ensures accurate and timely filing, contributing to the overall efficiency and transparency of your food business operations within the FOSCOS framework.

The advent of the Food Safety Compliance System (FOSCOS) marks a pivotal shift toward enhanced transparency, efficiency, and compliance when it comes to food businesses in India. It not only streamlines processes but also fosters a culture of adaptability, ensuring businesses align effortlessly with evolving industry dynamics. Embracing this system isn't just a regulatory obligation; it's an empowering journey toward a future where food safety and compliance are seamlessly woven into the fabric of every responsible food business. In this era of FOSCOS, compliance isn't just a checkbox; it's a commitment to a safer, more resilient food industry.



Q1: What is FOSCOS food safety compliance system?

FOSCOS, short for the Food Safety Compliance System, is a revolutionary platform introduced by FSSAI to replace conventional compliance systems. Unlike its predecessor FLRS, FOSCOS streamlines and enhances food safety regulations, offering a unified and user-friendly approach for businesses.

Q2: Is FOSCOS mandatory for all food businesses?

Yes, fulfilling FSSAI Compliances is mandatory through the Food Safety Compliance System (FOSCOS) for all food businesses operating in India. It contributes significantly to compliance by providing a comprehensive system for registration, licensing, renewal, and modifications, ensuring businesses adhere to stringent food safety standards.

Q3: Can I modify my License or registration on FOSCOS?

Absolutely. The Food Safety Compliance System is designed with this flexibility in mind. Businesses can easily modify their licenses or registrations to adapt to changes. The system accommodates adjustments seamlessly, whether it’s adding standardized products or transitioning to Proprietary or Novel Food categories.

Q4: How does FOSCOS simplify the FSSAI annual returns filing process?

FOSCOS simplifies annual returns filing by introducing an efficient online module. This digital approach eliminates traditional paperwork, reducing the risk of postal delays. Businesses can file returns seamlessly, contributing to the overall efficiency and transparency of operations within the Food Safety Compliance System.

Q5: Can the Food Safety Compliance System be accessed nationwide?

Yes, FOSCOS is accessible to food businesses across the nation. Its phased launch strategy ensures a unified regulatory approach, bringing states and union territories under a common compliance umbrella.

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