GST Registration Number Verification at GST Portal

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  • January 16, 2023
GST Registration Number Verification at GST Portal
Well the GST Registration number is a PAN-based registration that may be obtained by making an online application on the GST Portal, In this blog, we are discussing the method and process of checking the GST number or how to do GST number verification online on the GST Portal. When a taxpayer receives a Tax Invoice, it is essential to verify the correctness of the GST Number and whether the GST Registration is valid or has not been canceled. These details are available on the GST Portal. In this blog, we are covering various aspects of GST Registration Number and their Verification.
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The GST is an improved version of value-added tax(VAT), where the tax credit is set to flow seamlessly from one supplier of goods or services to another. This is important to verify the correctness of the GST Number mentioned on the Tax Invoice as well as the status of registration of the taxpayer. These particulars can very well be searched online, and proper verification may be done.

What is GST Registration?

GST Registration is a process of enrollment by the taxpayer with the Goods and Services Department under the GST Act. The process is simple and online and can be completed within a week if the correct information and document are furnished with the GSTN. All eligible suppliers of goods and services are required to obtain registration under the GST Act of 2017. To know whether your business requires GST Registration, please visit our dedicated page on GST Registration at After the registration of tax payer with the GST Department, a GST Registration Certificate is issued with a unique PAN-based GST Registration Number.
The registration under GST is pan-based; ideally, only one GST Registration is permitted in a specific state. However, more than one GST Registration may be obtained based on a different address in the same state or based on different nature of business by the taxpayer. Further, the GST registration should be applied in one or more than one states depending on the place of supply by the taxpayer.

What is GSTIN?

The GSTIN is a unique registration number allotted by the GST Department and is a 15-digit alpha-numeric code containing the PAN number of the taxpayer. The GST Number is a combination of the State Code and the Pan Number of the taxpayer and ends with the activity code. Let’s decipher the meaning of GSTN. For example, let’s understand the inherent information that a GSTN contains. We take an example of the GST Registration Number of Reliance Industries Limited, which is “27AAACR5055K2Z6”
  • State Code: The first two digits of the GST Registration number represent the state code. The first two digits in our example GSTN above are “27”. This is the state code in which the taxpayer is registered. 27 is the state code of Maharashtra. For the state code in the GSTN, please refer to
  • PAN Number of Tax Payer: The next ten digits after the first two digits of the state code represent the PAN number of the taxpayer: As said earlier, the GST Registration is a PAN Based registration, hence in every GST Number, you will find the PAN Number of the taxpayer. This starts after the first two digits. In our example, the AAACR5055K is the PAN Number. This is after two digits from the start and before three digits from the end of the GSTN.
  • Activity Code: The last three digits represent the nature of the taxpayer’s business and the number of registration obtained by the taxpayer in the respective state. If the number is below 9, it can be represented by the relevant digit from 0-9, and if the number is beyond 9, it can be represented by alphabets between A-Z, where A is 10 and Z is 36.

Process of GST Number Verification on GST Portal

Until now, we have learned that from the GST number itself, we can gather some information, such as the State and the PAN number of the Tax Payer. Interestingly if you know the PAN number of the taxpayer, the process of GST Number Verification online becomes quite easy at In the menu, find “Search Taxpayer” and then “Search by PAN”.
A supplier registered under GST and allotted the GST identification number can also be searched online. To get complete information on how to conduct GST Number Search online, you can refer to the following steps. By following the same procedure, you can also check the online GST number status. Visit the official portal of GST at and go to the “Search Taxpayer” section; you will receive 4 options.
S.No. GST Number Verification Process of GST number search online / GST Number status checking
GST verify number using GSTIN
You can simply fill out the GST Identification Number and complete the GST verify number process.
GST verify number using PAN
The taxpayers can conduct a GST number verification online or GST number search, by entering their Permanent Account Number or PAN.
Verify Temporary ID
While applying for the GST Registration, the taxpayer is allotted a Temporary ID number with which you may find the GST number when the same is allotted to the taxpayer.

Information Available on GST Portal

From the search result, you will get the following information about the registered taxpayer on the GST Portal. These details are very basic and important details relating to the taxpayer.
  1. Legal Name of Business
  2. Trade Name
  3. Effective Date of Registration
  4. Constitution of Business
  5. GST Registration Status
  6. Tax Payer Type
  7. Jurisdiction details of GST Office
  8. Principal Place Address of Taxpayer
  9. Nature of Business Activities
  10. Details of top five HSN/SAC codes of taxpayer
  11. Historical data of GST Returns filed


The process of GST Number Verification is extremely easy with the facility of GST number search online on the GST portal. Hopefully, by means of this blog, you now have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the process of GST number verification. However, if you still have any unresolved doubts or queries, you are requested to comment and we would respond to the same, alternatively, you may also contact us for assistance.

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