Government fee for Company registration as Small Company and OPC

Meaning of one person company (OPC): It is a company formed under provisions of Companies Act, where the number of shareholder/member shall be one. The status of one person company shall be lost in the paid up capital exceed Rs.50 lakhs or average turnover is more than Rs.2 crores in three immediate preceding consecutive year. There are various relaxation, which has been provided to an OPC. Government Fee for Company Registration as Small Company and OPC.

Government Fee for Company Registration

Meaning of Small Company: A company whose paid up share capital does not exceed Rs.50 lakhs and whose turnover does not exceed Rs.2 crore in last profit and loss account. Further, it should not be a holding company or a subsidiary company or a Company Registered under Section 8 (Charitable objective).

The registration fees of a small Company/one person company is also known as fees for filing the Memorandum of Association of the Company, below is the method of calculation which is based on the authorised capital of the Company:

Company Registration

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Sl. No.Company having authorised capitalCalculation of fees
(a)Does not exceed on Rs.10 lac.Rs.2,000/-
(b)After first Rs.10 lac up to Rs.50 lac.Rs.200 for every 10,000 or part thereof.

Ready reckoner for the registration fees of small company/OPC having a share capital. Apart from the registration fees mentioned herein, there are other government fees like filing fees and stamp duty charges, you are requested to obtain a formal quotation from us before placing an order for registration of Company.

Authorised Capital (Rs.)Registration Fees (Rs.)Authorised Capital (Rs.)Registration Fees (Rs.)
1 lakh to 10 lakhs2,00035 lakhs52,000/-
15 lakhs12,00040 lakhs62,000/-
20 lakhs22,00045 lakhs72,000/-
25 lakhs32,00050 lakhs82,000/-
30 lakhs42,000