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Intellectual Property Rights : Significance of TM, SM, R and C symbol

Significance Trademark TM SM R C SThough TM, R and C are commonly used symbols, most of us are not aware about their significance and usage. These symbols often generate curiosity among common man as they wish to know why most of the brands or artists use these symbols with their logos, name or device and creative piece of work respectively. With the growing popularity of Intellectual Property Rights in India, it has become imperative to educate a common man about these symbols as well. Hence, this blog is a tryst to clear out the confusions related to the TM, R and C symbols.
Significance Trademark

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™ – TM Symbol

A trademark is a unique mark that is used to identify a business trading in goods and services of one person from another. In order to obtain a trademark, a proprietor has to file a trademark application with the Registrar of Trademark. The symbol ™ can be used with the trademark after the applicant has filed an application for trademark registration with the trademark registry. The symbol ™ serves the dual purpose of warning the infringers and counterfeiters and making people aware that the business entity has filed an application for trademark registration.
As trademark registration is a process that takes time and know-how about technical and legal specifications, it is advisable to consult and contact a trademark registration specialist for the same. has a dedicated team of trademark registration specialists that helps in providing trademark registration, logo registration, and brand name registration services nationally and internationally.

Meaning of “SM Symbol” of Trademark

Earlier only goods were trademarked. However, with the introduction of classes 35 – 45 which pertains to service category, a different type of trademark symbol “SM” is used to denote the trademark for services. Its usage as such is out of the convention and there is no specific law on this. It is a common practice to use ™ symbol for trademark applications filed under class 1-34 and for trademark filed under class 35-45, SM symbol is commonly used and preferred by the applicants. However, using the TM symbol for all classes is also acceptable.

Meaning of ® – R Symbol in Trademark

Using the ® symbol next to the trademark is legally allowed only once a trademark is registered. The R symbol denotes that the trademark is registered and can be legally protected from infringement under the Trademark laws. The practice of using (R) symbol before the registration of the trademark is unlawful.

Meaning of © – C Symbol for the Copyright

The C symbol indicates that the piece of creative work which includes literary and artistic work is legally protected and hence, safeguards the creation of mind from infringement or being stolen. The C symbol is used along with the copyright holder name and the year of first publication. The use of C symbol varies for different countries however, as India is a member of the Berne Convention the use of C symbol is required to claim copyright protection as per the convention.

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