The advent of online shopping portals such as Flipkart seller Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. has revolutionized the way people shop and avail various services in India. The purpose behind developing such shopping platforms is to bring ease, comfort, convenience, and security to the shopping experience of consumers. Hence, in order to achieve this aim, these portals came forth with innovative business models such as return back policies, cash on delivery, delivery on the same day, etc. This resulted in attracting more customers to these portals which eventually led to more business.

In this blog, we will be focusing on one such portal renowned as Flipkart. Flipkart is the leading electronic commerce store in India with over 7.5 crores of users. They have also introduced a new and easy method of becoming a seller at with dedicated pickup support, Quick Payments to sellers & Free Product Shoots of the products of the seller. Therefore, becoming a Flipkart seller or deciding to sell on Flipkart is one of the prudent choices one could make. Here is the brief procedure to be followed in order to become a Flipkart seller.

How to become a Flipkart Seller?

So you have decided to become a Flipkart seller. The next question would be to know what steps are needed to be followed in order to become a Flipkart seller and how to go about it? To answer your query we have gathered the required information and elaborated on this blog. You need to first sign in with Flipkart as a Flipkart seller from the Flipkart seller homepage which can be accessed by click on this: Flipkart seller The process for signing in is simple and easy with Flipkart. All you need to do is to provide information about the business and products you propose to sell through Flipkart. Some of the detailed information required during the Flipkart seller registration process are listed below:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email address
  4. Business Address
  5. Business Registration Documents
  6. Categories of Product to be sold through Flipkart
  7. Tax Registration Documents

Business Registration

As you can observe in the aforementioned list, apart from the basic information, the documents and information related to your business are also required for the Flipkart seller registration process. However, business documents that are required to be submitted will vary depending upon the type or form of business registration such as sole proprietorship, LLP, Private Limited company, etc. Let us first begin with the sole proprietorship form of business registration:

Selling on Flipkart as a Sole Proprietorship or an individual

The business is perceived to be a sole proprietorship business if an individual registers himself/herself as a Flipkart seller or registers as a sole proprietorship business. Such a form of business is not easily transferable, does not offer limited liability protection, has a limited borrowing capacity, and is not very scalable. Hence, keeping the demerits of a sole proprietorship business in mind, it is best to avert registering as a sole proprietorship business on Flipkart.

However, if you still wish to register as a sole proprietorship business following list of documents would be required for the same:

S.No. Identity Proof Address Proof
1. PAN Card Company Telephone Bill (Fixed Line) in the name of proprietorship firm
2. Voter Id Company Electricity Bill in the name of proprietorship firm
3. Passport Lease or Rental Agreement
4. Driving Licence Bank Account Statement in the name of the proprietorship
5. Statement of bank account registered on Flipkart payment gateway Letter from employer
6. Signed declaration on the business letterhead stating that the individual manages and owns the bank account held in the business name Ration Card
7. Any other photo identity card Letter from a public servant or recognized public authority verifying the identity
8. Letter from a public servant or recognized public authority verifying the identity  


Selling on Flipkart as a Private Limited Company

Registering on Flipkart as a Private Limited Company to become a Flipkart seller is one of the wisest choices that one could make as it is a separate legal entity that offers limited liability protection to its owners, have high borrowing capacity, and is very scalable. The prerequisites for registering as a Private Limited Company to become a Flipkart seller are:

S.No. Identity Proof Address Proof
1. Copy of Memorandum of Association Company Telephone Bill (Fixed Line)
2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of Private Limited Company Company Electricity Bill
3. Company PAN Card Lease or Rental Agreement


Selling on Flipkart as LLP/Partnership Firm

Selling on Flipkart is also possible as a partnership firm or LLP. However, registering as an LLP Flipkart seller on Flipkart is advised and preferred over a partnership firm due to various advantages that an LLP enjoys over a partnership firm. Following documents would be required by an LLP or partnership firm to become a Flipkart seller:

S.No. Identity Proof Address Proof
1. LLP Incorporation Certificate or Partnership registration Firm/Partner’s Telephone Bill (Fixed Line)
2. PAN Card of LLP or partnership firm Firm/Partner’s Electricity Bill
3. Partnership deed Any valid official document confirming the partners’ address and the address of the persons holding the power of attorney
4. Power of Attorney granted to a partner or an employee of LLP or partnership firm to do the business transaction on its behalf Lease or Rental Agreement
5. Any document identifying partners and the person holding the power of attorney with their photographs Company Electricity Bill
6.   Lease or Licence Agreement


Selling on Flipkart as a Trust & Foundation

Like all other business forms, trusts and foundations can also register themselves as Flipkart sellers. They will be required to prove their legal identity as well as the address of the trust in the name of Trust/Foundation for which the above-mentioned documents would be required.

Flipkart Seller: Tax Registration Requirement

While registering at Flipkart the seller need to furnish the following tax and financial information in the name of the business

  1. PAN ( Permanent Account Number issued by Income Tax Department)
  2. TAN (TDS Number  issued by Income Tax department)
  3. TIN ( Sales Tax Registration)
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. Bank Name
  6. Bank IFSC Code

Begin to Sell on Flipkart

Once all the information and scan copies of documents are filed and verified by the Flipkart team the seller is registered and can commence sales immediately. Happy Selling

To become a Flipkart Seller, visit the Flipkart Seller Registration page obtain registrations required to become a Flipkart seller, visit