What’s the Difference Between FPO and FSSAI?

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • July 19, 2023
Difference Between FPO and FSSAI
India has one of the most diverse food cultures on the planet. The food sector has been growing at a breakneck pace, and the government is concerned about the safety and hygiene of the food products being traded on the market. The government has standardized and enacted statutory provisions to determine the safety of food for human consumption. The Acts safeguard food from adulteration and other forms of contamination to ensure that no unpleasant or squalid food is traded in the Indian market.
To legislate the food sector in India, the government has established FPO and FSSAI. FPO is an abbreviation for Fruit Products Order, and FSSAI is an abbreviation for Food Safety and Standards Association of India. Both FPO and FSSAI set standards for the food industry and have a work culture that is akin to keeping the country’s food safe and healthy.
Despite the fact that FPO and FSSAI are used for the same purposes, they differ in several ways.
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Dive deeper into the article to learn more about the difference between FPO and FSSAI.
Even though both the FPO and the FSSAI were established to maintain food safety standards, they share some dissimilarities.
We have outlined the main points of difference between them here:
Basis of Differentiation FPO FSSAI
FPO stands for “Fruit Products Order”
FSSAI stands for “Food Safety and Standards Authority of India”
FPO is implemented in 1995. However, in 2006, the FPO mark became mandatory.
The FSSAI came into operation in 2006.
License Mandate
Manufacturers of fruits and vegetable products must obtain an FPO license.
All food business operators in India must have an FSSAI license.
The goal of FPO is to ensure that businesses associated with fruits and vegetables maintain quality.
The FSSAI's mission is to monitor food business operators to make sure that the food is safe to be consumed.

The Act also consolidated other food organizations into a solitary governing body to provide a specific reference threshold for all food safety standards.
Registration Requirement
Pickles, tomato-based products, juices, barley water, jams, etc.
Food producer/ retailers/ distributor, restaurant, online FBOs, Import and export of food products, etc
Acts Status
After the advent of FSSAI, FPO became obsolete.
FSSAI is also in effect today. It is a license that is required to certify food safety standards.

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Every food business operator must adhere to certain government regulations, to trade in the food sector in India. Reportedly, FSSAI is the foremost authority in charge of overseeing all food operations in the country. It is regulated to ensure to deliver high-quality food for human consumption.

The FSSAI necessitates all food businesses in India to register and follow their regulations. It has the authority to revoke the license of any food business operator who flouts or screws up the terms of the FSSAI act.


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