Contents GST Invoice: What should be contents of gst invoice?

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  • June 30, 2017

Contents GST Invoice: What should be contents of gst invoice?

Contents GST Invoice: What should be contents of gst invoice?
In common parlance, Invoice is a document issued to the addressee specifying the nature of taxable supply made and the value of such taxable supply. It indicates the amount receivable by the person issuing the invoice from the person to whom it is issued. The GST rules relating to Contents GST Invoice has been notified and a standard Invoice Format can be downloaded from the link provided on this page.
Contents on This Page

As per rule 1 of Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit note rules the invoice issued u/s 31 of the GST Act it shall contain the following information

  1. Name, Complete Address with PIN and GSTIN (GST Registration Number) of the supplier of goods or service;
  2. The Invoice number is a consecutive number not exceeding sixteen characters in series; it may contain alphabets or numerals. Only hyphen or Dash “-” or a slash “/” as the symbol or special character to indicate the financial year.
  3. Date of Invoice
  4. The recipient name, address and GST Registration Number (GSTIN) or UIN.
  5. In case the recipient is unregistered then the full address of the recipient and the place of delivery.
  6. The HSN code in the event of goods and SAC code in case of services being supplied
  7. Details or Description of goods or services;
  8. Quality in case of goods and unit or Unique Quality Code thereof;
  9. The value of supply (in case of both, whether goods or services
  10. Taxable value of supply after considering the discount;
  11. The tax rate (central tax, State tax, integrated tax, Union territory tax or cess);
  12. Details of tax charges in respect of goods or services (i.e; central tax, State tax, integrated tax, Union Territory tax or cess);
  13. Place of supply with mention of state in case of supply is an interstate supply
  14. If the delivery address is different from that of the recipient then the delivery address must also be provided
  15. Details if the GST is on reverse charge basis
  16. Signature or digital signature of the supplier or his authorized representative;

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