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Intellectual Property Rights

The Intellectual Property Rights are precious assets, and in present time the recognition and value of the IPR are growing day by day. The first and foremost thing for a business is to identify its IPR, only then the measures to register it or protection can be taken. Our IPR Specialists shall be assisting you to Identify the IP of your Business and advise you, how it can be registered in the name of your business. One of our unique offerings is IPR Watch Service, under that we keep track of your IP Rights and detect third-party infringements of the same. To avail, our services concerning IPR-Identification, registration and enforcement, fill the contact us form and one of our IPR Specialists shall contact you back.
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IP Rights Registration

Trademark Registration

A trademark, identify a company distinctively from that of another, any word, sign or mark which can identify the origin of goods or services is a trademark. Every business has many trademarks. We help you to register the same and work to have them enforced. Learn More

International Trademark Filing

The laws of one country apply within its territorial limits, there is no law which can be said to have international applicability. Hence to seek protection of the trademark in other countries, Internation trademark application can be filed from India under Madrid convention. Learn More

Copyright registration

Copyright Registration

The right to a work of literary, music, cinematography or software code arises at the time of its creation, and it rests with the person who has created it. The registrar of copyright maintains a register of all copyrights and issues a certificate, as conclusive proof of the ownership of the copyright. Learn More

patent filing

Patent Registration

An invention of goods or Industrial Process, which is unique and for which there is prior art, can be patented in the name of the inventor or an assigned applicant. The patent is an exclusive right to use or authorised other to use it for 20 years. We file patents within hours of complete documentation. Learn More

patent filing

International Patent Filing

To secure international protection of your Invention in new goods or an Industrial process, now International Patent Application can be filed in any other country within 12 months of filing it in India. The PCT application has to be filed through the Indian Patent Office, which is a nodal agency under PCT. Learn More


Design Registration

The three-dimensional designs of goods are recognised as an intellectual property right as "design" in India, and the same can be protected by filing a design registration application. The only requirement is that it must have an element of distinctiveness and innovation apart from being a novel one. Learn More

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