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Trademark, Patent and Design Flowchart for Indian Startups

TrademarkPatent and Design flowcharts Indian Startups with the Government of India supporting startups by the way of introducing SIPP (Startups Intellectual Property Protection) scheme, Intellectual Property rights have become the talk of the town. If you are new to this aspect of establishing your business or promoting your creative works and wonder what exactly are we talking about, then let me make you well versed with this aspect of protecting the creations of your mind first.
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“Intellectual property is the property related to the creations of human intellect comprising both moral as well as commercial value.” As it is treated like any other tangible asset, it becomes critical to protect it from infringement or any other legal issue by law, therefore, it is termed as intellectual property rights.
Intellectual Property rights are further categorized into Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyright that has their own registration processes that are described below with the help of flow charts.

Trademark Registration Process

“A trademark is a sign or mark used to uniquely identify one business from another dealing in the trade of goods or services. The trademark acts as an efficient commercial communication tool to engage customers and make the business stand out of the crowd.” The trademark registration process is demonstrated below with the help of flowchart:

Patent Registration Process

“Every invention needs to be legally protected from infringement such that the right to decide its usability vests in the hands of the inventor. This exclusive right is granted as patents.” The patent registration process is demonstrated below with the help of flowchart:

Design Registration Process

“Design refers to the aesthetic or ornamental features of shape, pattern, configuration, composition of lines or colours applied to an article in two dimensional or three-dimensional forms by an industrial process or any mechanical process or both. ” The design registration process is demonstrated below with the help of flowchart:

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