FoSCoS FSSAI | Online Registration & Procedure

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FoSCoS FSSAI | Online Registration & Procedure

FoSCoS FSSAI - Online Registration Process
Food Safety and Compliance Systems are abbreviated as FoSCoS. It was established in 2012 to ensure that food businesses could thrive without hindrance. FSSAI governed FoSCoS to issue pan-India FSSAI licenses and registrations.

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It was critical to go from FLRS to FoSCoS. The food business in India requires a dynamic shift from registration to licensing. The development of FoSCoS was prompted by complaints about FLRS’s antiquated slow pace. As a result, FoSCoS continues to improve, expand, and innovate, and it operates under constant scrutiny and oversight.
In India, FSSAI registration is obtained through FOSCOS for the manufacture, processing, storage, distribution, and sale of food items.
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Dive deeper into this article to understand the process of FSSAI Registration through the Food Safety Compliance System(FoSCoS).

Role of FoSCoS

The goals of FoSCoS are to provide a systematic registration and licensing compliance framework. It has made the company’s compliance standards easier to understand. The rules that made the FOSCOS a complete success are listed below:
  • It was established to develop a food and safety compliance framework for the country on a district-by-district basis.
  • It was established as a platform for streamlining the registration procedure and assessing the food safety climate.
  • Its purpose is to provide a systematic procedure for conducting authentic inspections.
  • It was designed to check and validate inspection reports for discrepancies and biases.
  • It was designed to prompt a quick response in the case of a food safety crisis.
  • It allows for the verification of product standards and eligibility.
  • It is capable of handling the highest volume of registered traffic.
  • It enables users to submit annual returns on their websites.
  • It verifies the business operator and, in the future, 360-degree profiling of FBOs.
  • It allows small business sellers, food operators, and hawkers to register themselves in FOSCOs.
  • It contains a feature called “Know Your Business” that was included to make operations easier.
  • It requires the PAN, CIN, and GST numbers of the food industry operator.

Procedure of Registration

The process for registering with FoSCoS and using the FSSAI’s new services is uncomplicated. FBO can make a sign-up using their unique mobile ID and email ID, or they can use their FLRS login credentials to use the FoSCoS application.
The following are the registration guidelines for the FoSCoS:

Registration of User

Here is a step-by-step guide to user registration in FoSCoS-
Step 1: Navigate to the FoSCoS official website.
Step 2: In the top right corner, select the signup option.
Step 3: Fill in all of the required information, including your name, email address, phone number, login ID, and password.
Step 4: Select “sign up.”
Step 5: Fill out the verification code.
Step 6: Press the “submit” button.
Step 7: You are registered. Now input your username and password to log in to the system.

Registration of Petty Food Business Operators

The following is a step-by-step guide to registering petty food business operators in FoSCoS:
Step 1: Go to the official FoSCoS website.
Step 2: Select “Apply for Registration Certificate (Petty Food Business Operators).”
Step 3: Confirm the OTP by SMS or email.
Step 4: A new page titled “Apply for registration” will open.
Step 5: Fill out the registration application.
Step 6: Submit your application.

Procedure for New Application (Registration/ License)

Here is the step-by-step procedure for creating a new application:
Step 1: Access the portal.
Step 2: In the left menu, select the License/Registration option.
Step 3: Select the Apply for New License/Registration link.
Step 4: Choose a head office location.
Step 5: Based on the food, choose the suitable type of business application.
Step 6: Fill out Form-B with the business to be done.
Step 7: Send in your application.

Procedure for Renewal of an Application

The following is a step-by-step procedure for renewing an application:
Step 1: From the left menu, select Renewal.
Step 2: Choose “Apply for License/Registration Renewal”
(You can apply for license renewal up to 120 days before the license expiry date, but no less than 30 days). A late fee of Rs 100 would be imposed starting 30 days before the license expiry.
Step 3: Select the license that has to be renewed
(If the license or registration has already expired, it will not be listed).
Step 4: Submit a renewal application.

FOSCOS Website Features

FOSCOS is an improved version of FLRS that has made the system more tech-friendly and user-friendly to address consumer complaints and concerns. It is made up of a cutting-edge platform that enables just one solution for India’s food safety regulation necessities. It is designed so that it can be modified as absolutely needed.
A quick summary of options you will find on the home page of FoSCoS:
A quick summary of options you will find on the home page of FoSCoS:
Standardized Food Products
It assists you in understanding the foods that are regulated.
Clubbing of Product Variants
It will appear on a screen with a list of all of the standard meal items as well as variants.
Eligibility of Your Food Business
It assists in determining whether or not a business is eligible for various types of food companies.
View all Eligibility Criteria Details
A PDF file with a table of business types, criteria, and the type of license or registration necessary will be displayed.
Know Your Officer
It will assist you in choosing the appropriate state and district from the dropdown boxes.
FBO Search
You can find any FBO by typing in the firm name, license number, or registration number.
How to Apply
It will take you through the license and registration process and help you register with the FSSAI.
Application Processing
It will assist us in getting a better understanding of our application, which is currently being processed, and it will detail the procedures via which the Licensing/Registration Authority processes FSSAI applications.
Furthermore, from registration to renewal to modification of license, the website is ready to serve for each. FBOs can work with these parameters and make changes to their specifications.

Services Offered by FoSCoS

FoSCoS was jam-packed with features that aided FBOs in their business endeavors. This newly created platform untied the services and unified them into a platform to assist FBO. Contact Setindiabiz professionals if you have any queries about the services listed below.
FBOs in FoSCoS have access to the following services:
  • It allows petty food business operators to register.
  • It permits restaurants to operate.
  • It allows for the renewal and modification of a food manufacturing license.
  • It provides endorsement of fortified food products on license/registration.
  • It allows exporters to earn a quarterly return.
  • It allows you to transfer your license.
  • It grants a permit for proprietary food.
  • It makes it easier to respond to a retracted application.
  • It contributes to the acceptance of organic food products.
  • It facilitates license surrender.
  • It issues permits for midday meals, e-commerce, airports, and seaports.
  • It issues licenses to food exporters and importers.
  • It grants a license to the company’s headquarters.
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    Consumer complaints prompted the creation of FoSCoS, a website built that is relatively easy to operate. In 2012, FoSCoS redesigned the outmoded FLRS to expand and modernize the licensing system. The Indian government keeps itself up to date by updating its website. FoSCoS robust upgrade had improved the system performance by easing the flow of business throughout India.

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