How to check FSSAI License Number online?

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How to check FSSAI License Number online?

How to check FSSAI License Number online?
Food Safety and Standards Act provides an FSSAI License to the FBOs before commencing their business. Food is the source of energy for the body that is required to do daily work.  A food license is an integral part to commence a food business in India. It safeguards the standard of food items for human consumption

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What is an FSSAI License Number?

Every food business operator in India must apply for an FSSAI license. After FSSAI registration, the food business is given a 14-digit license number that must be displayed on the premises.
In order to operate their business, FBOs in India must apply for an FSSAI license. Every individual involved in the food-related business, whether a retailer, wholesaler, restauranter, bartender, or other, must have an FSSAI license.
The FSSAI license is a 14-digit number divisible into five sections. Each segment is labeled in a way that aids us in better comprehending the intricacies.
Here are the details for the five sections of the FSSAI License number:
Section 1- The first digit represents the status of the food business, indicating whether it is registered or not.
Section 2- The second and third numbers represent the state code of the state where the firm is registered.
Section 3- The fourth and fifth numbers reflect the year in which the food business was registered.
Section 4- The sixth, seventh, and eighth figures indicate the number of enrolled masters.
Section 5- The ninth to fourteen numbers show the maker’s license number.

How to check the application status of your FSSAI License?

It’s not hard to monitor the status of your FSSAI license. The following are the ways to verify the status of your application:
Step 1: Look up the FSSAI’s official webpage on the internet.
Step 2: Fill out the form with your unique tracking information. Keep the 17-digit number you were given when you first applied for a food license with you.
Step 3: After you have completed all of the essential fields, You’d be directed to a status page.

Cost of an FSSAI License

The cost of an FSSAI license varies depending on whether it is a Basic, State, or Central license. Here are some guidelines for calculating fees for various sorts of licenses:
  • FSSAI Registration costs 100 INR per year.
  • FSSAI State License cost ranges between 2000 and 5000 INR per year.
  • FSSAI Central License cost ranges between 7500 INR each year.

Validity of an FSSAI License

The FSSAI license has a validity period of one to five years. However, the FSSAI license is normally renewed annually after payment of the license price i.e. Rs, 7500.

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Every FBO (Food Business Operator) in India must have an FSSAI license to run a Cafe, Restaurant, Dhaba, Food Truck, Distributing Unit, and so on. Following the issuance of the FSSAI certificate, the FBO is required to display it on all food items, packaging of food products, and on-premises. The FSSAI logo or certificate certifies that the quality of the product has been certified and is safe for human consumption.

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