Date for Enrollment as Facilitators for Startups in Patents and Trademarks extended up to 10-07-2016

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • June 30, 2024
Date for Enrollment as Facilitators for Startups in Patents and Trademarks extended up to 10-07-2016
Date for Enrollment as Facilitators for Startups in Patents and Trademarks extended up to 10-07-2016
The date as facilitators for startups in Patents and Trademarks extended up to 10/07/16. The scheme for Facilitating Start–ups Intellectual Property. The SIPP which was launched by the government of India has been notified by CGPDTM in the IPO website about the facilitators in patents, designs and trade marks who conveyed their willingness up to 10/03/2016 to function as facilitators for start- ups. The CGPDTM also provided a list of these facilitators on the IPO website.
However, the office of CGPDTM received many representations after the last date was over for the registration as facilitators. Therefore, in the interest of public demand the CGPDTM has decided to provide 1 more opportunity to the persons who are willing to get registered as the Facilitators and have more participation in order to serve the ongoing cause of start- ups Intellectual Property. Accordingly it is been notified in the notice provided by the CGPDYM that all the individuals and institutions who wish to apply as Facilitators for star–ups in Patents & Designs and Trademarks may refer to the SIPP for the scheme details and guidelines for facilitators and thereafter they can follow the procedure for the registration, Form, terms and conditions etc. which are available on the official website i.e. (, and need to submit their applications before 10th July 2016.
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