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Transfer Trademark Ownership

Transfer Trademark Ownership

Transfer Trademark Ownership

transfer trademark ownership

Trademark registration confers an exclusive right to use the mark. With the change in ownership of the business, the death of an owner, sale of trademark, etc; a formal change in trademark registry is necessary to reflect the change in ownership. With our expert advice and unmatched execution in doing change related documentation and representation before the registrar, we are the most preferred choice to carry out changes in your valuable asset.

Common Instances leading to Transfer Trademark Ownership Change:-

  1. The Death of Trademark Owner.
  2. Sale of Business.
  3. Sale of Trademark alone.
  4. Division of Business and subsequent activity.
  5. Change of Name of Owner.
  6. Change in Form of Business.
  7. To Comply a court order in a suit of the title of a trademark.
  8. Purchase of an existing business with goodwill.


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    after death of mu father owner of prop firm having registered trademark the entire business has been transferred at my name according to his registered will. PLEASE TELL WHATS THE GOVT FEES FOR TRANSFERRING TRADEMARK AT MY NAME


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