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How to Become a Paytm Seller

Paytm is a combined venture backed by a new entrant into the Indian e-commerce market and china’s Alibaba Group. It is backed by the innovative mobile wallet concept.

From electronics to bus ticket bookings, a myriad range of goods and services are offered by Paytm that initially started its journey by offering online mobile and DTH recharging services. As this platform has grown exponentially in terms of sales and number of customers, now is the best time to commence your journey as a Paytm seller. 

Let us explore the procedure for becoming a Paytm seller and how to follow The Paytm seller registration process through this article:

Why register as a Paytm seller?
 The last few years have witnessed a huge boom in the eCommerce sector in India fueled by discounts and cashback. Paytm is the latest entrant into this market already having on board over 10 crore plus customers and 60,000 plus sellers serving 500 plus product categories across 39000 pin codes in India. The major advantage of becoming a seller on Paytm is that one does not have to worry about the development and maintenance of an eCommerce website but instead focus on fulfilling customer orders quickly. Furthermore, anybody can become a Paytm seller and gradually scale up, since becoming a seller on Paytm requires minimal or no investment.
Documents Required for Paytm Seller Registration
To complete the Paytm seller registration process, the following documents and information are required:
1. Information & Documents Required
2. Name of the Business
3. Private Limited Company / Partnership / LLP / Proprietorship
4. Phone number
5. Email address
6. Address
7. PAN number
8. PAN card scan copy
9. Bank account number
10. Bank IFSC code
11. Copy of cancelled cheque
12. VAT registration
13. In case VAT registration is not available, then the seller must submit a Paytm VAT registration undertaking
14. Scan copy of address proof
15. Electricity bill
16. Bank statement
17. Aadhar card
18. Passport copy
19. Certificate of incorporation
20. Rental agreement
 Paytm Seller Registration

Before starting to sell on Paytm, a seller must first complete the Paytm seller registration process on Paytm’s website. Becoming a Paytm seller is free and the seller registration process takes only a few minutes

S.No. Steps Process
1. Step 1: Go to Paytm seller registration
2. Step 2: Provide your name, phone, email and choose a password for the account.
3. Step 3: Complete the email verification process.
4. Step 4: Complete the mobile number verification process.
5. Step 5: Update business information and address.
6. Step 6: Provide KYC Documents (More on this below)
7. Step 7: Approve the terms and conditions.
8. Step 8: Update your catalog of products
9. Step 9: Begin selling on Paytm
Should I register a company or LLP for becoming a Paytm seller?
If you have an existing business and want to venture as a Paytm seller can register a private limited company or LLP while becoming a seller. Registering as a separate legal entity ensures that in case of any litigation the promoters are protected from any liability.
Is VAT registration required to sell on Paytm?

Yes, VAT registration is required for selling on Paytm. However, in case of the sale of unstitched apparel, books, and/or handicrafts, then VAT registration is not required. On the other hand, a seller can also begin selling on Paytm without a VAT registration by providing an undertaking to obtain VAT registration. However, until VAT registration proof is submitted to Paytm it will hold payments to the seller.

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