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Funding Investment Startup India

Funding, the backbone of a business carries a great significance by ensuring smooth design, good production and marketing. As websites, equipments, office supplies and business cards are all the major requirements of a start-up, funding is undeniably the basic need of a business.
Whether you are starting a new business or trying to grow an existing one, it provides a highest degree of support and assistance to the business. The best part of funding lies in the fact that during the process of funding, your business idea is sent to the potential investors which eventually arises the investors interest in the business.

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Importance of Funding

  • Funding ensures the payment of employees even if the profits of the business are low
  • As the business expands, funding makes way for buying new goods
  • Even during the accidental loss, funding assures that premiums and deductions are being paid
  • Apart from office supplies, funding ensures the payment for incorporation, business licenses and insurance
As far as the application process for funding is concerned, it is important to consider that the application process for each funding stream varies. Being specific & clear in describing the project contributes greatly in the process of funding. Funder also needs to be sure & confident regarding the project as he also wishes to spend his/her money wisely. Furthermore, a financial plan that comes with description & costs of what is needed to deliver the project works the best.

Expert & Reliable Funding Support Services From Team KPS

Equity Increase : Equity Increase allows the company to share its risks & liabilities with the new investors apart from assisting the company in its growth & diversification. One of the best characteristics of Equity Increase is that the capital of equity share rests with the company permanently & is returned only at the time of winding up. Furthermore, Equity shareholders are free to vote & elect the management of the company. Read More
Loan Syndication : Loan Syndication, the process in which multiple lenders provide loan to the borrower in fragments comes with a number of advantages as it ensures reductions in loan term. It also ensure higher visibility of borrower in the open The work of loan syndication basically includes identifying sources of funds, approaching the sources with the prescribed application required to be submitted along with the documents and complying with the norms. Read More
Business Valuation : A short sighted view of any company not only leads to the inappropriate valuation but also creates confusions among the owners of the company. Business Valuation by professional experts provides a fair and objective value or worth of the company. Read More
Venture and Seed Funding : Venture & Seed Funding not only helps the companies in managing initial operational expenses but also provides financial support in carrying out research & development. The best part about Venture & Seed Funding is that apart from the financial backing, this kind of capital financing provides a start-up or young business with a valuable source of consultation & guidance which further helps in making wise business decisions. Read More

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