How To Check ITR Filing Status?

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • June 13, 2024
How To Check ITR Filing Status?
How To Check ITR Filing Status?

Checking ITR status online is important to understand at what stage an ITR is after being filed with the Income Tax Department. The possibilities are many from pending for verification, to processed with full or partial refund. Besides, even if the ITR gets rejected or sent to the AO for seeking further information, checking its status will let the taxpayer know of this progress.

The process of checking ITR status is quite easy and convenient. The taxpayer can simply go to the Income Tax Portal and search for the ITR whose status news to be checked. This will not only reveal the real-time status of the selected ITR but also give the option of downloading the entire ITR form along with the ITR-V acknowledgement receipt. We have explained the detailed steps further in the blog.

Eligibility & Requisites to Check ITR Status Online

The ITR status checking service is available for registered taxpayers who file their ITR using PAN, and to their authorised representative who file the ITR in that capacity. Both are required to have a username and password for signing into the portal. Note that taxpayers can check ITR status only if the concerned ITR has been filed successfully and acknowledged by the Department.

How to Check ITR Status Online?

The Income tax Department has recently removed the option to check ITR Return status without signing into the portal.. Now, taxpayers can view their ITR statuses only after signing in. For this they need a valid User ID and Password. To create the same, taxpayers will have to sign up or register on the portal. Once the login credentials are generated, the following steps can be followed for checking ITR status online.
  • Visit the Official Income Tax Portal ( and Sign-In using the Login Credentials.
  • On the Main Menu, go to E-file->Income Tax Returns->View File Return
  • From the list of Filed ITRs that appear next, select the one whose status needs to be checked.
  • Now, click on “View Details” Link. The status of the selected ITR will appear. Apart from the ITR Status, you will also be able to perform more actions like downloading the ITR-V Form acknowledgement receipt, the ITR JSON file uploaded using offline facility, and the complet ITR PDF file.

What are the Different ITR Statuses Available?

ITR Statuses indicate the processing stage of ITR forms, whether they’ve just been filed, are being verified, or have been successfully acknowledged by the Department. The appropriate phrase displayed while checking ITR status gives accurate insights into its real-time progress. Here are the possible results after online ITR check:
  1. “Submitted and Pending for Verification” status indicates that the taxpayer has not filed the ITR-V form yet. ITR-V form is filed if the ITR is submitted without the taxpayer’s DSC. 
  2. “Successfully E-Verified” status indicates that the ITR-V form is successfully submitted and received by the Department. The next action will be processing it.
  3. “Processed” status indicates that the processing has been successfully completed.
  4. “Defective” status indicates that there are some discrepancies in the ITR and the same needs to be rectified. To communicate this, the Department will issue an Income Tax Notice and allot a certain amount of time to file an appropriate response. If this time period lapses without any response, the ITR is considered invalid and is not taken up for further processing. 
  5. “Case transferred to the Assessing Officer” status usually indicates that the taxpayer has to provide additional information to the hs jurisdictional AO.

Why Is It Important to Check ITR Status?

Checking ITR Status online helps keep track of its real-time progress with the Income Tax Department. Besides this obvious benefit, it is crucial for several other reasons like ensuring taxpayer’s compliance and maintaining up to date financial records. A taxpayer must look at this process as a key means to avoiding interest or penalties in ITR filing and resolving any ITR issues with the Income Tax Department promptly. Here is why checking ITR status is of immense importance:
  1. Detecting Unauthorised Filing: By consistently checking the ITR status, a taxpayer can ensure that no unauthorised filing has been done in his name. This helps avoid major identity theft risks on the part of the taxpayer and prevents unnecessary administrative expenses going into its enquiries.
  2. Future Tax Planning: Determining the ITR status helps decode future tax liabilities, dues, and claims, so that plans regarding tax payment and compliances can be made well in advance.
  3. Required for Loan Approvals: Banks and Financial Institutions often verify ITR status before approving loan applications to make sure that their financial assistance does not go in the possession of a non-compliant entity.
  4. Ensuring Compliance and Avoiding Penalties: Checking ITR Status helps ensure the taxpayer’s compliance with tax laws and regulations avoiding unnecessary penalties and additional interests imposed due to non-compliance.
  5. Resolving Disputes with the IT Department: The IT Department may issue Income Tax Notices seeking additional information or justification for discrepancies in the ITR. Taxpayers can keep a track of these notices and file prompt replies by consistently checking the ITR Filing Status.
  6. Availing Government Subsidies: Certain Government subsidies can be valid only if the entity or individual is tax compliant. To ensure this, checking ITR status is absolutely necessary!
  7. Tracking Tax Refund Status: Tracking the status of Income Tax Refund also begins with checking ITR status. The smoother it progresses, greater are the chances of receiving the claimed refunds.
  8. Submitting Prompt Rectification Requests: Checking ITR status highlights any errors or inadequate details furnished in the form. Taxpayers can take immediate action in such cases and file correction requests to resolve the issue.

Checking ITR status is a simple online process. However, it needs to be done consistently to monitor every stage of its progress. As a business owner, taking out the time to do so can impact the financial growth of the business. So, you can completely rely on us for this purpose. At Setindiabiz, we not only file timely ITRs for our clients but also track it down at every stage to take prompt corrective actions if needed. Consult us Now!



Q1: Can I check ITR status without signing into the Income Tax Portal?

No, the Income Tax Department has removed the facility to check ITR status without login. Taxpayers have to login to the portal for checking their ITR Status from now onwards.

Q2: Can I check ITR Status if my PAN is not linked with Adhar?

For individual taxpayers, PAN must be linked to Adhar for checking ITR Status. If not, the taxpayer must complete the linking process beforehand.

Q3: Do I need my ITR Form acknowledgement number to check its status?

No, ITR acknowledgement number is not required for checking ITR status. You must only have your login credentials for Income Tax portal handy.

Q4: How long does it take to view ITR Filing Status?

The process of checking ITR Status takes hardly a few minutes. You just need to login to the Income Tax Portal and select the ITR for which you need to view the status.

Q5: Do I have to pay any fees to check ITR status?

No ITR status checking online is absolutely free of cost.

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