How to Check Company Registration Number in MCA Master Data?

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  • January 19, 2023
How to Check Company Registration Number in MCA Master Data?
Checking Company Registration Number is an effective and easy way to check not just the registration status of a company but also every other detail about it. The process is quick and completely online. To check company registration number, you can easily avail the Master Data services offered by the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs through its official website at Master Data is a complete database of companies and LLPs incorporated in India by the Registrar of Companies. In this blog, we have explained the complete process of how to check company registration number online through the MCA Master Data Services on the MCA portal. However, before we delve deeper into the process, let’s first understand what a Company Registration Number really is! 
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What is a Company Registration Number?

Company Registration Number and CIN are terms often used interchangeably, but are they one and the same thing? Well, Not Exactly! While Company Incorporation Number is a unique 21-digit alphanumeric code used to identify registered Companies and LLPs, registration number is a 6-digit number with which the Company is actually registered. It is mentioned in the last 6 digits of the Corporate Identification Number or CIN, which in turn is mentioned in the Company Incorporation Certificate granted by the ROC.
Let’s understand with the help of an example. “L17110MH1973PLC019786” is the Corporate Identification Number of Reliance Industries Limited. Here, the last six digits, viz, “19786” is the company registration number. The rest indicate other information about the company like its listing status, industrial code as per the NIC, legal structure, state in which the company incorporated and the year of incorporation. These together constitute the CIN number of the company. To know its complete meaning, check out our detailed blog on Corporate Identification Number or CIN

How can Master Data Help Check Company Registration Number?

Master Data is one of the most availed services on the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, It enables the public to view and inspect all incorporation details and documents of existing companies and LLPs in India. The service ensures transparency and accountability on part of these businesses and ensures that all stakeholders, including the Government, feel safe and secure while transacting or communicating with them. So, you can consider Master Data to be a complete database of incorporated companies and LLPs in India. 
Master Data is the place where you find all the information about a Registered Company or LLP like their name, CIN / LLPIN Number, jurisdictional ROC, capital, registered address, and compliance status. Along with all these significant information, Master Data also mentions the registration number of Companies and LLPs as part of their CIN and LLPIN respectively. Here’s a complete list of information displayed in the Master Data:
  1. The CIN of the company or LLPIN of the LLP
  2. The details of the jurisdictional ROC who incorporated the company or LLP (ROC Code)
  3. LLP/Company Registration Number
  4. Class of Company (whether Public or Private)
  5. Category of Company (whether limited by shares or limited by guarantee)
  6. Authorised and paid-up capital of the company or LLP
  7. The ate on which the company or LLP was incorporated
  8. The registered office of the company or LLP is located
  9. Address of any other office where the company or LLP is maintaining its statutory documents and account books
  10. e-mail address of the company or LLP
  11. Status of the company for e-filing
  12. Whether the company is listed or not, and if listed, the stocks of the company are suspended at the stock exchange
  13. The date on which the last Annual General Meeting of the company was held
  14. The number of members (applicable only if the company has no share capital)
  15. Status of Compliance for the company

How to Check Company Registration Number in 5 Simple Steps!

Now that we know where the Company Registration Number is found, let us navigate through the process of how to check Company Registration Number in India. To check the company registration number, you must be able to access the MCA portal online. The portal contains the services of Master Data which enables you to check the registration number. Also, you must possess the CIN or Corporate Identification Number of the Company whose registration number you are supposed to check and verify. Once these are available, you can begin the process of checking company registration numbers online. Given below is a Stepwise Guide of how to do so.

Step 1: Visit MCA Portal

Visit the official website of the MCA via the link MCA is the official website of the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs which is the authority for regulating all registered companies in India and maintaining their records. 

Step 2: Go to Website MCA Services Tab

From the menu tab, click on MCA services. After clicking on MCA services, a drop-down menu will appear, which will show a list of services provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs through its official website.

Step 3: Access Master Data Option

Among these services, choose the option “view company and LLP Master Data” under the heading “Master Data”. Master Data is one of the most popular and used services on the MCA portal. It allows public viewing and inspection of company’s information by all its stakeholders and ensures transparency.

Step 4: Submit CIN / LLPIN

You will be redirected to a new window where you are asked to fill out the name of the company or LLP and its CIN or LLPIN. After you have entered the required details, click on the “submit” button below.

Step 5: Check Company Registration Number from Master Data

If the CIN/LLPIN you’ve submitted is true and valid, all the information and significant documents of the company or LLP registered with the ROC will appear on the screen. We have already mentioned a list of those details above. Among these, you can also view the Company’s Corporate Identification Number and verify the Company Registration Number from its last Six-Digits. This will ensure that the CIN and Registration Number you possess is also recorded with the Government.

Why is it Important to Check Company Registration Number Online?

Verifying a company’s registration number online is a crucial step in various business transactions and interactions. It provides a range of benefits and safeguards for individuals, businesses, and the stakeholders involved. Here’s why checking a company’s registration number online is of paramount importance:
  1. Legal Verification: Confirming a company’s registration number online helps ensure that the entity you’re dealing with is legally recognized by the relevant government authority. This verification is essential to prevent fraudulent activities and protect yourself from unscrupulous operators.
  2. Business Credibility: When you’re considering collaborating with a company, investing in it, or even just purchasing its products or services, knowing its registration number adds to its credibility. A registered company signifies that it follows legal guidelines and has undergone the necessary processes to establish itself as a legitimate business entity.
  3. Transparency and Trust: Companies that readily provide their registration number for verification demonstrate transparency. This openness fosters trust between the company and its stakeholders, including customers, partners, and investors. It shows that the company has nothing to hide and is committed to ethical business practices.
  4. Access to Information: Checking a company’s registration number online often grants you access to a wealth of information about the company. This can include details about its registered address, directors, shareholders, and more. This information helps you make informed decisions about your interactions with the company.
  5. Legal Recourse: In case of disputes, having access to a company’s registration details can be crucial for legal recourse. If you need to take legal action against a company for any reason, having accurate registration information helps streamline the process and improves your chances of a successful outcome.
  6. Avoiding Scams: The online realm is teeming with scams and fraudulent activities. Verifying a company’s registration number can help you steer clear of potentially dangerous or dubious entities trying to exploit unsuspecting individuals or businesses.
  7. Compliance and Accountability: Registered companies are obligated to adhere to specific rules, regulations, and standards. By checking their registration number, you can ensure that the company is accountable for its actions and operations. This is particularly important when engaging in business contracts or partnerships.

What are the Other Details You Can View Under MCA Master Data?

Apart from the Company Registration Number and the basic information of the Company as discussed above, Master Data also contains some of the other significant admin details of the Company. These include the name of the Company’s Authorised Director, their details and the Index Charges of the Company. Here’s what this information actually entails.

Details of the authorised signatory director or designated partner of the Company or LLP

Any Director of a company can be authorised by its Board of Directors to sign the application for company registration and every other application subsequently filed by the company. This director is called the "Authorised Signatory" of the Company. The same goes for LLPs as well, the only difference being that the signatory here is one of its designated partners authorised by all the other partners of the LLP.

The master data gives you the option to view the professional details of this authorised signatory, including his name, DIN, DPIN, PAN, designation in the company or LLP, the status of his Digital Signature Certificate (whether registered or not), the expiry date of the digital signature certificate, and if the DIN has been surrendered, the date of such surrender.

All you need to do is go to the MCA website and click on the "MCA Services" tab on the menu. From the dropdown, under Master Data, click on the "View Signatory Details" option. Enter the CIN or LLPIN of the company or LLP and submit. You will be able to view the details of the authorised signatory of the concerned company or LLP.

Details of any Director or Designated Partner of the Company or LLP

You can also view the personal details of any director of the Company, like his name, DIN number, and complete details of the companies in which the concerned individual is a director. All you need to do is go to the MCA website and click on the "MCA Services" tab on the menu. From the dropdown, under Master Data, click on the "View Director Master Data" option. Enter the DIN number of the director and submit. You will be able to view the details of the concerned director of the company.

Index of Charges of the company or LLP

Among the master data services, you can also view the charges due on the company, whether it is related to any asset or property it owns, and compliance which is due in its name or a loan it has taken from any bank or financial institution. You can view the type of charge, the amount of charge and the duration for which it has been due.


In the intricate landscape of business dealings and partnerships, the significance of checking company registration number online cannot be overstated. This simple yet vital step brings transparency, credibility, and legal assurance to your interactions. By confirming a company’s legitimacy, you lay the foundation for trustworthy collaborations, safeguard your investments, and contribute to a more secure and responsible business ecosystem. Always remember, the path to successful ventures starts with due diligence, and verifying a company’s registration number is a key pillar in that process.


Q1: Are Company Registration Number and CIN the same?

Company Registration Number and CIN are related but distinct. While the registration number is a 6-digit number with which the company is registered, CIN is a 21-digit alphanumeric code which is a unique identifier for the company and includes the company registration number along with other information such as listing status, industrial code, legal structure, state, and year of incorporation.

Q2: How can you check company registration number online on Master Data?

Master Data is a comprehensive database of companies and LLPs incorporated in India by the Registrar of Companies. It’s accessible through the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Master Data allows the public to view incorporation details and documents of a registered company, including its registration number, and enhances transparency in all its transactions.

Q3: What information is available in the Master Data for a registered company?

Master Data provides a wealth of information, including the CIN or LLPIN, jurisdictional ROC details, class and category of the company, authorised and paid-up capital, incorporation date, registered office address, compliance status, and more. It also includes the company’s or LLP’s registration number.

Q4: How can I use Master Data to check a company's registration number?

To check a company’s registration number using Master Data, visit the MCA portal ( Access the “View company and LLP Master Data” option under “Master Data” in the MCA services tab. Fill in the company or LLP name and its CIN or LLPIN. Upon submission, if the provided CIN/LLPIN is valid, all relevant information, including the company registration number, will be displayed.

Q5: Can I rely solely on the company registration number to assess a company's legitimacy and credibility?

While the registration number is an important identifier, it’s just one aspect of due diligence. To thoroughly assess a company’s legitimacy and credibility, consider examining its complete profile, including its incorporation documents, financial records, and business history. Collaborating with legal and financial professionals can provide a more comprehensive understanding before engaging in significant business transactions or partnerships

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