How to make a pitch deck for DPIIT Startup Recognition or 80 IAC Approval or fundraising

The pitch deck is the most fundamental document in the form of a presentation aimed at informing potential investors, strategic partners, or clients about the products or services, the problem that the startup is solving, and how to solve it. The focus is always on the unique business proposition, innovation, and how the startup is helping maximise the wealth of the stakeholders and employment generation initiatives. The pitch deck is necessary for DPIIT recognition in India and 80IAC tax exemption application approvals. In this article, we will discuss the ideal contents of the pitch deck.

A pitch deck is a brief presentation that gives potential investors, clients, and the government a broad overview of the business plan, products, services and growth traction of the Startup Enterprise. Therefore, in the pitch deck, the startup should present the startup’s value proposition, business model, market potential, and compliance with the eligibility criteria and must include the following pointers:
If the entity applying for start-up recognition is at the validation stage, it must provide either a pitch deck or a website link. However, if it is at the stage of early traction or scaling, the pitch deck is a mandatory requirement. An entity at the Ideation stage, while making an application for DPIIT startup recognition, may prefer to have a pitch deck to increase its chances of approval.

Guideline for Pitch Deck Preparation.

Here is a brief guideline on making a pitch deck presentation for the startup, particularly for filing to the DPIIT for Startup Recognition or to obtain 80 IAC Tax Exemption Approval. It could be made in PPT or PDF format. The pitch deck is to be divided into 12 to 15 sections covering the following points:
S.No Section Points to be covered in this section
Introduce the applicant entity briefly; however, the pitch deck must include the following in the introduction section:
  • Name and Logo.
  • Entity Type and CIN/Registration Number.
  • Registered Address / Factory address.
  • Email ID, Phone numbers & website link.
  • Information about the product/service.
Problem statement with its solution
  • Identify the problem and describe its existence and the urgency to solve it.
  • Explain your solution 
  • Brief about how your startup is innovative and/or scalable (Uniqueness/USP of the startup that differentiates from its competitors in the market)     
Market Opportunity
Describe the existing size of the market and its potential in terms of revenue. The existing market size here is in no way related to your entity's business plans. It should provide a clear understanding of the number of potential customers in your target market, the price at which you are selling your product to them, and the revenue potential if all of them buy your product or avail services from you.
Business Model
Explain revenue streams and how your startup makes money. You should outline your pricing model and strategy.
  • Show key milestones achieved (product development, user acquisition, strategic partnerships, etc).
  • Provide relevant metrics like revenue growth, user growth, engagement rates, etc.
  • Show photographs, if possible, of products, manufacturing sites, offices, retail/wholesale stores, etc.
  • Showcase any award and recognition won so far, whether from the government, public sector or private sector
  • Number of customers /clients – Paying customers /users with a copy of at least one Contract / Work-Order /MoU or the number of PlayStore / AppleStore downloads in case of mobile applications, along with a screenshot of the app listing on these platforms
  • Link to your startup’s website / Screenshots/images of your product.
Mention your competitors and explain your edge over them
Marketing strategy
Describe your marketing and sales strategy. Outline how you plan to acquire and retain customers.
Financial Projections
  • Outline your revenue projections for the next 3-5 years.
  • Mention major expense categories.
  • Indicate when you expect to achieve break even.
Team Details
Introduce the founding team and their backgrounds along with key team members and advisors as follows:
  • Director and Shareholders’ citizenship data with their equity holding details and their educational qualification, professional experience, and formal role in the startup/current designation 
  • All lead role Team member's details, including founders – current role, education, and professional experience
Demonstrate how your startup complies with the DPIIT Startup Recognition and 80 IAC Approval criteria:
  • Innovation
  • Scalability
  • Legal structure
  • Revenue and profitability thresholds
  • Any other specific requirements like details about adherence to the specific government approvals required by the startups such as FSSAI registration, guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards or any other regulator.
Provide the fund's requirements of the startup for its planned use.
  • Outline how much funding you are seeking (if applicable).
  • Clearly indicate how long these funds will last and what you will be able to achieve with them (e.g. this investment of $______ will last us for _____ months. With this, we will be able to get to _______ customers and _______ in revenues)
  • Explain how the funds will be used in product development, marketing, hiring, etc.
Current Equity Structure, Fundraising History and Investors
  • Shareholding pattern as of the date of filling out this application
  • Mention Funding received from private investors or Angel/VC funds (Yes/No); if yes, please add names and details of the investors
  • If any support (monetary/non-monetary) is received from Central or State Government Ministries/Departments/PSUs/Incubators
In order to showcase the competence to deliver, provide the below details:
  • Number of people directly employed with your startup
  • Office /manufacturing premises
  • Equipment and machinery
It is a concluding slide of your pitch deck, which must include the following.
  • Recap your startup’s mission, vision, and value proposition.
  • Clearly state what you are seeking for start-up recognition, 80IAC  approval, or funding.
Note: You may include any supplementary information that supports your pitch, like detailed financials, market research data, etc, in the additional section of the pitch deck

Creating a compelling and comprehensive pitch deck is crucial for securing DPIIT Startup Recognition and 80 IAC Approval. By following the above-mentioned structure and focusing on clarity and compliance, you can create a powerful pitch deck with the accurate and desired information for DPIIT startup recognition or 80 IAC approval, which showcases your startup’s value proposition, market potential, and compliance with the necessary criteria. For personalised assistance and expert guidance in preparing your pitch deck and completing the application process, we at Setindiabiz. can provide the support you need to achieve recognition and compliance.


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