What Is Private Security Agency License (PSARA)?

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What Is Private Security Agency License (PSARA)?

What Is Private Security Agency License (PSARA)?
Private Security Agencies are organisations involved in providing security services including training of security guards. The operation of private security agencies is governed by The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 in short called as PSARA’. With rising concerns about crime and terrorism, the demand for private security services is increasing steadily among the public to protect themselves against different types of crime. This has led to an increase in Private Security Agencies. Learn How to Apply for PSARA License.

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Police of Law and Order is a state subject under the constitutional pattern of lawmaking, however, as the national security is in the Central List, hence Indian parliament has passed a law to regulate the formation and operation of private security agencies in India and also conferred the state governments to appoint controlling authorities and frame rules for the smooth functioning of the private security business in India. Accordingly, no person can start the business of providing security guards directly or indirectly without holding a valid PSARA License.

Pre-Condition For PSARA License

Before filing the application for Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005, the applicant need to work on its essential requirements in terms of documents required.

  1. All basic documents of the company in the form of its certificate of incorporation, Memorandum of Association, and Articles of Association.
  2. Pan Card of the applicant
  3. TAN Number,
  4. GST Registration,
  5. PF and ESIC,
  6. Registration under the Shops and establishment act with the labor department.

Stages Of Licence and Area of Operation

The antecedent verification is filled with the respective authorities as appointed by the state government. The application for police verification is to be filed for each and every director, promoter, partner or say the owner of the security agency.
After receipt of the application for police verification for the grant of private security agency license, the Controlling Authority makes inquiries to find out the following
  1. If there is any pending Case of Complaint of criminal nature in the general police record concerning the applicants.
  2. Is there any report about the applicant or its owners that they were or are at present engaged in any activities which are detrimental or prejudicial to the national security of India or of the public order.
  3. Details of earlier operated security agency by the applicant either individually or in a partnership.
  4. Does the applicant possess any special qualification or skill which may facilitate in the operations of the agency?
Once the NOC is issued from the concerned Police authorities, controlling authority may either grants the license to run and operate a private security agency or reject the same by assigning a reason. The total time to complete the process is 60 days from the date of making a complete application. The application for PSARA License can be made for a district or for five districts or for the entire state. The government fee depends on the number of districts for which an application is made. The process of making PSARA application differs from state to state.

Condition Of Licence

The PSARA specifies that every security agency is required to engage supervisors to supervise the work of security guards engaged by the agency. The security agency is required to provide the necessary training and skills to the supervisors. A person from the army, navy or air force with a minimum of three years of experience, must be given preference while engaging a supervisor. The Act specifies the criteria, qualification and disqualification for a security guard. The Act specifies the eyesight, health condition as well as the rule on the uniform of the persons to be employed as a security guard.

Controlling Authority under PSARA

The PSARA is a Law passed by the central government and mandates every state government to appoint Controlling Authority, an officer not lower than a Joint Secretary in the rank, who shall be responsible for the implementation of the law relating to starting and running of a security agency. Following are the general duties of the controlling authority appointed under PSARA
  1. Issuance of the license,
  2. Its renewal and regulation of the operation of private security agencies.
  3. Appointment of security guards training institutes
  4. All other functions as are required to be performed by him under the PSARA or the regulations made by respective state government.
The application for issue of PSARA License is to be submitted to the office of the controller authority of respective state and after reciept of NOC from the relevant police authorities, the License is generally issued within sixty days. It is further provided that after the grant of PSARA License the security agency shall commence the business operation within six months.

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